Dream About Devil? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Devil

Did you wake up drenched in a frightful sweat after dreaming about the devil?

The devil is a bad omen in popular culture and most world traditions. Whether or not the devil exists, many cultures associate him with all dark things, including death, sickness, deceit, depression, and bad fortune.

But, dreams do not always have a literal meaning. Dreaming about the devil could be a sign of good luck, success, and a strengthened personality.

The meaning of seeing the devil in your dream will depend on your own perception of the devil. In cultures where the devil embodies ultimate evil, seeing the devil in your dreams might spell doom and gloom in your waking life.

Dreams about the devil typically point to your relationships with others in your life. This dream prompts you to pay close attention to those you interact with to prevent avoidable problems and navigate life more easily.

If you’ve wondered, “what does it mean when you dream about the devil?” you have come to the right place. I wrote this article to explore common interpretations of the meaning of a dream about the devil.

As you will find out, not all dream meanings and symbolisms will resonate with you. Some interpretations will simply make more sense than others.

So, let’s dive in and discover the meaning of a dream about the devil.

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Dream About Devil (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1. You are surrounded by people you cannot trust

The devil represents an evil being out to sabotage you. When you see an image of the devil in your dreams, it is a warning sign that someone or several people in your circle are planning your downfall.

Pay attention to your instinct and what it tells you about the people you surround yourself with. If you feel you should not trust someone in real life, be careful in your interactions with this person.

This does not mean you should allow paranoia to take over your life. You can be cautious without letting fear control your actions and thoughts.

Be careful with whom you share critical information about yourself, as they may use it to bring you down when you least expect it. You are better off keeping your circle small with people you can trust than having a large circle full of people vouching for your downfall.

2. You should face your inner fears

When you dream about encountering the devil face to face, it denotes some real-life fears you have avoided for a long time.

Look at your life now-what are you most afraid of? What deep-seated fears do you have that you would rather hide on the back burner?

This dream prods you to try living your life more fearlessly. When you let fear take over you, you will miss many opportunities and won’t explore your full potential.

As they say, fear is the killer of all dreams. Letting go of deep-seated fears is not easy, but once you take the first step, you will begin an exciting journey of living the best life possible.

3. You are hiding an aspect of yourself you consider evil

The devil represents immorality, evil, and darkness. So, when you see this figure in your dream, it denotes inner conflict.

This dream points to a secret you keep and won’t let out because you fear people’s judgment.

Maybe you are hiding an aspect of your gender identity you aren’t sure how to reveal to those around you. Perhaps you and those close to you consider gender identity issues immoral and disgusting. This forces you to hide your true identity, but we all know there is nothing noble in hiding your true self.

This dream about the devil calls you to reveal who you are. Let down your guard and show your true colors. As long as you aren’t hurting anyone, there is nothing evil in showing your true self.

4. You are a source of other’s pain

In popular culture, the devil is the cause of all worldly pain, suffering, and chaos. Dreams about the devil could be a warning about your attitude.

Like the devil, your actions are hurtful toward others. When you have this dream, you should evaluate your relationship with those in your life.

Are you a blessing or a curse to them? Do you have many soured relationships? If yes, you are the common factor, and you should look at how your behavior affects those in your life.

Re-evaluating your life this way will require self-awareness and honesty. But, this is the first step if you are serious about healing your relationships with those in your life.

5. You are worried about others judging you

Did you dream that you met the devil and suddenly turned to become the devil himself? This can be terrifying, but it sends an important message about how you view yourself.

When you dream about becoming the devil, it signifies your efforts at becoming someone else apart from who you truly are.

You spend your waking hours wishing to be someone else and worrying about what others think about you.

Maybe you feel unaccomplished and are worried about others seeing you as a failure. You are overly concerned about what people will think and say about your decisions and life choices. In the process, you pretend to be someone you are not to fit in and appear honorable.

6. You are caught up in financial problems

It is not a good sign if you dream about running away from the devil.

A dream in which the devil is chasing you symbolizes financial problems coming your way. You are already starting to experience the early signs of financial issues, which weighs down on you.

There are two lessons you can take away from this dream. First, you can choose a wait-and-see approach as you worry about the impending financial problems, but this will eventually catch up with you.

Alternatively, you can view this dream as a warning sign to pay closer attention to your finances. If you have neglected this aspect of your life, it is time to come back and sort it out before it is too late.

