Dream About Cats? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Cats are fantastic animals – funny, curious, playful and naughty! Their popularity is reflected in the myriad internet videos of cats doing crazy things. But what does it mean when you dream about them?

We’re here to find out the answer to that question! We’re going to look at what cats can symbolize to our dreaming minds. And we’ll investigate the meanings behind some common feline dream scenarios.

So if you’re ready, sit back as we explore 16 meanings behind dreaming about cats!

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What Do Cats Symbolize?

Cats have held an important place in myths and legends for thousands of years.

The ancient Egyptian pantheon included a cat goddess, Bast, who was believed to protect crops and bring pleasure and good health. They were also considered sacred by the Celts and Norse, and as protective spirits by the Japanese.

Cats were traditionally associated with femininity. They were considered the companions of witches too, helping them carry out spells. And in the Middle Ages they were associated with the Devil.

These varied representations are mirrored by a range of different interpretations of cat-related dreams. So if you’ve dreamed of cats yourself, be prepared to work through a number of different alternatives in divining the meaning.

The task will be easier if you pay attention to the other elements in your dream too. And take note of the feelings and ideas generated as you dreamed. All these can help cast light on the message your dream may be sending you.

The good news is, there are a number of dream scenarios in which cats most commonly appear. And we’re going to set out the different meanings they can have.

So let’s get started!

Dream About Cats (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1. Black Cats

Black cats are associated with both good and bad luck. They’re also the type of cat most closely associated with witchcraft and the occult. So what does it mean if you dream of one?

It could be a sign that you’re in danger of ignoring your intuition. This could be causing you to hesitate when you need to be taking important decisions.

Some interpretations also hold that the cat could represent a real person in your life. This person could be about to cause trouble for you.

But these negative interpretations come with a warning – they may be quite wrong! If you associate black cats with positive things, they’re far more likely to be the key to your dream.

If you’ve had a pet black cat who was loving and playful, for example, the cat in your dream could be representing those same qualities.

2. Angry Cats

As we’ve seen, cats are often associated with females. So if your dream features angry cats, it’s possible they represent female figures in your life. And those women are not very happy!

The cat could also be signifying part of your own nature, particularly qualities traditionally considered feminine. The fact that the cat is angry could mean that you’re struggling with this aspect of your identity in some way.

3. Kittens

Kittens are among the cutest creatures on the planet! So if they’ve featured in your dream, it may well have been a lot of fun. But does it carry a deeper meaning?

Well, while adult cats are famously independent, kittens could represent vulnerability. They might symbolize other people that you feel protective towards. Or they could be a symbol of your own inner child that needs protection and comfort.

Other interpretations are that kittens represent a desire for children, or a close bond. And it could represent your desire to please others.

Consider the context in which you saw the kittens, and the way they were behaving. These details could help you unravel the correct interpretation of your dream.

4. Cats Playing

Cats are well known for being playful creatures. If your dream has featured cats playing, it could be a prompt to relax in your own life. Perhaps your brain is telling you to emulate the cats – loosen up and enjoy life!

Some people believe quite the contrary, however. They think that the cats represent the dreamer’s own mischievous personality.

Other details could affect the interpretation too. Cats that are playing with prey are seen as an omen of good fortune. You could receive financial gains from a source you weren’t expecting.

But if you were playing with the cat yourself, the omens may be less positive. Some people believe this means you will face betrayal or deceit from someone in your life.

5. Saving Cats

In dreams of saving cats, the animals could represent independence and authority over oneself. Dreaming of saving them, therefore, could be symbolic of your own attempts to assert your independence.

Another possibility is that the cats are representing other people you’re concerned about. Maybe you feel they’re on the wrong path in life, and you need to take action to save them.

Remember, though – however much you care about someone else, you can’t take their decisions for them.

6. Multiple Cats

Dreaming about large numbers of cats could be a sign that there are lots of things calling for your attention in your waking life. Perhaps you feel distracted, and unable to focus on what’s really important.

Your dream may be an indication that it’s time to step back from the fray. Give yourself space to identify what’s important to you. And when you’ve done that, ensure you’re focusing your energies in a way that aligns with those priorities.

7. Cats in your Home

The interpretation of a dream about cats in your home depends on the details.

If there were a large number of cats, but they were behaving calmly, they could be an indication that you’re investing in illusions. Dreams of your home often relate to your private, innermost feelings. And cats are symbolic of fantasy and illusion.

If the cats were running wild, the interpretation could be similar to that of more general dreams of multiple cats. It could indicate that there are just too many things in your life demanding your attention. It’s time to step back and focus on your priorities.

