Dream Of Knocking On A Door (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream Of Knocking On A Door

Everyone can agree that knocking at a door represents that someone or something is about to appear. Dreams of knocking on a door carry a similar representation, symbolizing a change or news in your waking life.

Not all dreams about doors and passageways are the same, so let’s break down the different interpretations that may apply to your knocking dream.

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How to Interpret Your Dream

Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, once said that “The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind.” To learn more about yourself, it’s important to complete a detailed dream interpretation. This is done by looking at the specifics of your dream and seeing what makes it unique to you.

First, note the environment of your dream. Were you in a house, a recognizable building, a new city, or somewhere unknown?

Next, think about what went on during the knocking. Try to remember who was knocking, if anyone else was present, and what you did in response to the knocking.

If the knocking allowed you to enter a new place or see a new person, focus on how you felt during that moment in the dream. This will provide great insight into how you’re facing new challenges or situations in your waking life.

Finally, consider any outside stressors, anxieties, personal secrets, and fears you have in your private life. More often than not these deep into our subconscious and affect our dreams and nightmares.

Dream Of Knocking On A Door (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

The majority of dreams of knocking at the door symbolize something new and unexpected behind the door. Whether this is good or bad, a change awaits or you’re bound to receive some big news.

If your dream had an air of mystery or even fear, it could also show that you are fearful and unsure about your future.

1. A Change Awaits

The phrase “opportunity is knocking,” “the doors will open,” and “one door closes and another one opens” all reference doors as a gateway to positive change. Opening and walking through a new door show that you’re taking a step into change and growth while closing a door behind you symbolizes closure. The same is said for dreams about knocking on a door.

In the Bible, for example, one scripture in Matthew says, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” As we see here, knocking on the door is the first step to showing that you’re open to change. If you were the one knocking in your dream, your subconscious is showing that you’re ready to take the leap.

The leap comes when you open the door and step through it. Not all of us reach this step in our dream, but if we do, a significant change awaits. Your dream may show something exciting or something dark – we’ll dive into this further below – but, either way, this is a positive sign that shows you are ready to take new risks and go on new adventures in your waking life.

2. You’re Receiving Big News

If in your dream, you hear the knocking instead of initiating it yourself, there is a messenger on the other side of the door. They want to tell you something or see you, which means you have big news in your midst. You may have heard some news recently in your waking life or this could be a sign that you’re soon going to find out something you never expected.

Receiving big news could be good or bad, but your reaction is what will determine the outcome of the situation. Sometimes big news could seem catastrophic, like finding out about the illness of a loved one or a secret affair; however, it could also be good news, such as newfound prosperity or an exciting opportunity. No matter the news, these are key moments that shape us as human beings.

Prepare yourself to deal with this news in your waking life by focusing on staying calm and rational. Lean on your social support network and know that you will come out of the situation stronger and better than ever so long as you steer the course.

3. You’re Unsure About Your Future

The last common theme within dreams of knocking on doors combines fear and doubt. You could be the knocker or the one hearing the knocking, but you do not take the steps to open the door in your dream. This reflects an uncertainty you feel that stops you from moving forward.

On one hand, you may feel you’re protecting yourself by keeping the door closed. This shows how you’re comfortable in your waking life and would prefer not to rock the boat.

On the other hand, this points to being stagnant in life and limits your opportunities for growth and knowledge. If you can’t open the door in your dream, it’s your responsibility to face your fears while awake so that you don’t let a new door of opportunity fall by the wayside.

Different Dreams of Knocking at a Door

If you’ve identified a common theme within your dream, you can now dig in further by finding the plot of your dream on the list below.

1. You Knock on a Huge Door

If you’ve dreamt about knocking on a huge door, such as the main entrance door, front door, the gates of a city, or another main door, you’re facing a large but surmountable challenge ahead. Compared to a small door, these are much more intimidating and they’re often what separates an old land from the new.

If the huge door is opened within your dream, you are walking into a new chapter of your waking life. Change lies ahead but so do new experiences, and you must remain confident as you enter this “new land.”

2. You Knock on an Open Door

If you knock on an open door within your dream, you know what lies ahead but you’re being cautious or struggling with indecisiveness. Maybe you’re respecting the privacy of others’ bedrooms or are hesitant about entering a place that isn’t yours. No matter the reason, you see what’s inside and have clarity about your future.

An open door symbolizes encouragement to move forward. This represents that you know what lies ahead in your waking life, but you may be unsure how you’re going to proceed. For example, you may have reached a crossroads with work or within a relationship that you need to decide on.

Whether you’re nervous or excited, an open door is a good sign that means new opportunities. If you see a spacious green garden or other enticing open space on the other side of the door, this is better news yet. You have a bright future ahead of you and it’s simply for the taking.

3. You Knock on a Door in Your Home

If your dream took place at home and you were knocking on a door in your own household, this may symbolize a gap you feel with a family member. This could be between spouses, a parent, and child, siblings, or even roommates.

Knocking on a door shows respect for the other person because you don’t want to invade their space. At the same time, you want to be closer to them and there is something in your way. If you know who was on the other side of the door, analyze your waking relationship with them and try to address what is creating distance in your relationship.

If instead, you are knocking on a door of a house that isn’t yours, this shows you are searching for help from others. Your current network may not be there for you as much as you need. Consider getting yourself out there and meeting new people to feel as socially supported as possible.

4. You Knock on a Door and Can’t Get In

Some dreams of knocking on a door are frustrating or even overwhelming, especially if you are pounding on a door and can’t seem to get to the other side. You may want to help someone on the other side of the door, feel in danger, want to enter for safety or experience the disappearance of a door. If you can’t get in the door within your dream, you’re struggling with a large personal problem in your daily life.

If someone on the other side is blocking your entrance, there are insolent people in your life that are trying to sabotage you. Stay vigilant and be wary of new friends or even a new co-worker who may be looking to one-up you.

Reflect on your actions lately to find any moments where you feel helpless. This feeling is reflected in your dream, showing that you feel unable to face the current challenges in your life. The best approach to this would be to increase your skills and seek more resources so that you can face the problem(s) with confidence and vigor.

5. You Hear a Knocking at a Door

If you hear a knocking at a door within your dream, you are in a position of power. This dream symbolism shows that you are the decision-maker and in charge of your space.

Think of yourself as the resident guardian of that house, determining the fate of the strangers at your door. This means you must depend on your discernment and face situations both practically and with deep consideration. Do not make any rash decisions or judgments in the coming days.


Dreams of knocking at a door symbolize new changes, opportunities, and decisions. By reflecting on your waking life, you can surely interpret your dream and better understand how your subconscious is feeling. Remember that you have some control over the figurative doors in your life, so focus on being decisive and moving towards what you want the most.

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