7. You should be more careful about the people you let into your life

Did you dream about cordially interacting with the devil? Given that the devil is associated with negativity, a dream in which you are friendly with the devil is a bad omen.

If you dream of being friendly with the devil, it symbolizes an untrustworthy relationship in your life. Look closely at those in your life, including family, colleagues, and friends. Pay attention to who has got your back. It is perfectly fine to let go of anyone who is not supportive and is instead a source of negative energy.

You should also be careful about forming new friendships. Whether traveling to a new city, networking professionally, or returning to the dating pool, you should be cautious about your new connections, ensuring that you add only quality people to your life.

8. Someone is lying to you, and you should listen to your instinct

When you dream about embracing the devil, take this as a warning sign that someone close to you is being dishonest.

In particular, embracing the devil points to an illicit affair that threatens to ruin your marriage or relationship.

This dream is waking you up to the possibility that your partner is not who they say they are and are probably cheating on you.

You may not have the evidence of the affair, but your instinct is a pretty powerful tool that can point you toward the truth. So, if you suspect your partner is unfaithful, pay attention to your instinct. The dream about cuddling with the devil is already one way your primal instinct and subconscious mind are communicating with you regarding your suspicions.

9. You might encounter health issues

A dream in which you are with the devil in an unknown place is ominous and points to possible health issues.

The devil, in this case, symbolizes the negative effects of sickness. Being in an unknown place signifies a new sickness or strange disease that may confound you and the doctors.

This dream urges you to pay close attention to your well-being. If you feel out of sorts, this might be a good time to get a checkup.

It is also a good idea to warn your loved ones of a potential health scare so they can take the necessary steps to avert a health crisis.

10. You are easily swayed by others and cannot stand your ground

When you dream about following the devil around, this vision indicates your tendency to be easily influenced by others. You have neglected your core values and are doing what others are doing or want you to do.

In particular, this dream denotes your struggle with leading a moral life. The people with whom you associate make it difficult to lead a morally upright life, so you find yourself in many problems with people close to you, especially your partner or spouse.

This is no way to live. A lack of morals is the downfall of every man who has fallen from grace.

This dream is your subconscious mind urging you to get your life in order. It might be time to let go of friends who negatively influence you.

11. Good fortune will come your way when you least expect it

Dreams about the devil smiling at you can be quite confusing given that the devil is associated with dark emotions that are the opposite of ‘happy.’ But, this dream is actually a good sign.

When the devil smiles at you, good luck is coming your way. Keep your heart and mind open to good news in the form of a financial fortune, job offer, or successful business deal.

Seeing the devil smile at you signifies that better days are on the horizon if you are going through a difficult patch right now.

12. You are mired in some form of conflict

When it comes to devil dreams, it is common to dream about running away from the devil. One interpretation of a dream in which the devil is chasing you is that you are caught up in an interpersonal conflict with your boss or business partner.

It could be that the conflict stems from moral or ethical issues on your end. You haven’t been honest in your dealings, and the consequences are catching up with you.

This dream is a reflection of your state of mind. You are worried, stressed out, and in constant fight or flight mode due to your choices.

If possible, try making amends with your boss or business partner. Instead of running away or avoiding the issue, face it head-on and find a solution. Your life will be more peaceful and your dreams more pleasant.

13. You will face temptations

If you dream of shaking hands with the devil, you should be careful about the possibility of being lured into costly temptations.

This dream calls you to practice self-awareness in your waking life to avoid getting caught up in deals that could ruin your life.

It is a slippery slope with illicit temptations, and unsticking yourself from the muck can be difficult once you are knee-deep in it.

We always face temptations, but the upside is that we are in control of our choices and actions. Making self-awareness integral to your waking life can help you avoid trouble.

Summary: What Does It Mean When You Dream About The Devil?

The devil has a bad reputation. So, seeing them in your dreams can be ominous. But, dreams about the devil are less about evil and powers of darkness and more about how you relate to others and yourself.

To understand the meaning of your dream about the devil, it helps to pay attention to the dream’s context. Try recalling what happened in the dream, your interactions with the devil, and, more importantly, how you felt about the entire ordeal.

I hope this article gives you a better understanding of what it means to dream about the devil. Use these common symbolisms and interpretations to dig deeper into the significance of your dream.

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