8. A Talking Cat

If a cat was talking to you in your dream the simple message may be to listen to what it says!

When animals, or even objects, talk to our dream selves, it’s usually a sign of a message direct from our unconscious brains. They’ve been hard at work processing our observations from everyday life. And they now want us to listen to what they’ve found out.

Some people believe that the messages in dreams come from a supernatural source. They could be offering us help or guidance.

But whether you believe the advice comes from a being with superior knowledge or the recesses of your own mind, it’s a good idea to listen to it. It could be passing on insights that will be valuable to you in your waking life.

9. A Stray Cat

A stray cat in your dream is another instance where the cat might be representing yourself. Perhaps you are feeling isolated and in need of support.

Other details of your dream could have more specific meanings.

A stray cat with fleas could suggest that you’ve needed help and emotional support for some time. Dreams of feeding a stray could indicate chaos and disorder. And some think that dreams of giving the cat a home could mean you’re letting your heart rule your head.

10. Being Surrounded by Cats

Dreams where you’re surrounded by felines on every side are associated with less favorable cat symbolism. It could mean that you’re concerned about the trustworthiness of the people around you. Perhaps you fear they are deceitful and treacherous.

It’s sometimes considered to be a warning from your unconscious mind. You might have picked up on signals that people close to you aren’t acting in your best interests. Your conscious mind, however, has not yet acknowledged this – hence it’s receiving a prompt in your dream.

11. Being Attacked by a Cat

If you were attacked by your dream cat, it could be a sign that you need to listen to your innermost feelings. The cat here is thought to be playing the part of your intuition. And the attack is its way of getting you to sit up and take notice of what it’s telling you!

An alternative interpretation is that the cat represents a relationship that’s going sour. It may be time to end things, before they deteriorate into acrimony.

12. An Injured Cat

If the cat in your dream was carrying an injury of some kind, it’s unfortunately considered to be bad news. Some people believe it’s a sign that problems – or just sheer bad luck – are on their way.

But as with all other dreams, remember this one could have other meanings too. Work through every aspect of your dream carefully, considering what it means to you personally. That will help you get a better handle on the meaning.

And if your dream really does augur forthcoming problems, try not to worry about them. Your dream is simply giving you a chance to prepare.

13. A White Cat

Some people believe that the color of the cat has significance to the meaning of your dream. We’ve already seen that black cats have their own particular symbolism. But some other shades can carry specific meanings too.

If the cat in your dream was white, it’s commonly considered to represent purity. The cat here could represent the pure insight of your intuition. If you followed it in your dream, it may be telling you something about your current situation.

White cats are also sometimes considered to be a sign of compassion and love. And they’re often believed to indicate good times ahead.

14. Other Colored Cats

Cats with different colored coats are also thought to carry their own particular meanings.

If you dream of a ginger cat, it’s believed to represent passion and faith. A dream of a tabby is thought to augur the arrival of important news. And a black and white cat suggests that you may regret things in the future.

Of course, all these meanings may be quite different if you have a cat that looks like this as a pet! It may be that your dream cat is simply representing your beloved furry friend. Or they could be acting as a symbol for the qualities you associate with your pet.

15. A Meowing Cat

A meowing cat in your dream may indicate that you have people around you who aren’t telling you the truth. Your brain has identified that their words are discordant – they don’t align with their actions or your own observations.

If your dream cat is yowling, it could signify hurt that has been caused by someone else’s words. Those words may have been uttered in anger and soon regretted. Your dream may be acknowledging the pain that this has caused, as part of the process of healing and forgiveness.

16. A Fluffy Cat

Fluffy cats are seen as signs of luxury and comfort. If the cat in your dream had a conspicuously fluffy coat, you may be seeking greater comfort yourself.

Your dream could be a nudge to acknowledge those desires. And if you’ve spent a long time putting the needs of others first, this could be a sign that it’s time for that to change.

Other symbolism may be at work too, particularly if your fluffy cat is very small and cute. Its adorable appearance is considered by some to represent a desire for parenthood or emotional closeness. This is a creature you long to pick up and hold.

The Mystical Nature of Cats

That brings us to the end of our look at the different meanings that can lie behind dreaming about cats.

While the scenarios set out here can guide your interpretation, the chances are your dream has its own unique flavor. The most important guide here is your own intuition.

Consider every different aspect of your dream, and the way you felt as you experienced it. That will help you develop a clearer understanding of the message from your dream world.

Good luck, and sleep tight!

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