Dream About Tree? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Trees

Trees make everyday life so much more pleasant. They provide us with beauty and shade, and create homes for birds and other creatures.

But trees can also appear in our dreams – and there they can carry a number of different meanings. So if you want to discover what your dream of trees is telling you, where do you start?

Well, the good news is, you’ve come to the right place! We’re going to explore the symbolism trees carry to your unconscious mind. And we’ll explore 17 meanings when you dream about trees.

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Dream About Trees (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

There are lots of different takes on what trees in dreams can symbolize.

Some believe that a tree represents the dreamer. The roots are the deep foundations of your existence, while the leaves and branches represent different aspects of your life.

There is also a close connection to the idea of family, with the associations of “family tree”. So dreams about trees could also be about your relationships with relatives, either close or more distant.

For others, dreams are symbols of your spiritual life. Their associations with protection and stability indicate that you are working on your own self-awareness.

Trees could also signify any of the positive qualities they bring into our lives. Your dream trees could be signifying protection and stability in a more general sense. And other meanings could include strength, growth, hopes and desires.

The Biblical Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden may also influence the symbolism of your dream. Dreaming of a tree could indicate new knowledge or an awakening sense of yourself.

All these different alternatives mean that working out what your dream might be telling you isn’t always straightforward. A good place to start is by considering your own associations with trees. By identifying what they symbolize most strongly to you, you may well find you’re on the right track.

To help you further, we’re going to look at some scenarios featuring trees in dreams. And we’ll find out the different ways in which these can be interpreted.

1. Dream About Sitting or Standing Beneath a Tree

If you were beneath a tree in your dream, the meaning could depend on whether or not you were alone.

If you were by yourself, your dream could reflect a desire for solitude. You could be feeling overwhelmed by the noise of everyday life, and yearning for space to withdraw. The tree is offering you protection away from the hustle and bustle of your waking hours.

If you’re with someone else beneath the tree, your dream may be inviting you to reflect on your relationship. Your dream is removing you both to a place of quiet contemplation, where you can evaluate your thoughts and feelings.

2. Dream About A Tree with Huge Roots

We’ve already seen that one interpretation of dreams involving trees is that they represent yourself. If your dream features a tree with exaggeratedly large roots, it could be a sign that you’re feeling “stuck”.

You are tied so closely to your current situation, that it has become restrictive. Your dream may be reflecting a desire for change and a fresh perspective.

3. Dream About A Tree with Flowers

Trees covered in beautiful flowers signify good health and abundance. This dream could also be a sign of new and creative projects that are quite literally “blossoming” for you.

If you’re contemplating embarking on a new venture, your dream may be reflecting your own positive feelings about it. And those positive feelings will give you the best possible chance to succeed in your goals.

Some people also believe that dreams are messages from supernatural sources, enabling us to predict the future. Under that interpretation, a tree covered in flowers signifies good things are on their way.

4. Dream About A Tree Bare of Leaves

Trees without leaves are one of the most obvious signs of winter in the natural world. So when we see them in our dreams, they could be acting as a metaphor for the passing of the seasons.

The bare tree in your dream could, therefore, be a marker for the passage of time. It could also mean that energy has drained away from a project or relationship.

Of course, those two meanings can often go together. Something that was once vibrant is now dormant, partly because of the time that has passed since that original creative spark.

Your dream may be inviting you to reflect on the changes that have taken place. Perhaps it’s time to decide whether to try to breathe new life into your project, or to let it fade away.

5. Dream About A Tree with Wide Branches

A tree with wide branches is another case where the dream may be representing part of yourself. In this case, the branches may represent your willingness to help others. Just as real trees provide havens for birds and animals, your “tree self” is offering assistance to those around you.

It’s possible, however, that if the tree has extremely wide branches, your dream may be encouraging you to reconsider your approach. Could you be helping others at your own expense? Maybe there’s a possibility that they are taking advantage of your good nature.

6. Dream About A Burnt or Burning Tree

Dreams in which you see a burnt tree can also relate to the tree as a symbol for yourself. Some interpretations hold that this represents a past hurt that has left you deeply scarred. The injury may have happened a long time ago, but you are still feeling its impact today.

If this resonates with you, you may want to consider talking through your feelings with a friend or counsellor. Your dream is telling you that the effects of what has happened are with you today, in a very real way. And it’s prompting you to take action to help yourself to heal.

If the tree is burning, it’s believed to represent transformation. You may have to confront difficult challenges in order to achieve spiritual growth.

7. Dream About A Dead Tree

If the tree in your dream is dead, it could represent that something has ended. That could be a project in which you’ve invested a lot of time and energy. Or it could be a hope you feel can no longer be realised.

It may also indicate some instability in your life, perhaps in relation to physical, spiritual or sexual energy. Or that instability might be associated with a relationship with a loved one.

But not all dreams about dead trees are necessarily bad news. It can also be seen as a sign of renewal to come. It may be time to open yourself to new people and experiences.

8. Dream About A Bleeding Tree

A dream in which a tree is bleeding is relatively rare. But the shocking image could relate to the way you are feeling about your own emotional state.

Trees, of course, do not have blood – but people do. The tree in your dream could represent injury and loss that you are yourself experiencing. But instead of feeling it in the way you would expect, you are numb, almost “wooden”.

If you feel this might be the case, it could be wise to seek professional help. Your dream is your mind’s way of telling you that you need to pay attention to this feeling of numbness. Talking it through with someone could be an important first step.

9. Dream About Climbing a Tree

A dream of climbing a tree is another case where a number of interpretations are possible.

The most obvious is that you are taking action to achieve your goals. You’re full of energy and vigour, and nothing will stand in your way.

But less positive interpretations are also possible. It might be that your pursuit of your objectives is overly aggressive – you’re being pushed to act by negative emotions. Perhaps you’re resting your self-esteem on succeeding in your goals, rather than enjoying the journey for its own sake.

10. Dream About Falling from a Tree

Falling from a tree may signify a drop in status. Some interpretations are even more specific and see it as representing a loss of honor. That loss will result from your own actions.

This dream could therefore be a warning to consider your path carefully. You may be contemplating a course of action that will damage your reputation.

11. Dream About Planting a Tree

Planting a tree in a dream signifies that you are preparing now for future success. Just as a sapling will grow in time to a strong tree, so your actions now will bring rewards in the years to come.

The fact that it is a tree that you’re growing may signify that this is a long-term project. Growth may be slow, but the results will be great.

12. Dream About Eating Fruit from a Tree

If your dream self is eating fruit from a tree, it’s generally considered to be a very positive omen. You are enjoying the metaphorical fruits of your labors.

Some people believe that a dream of this kind is foretelling future good news. You may receive a job offer or a promotion at work.

And other interpretations hold that the type of tree is important to deciphering the meaning. If you dream of a cherry tree, for example, it’s thought to mean that someone will behave sweetly to you.

We’ll find out more about the meaning of other tree species later.

13. Dream About A Talking Tree

Any conversation in a dream is usually a message directly from your unconscious brain. It is passing on insights that you have gathered but have not consciously recognised.

The words of advice may come from talking animals, objects – or a tree! In every case, listen carefully to what you are being told.

Some people also believe that dreams can carry messages from supernatural sources. The tree can be a symbol of knowledge, indicating its words have authority. Your dream may be telling you to pay attention to what it’s saying.

14. Dream About A Tree Covered in Frost

As with dreams of trees that are burning or bleeding, a tree covered in frost can reflect your own emotional state. Perhaps you are feeling cold or isolated. The frost may signify fears that are holding you back.

But as always, it’s worth paying attention to the emotions you feel as you dream. If the frost-covered tree appears beautiful and makes you happy, the dream could mean something very different. Think through what you associate with both frost and trees to discern the meaning.

15. Dream About An Elm Tree

The species of tree that appears in your dream can be significant to unravelling its meaning.

Elm trees are associated with the Underworld in Greek mythology. Some believe they signify love, but that this love is also mixed with pain.

Other interpretations are quite different. The elm tree may be a message that it’s time to take a break. That could mean going on holiday, or just finding a way to make a change in your everyday routine.

16. Dream About An Oak Tree

The mighty oak tree is rich in symbolism. It is prominent in Celtic mythology and represents long life and strength. It’s also associated with kings and leadership.

If an oak tree features in your dream, then, it could be a sign that you’re heading for success. But it’s important to look at the condition of the oak. And as ever, consider the emotions you feel in your dream for a fuller interpretation.

17. Dream About A Willow

A dream of a willow is another good omen of growth – whether in material or spiritual riches. In this case, though, the willow is thought to signify the involvement of other people. It is through their endeavors that you will achieve success.

Tree Dreams Can Have Many Different Meanings

We hope our guide to the different meanings when you dream about trees has helped you interpret your own dreams.

Remember, the meanings set out here can guide you in deciphering the message of your dream. But dreaming is a very personal experience, so it’s also important to examine the emotions you felt at the time. They can help you find the right interpretation for your own circumstances.

Good luck – and sweet dreams!

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