Dream About Elephant? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Elephant (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Elephants in dreams are often associated with good luck, prosperity, and big dreams and achievements. On the other hand, they also represent major and minor issues in life and how you’ve been lately feeling overwhelmed with all the duties and responsibilities in life.

In fact, it is imperative to dive deep into the elephant dream plots to precisely dissect your dream. Here are 15 elephant dream scenarios and their interpretations. Let’s start by reading what it means when an elephant chases you in your dream.

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Dream About Elephant? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1.  Dreaming about elephants chasing you:

This dream means that you’re running away from your waking life issues. You feel that you don’t have any control of your life and decisions and are overwhelmed by what to do next.

Cutting off all the domineering people in life and searching for confidence within might help you overcome the feelings.

2.  Dreaming about a baby elephant:

Was the baby elephant in your dream having a good time? If yes, it is a wonderful omen. Success and prosperity are likely to soon knock on your door.

On the other hand, a sad or injured baby elephant in the dream signals obstacles and failure. It means that you’re likely to encounter minor problems in your business or whatever you’re trying to work on. And if left unaddressed, these trivial problems might end up hurting you immensely.

Also, your efforts will not be rewarded fairly. The journey to your aspirations is probably very harsh. So, be ready to put in extra time and hard work if you want to succeed.

3.  Dreaming about killing an elephant:

If you killed elephants in your dream, mentally, emotionally, and financially rough times are ahead of you. In the case you killed the elephant with a gun, it means that your finances and properties are at stake, and it’s high time for you to make smart financial decisions.

You’re likely to be a victim to extremely depressing scenarios. Overcoming such traumas can be difficult, but with a positive mindset, you definitely can.

However, you should not let these interpretations demotivate and stress you. Instead, these dreams are a wake-up call for you to brace yourself for the tough times. And it would be best if you took it as an opportunity to better prepare rather than feeling anxious and worried.

4.  Dreaming about a dead elephant:

Dreams about a dead elephant are bad omens. Such dreams generally portend a period of hardships and grief in your waking life. You need to get ready to adapt to big changes. Fortunately, such a phase of sadness and despair won’t last long.

This dream can also be a warning call for you to be more cautious when making deals. You’re likely to disappoint people of higher social status, which might end up hurting your image and career.

5.  Dreaming about riding an elephant:

If you were riding your elephant to war in the dream, you’re likely to get into a dispute in your waking life. Such trivial fights are best avoided.

Riding elephants in a dream is also associated with acquiring wealth, respect, admiration, and authority. You’re likely to acquire power in your professional and personal life. You’ll finally feel like you’re in charge of your life.

Unlike in the case of caged elephants, riding elephants in the dream means that you’re authoritative and you know how to lead your life. Even if some terrible memories, people, and situations are trying to take power away from you, you stand up for yourself and live your life as per your wish.

6.  Dreaming about a herd of elephants:

Dreams about a herd of elephants have many positive interpretations. First of all, this dream means that you’re part of a big social circle, and the people around you value you and care for your well-being. They’re there for you through your thicks and thins.

Likewise, this dream also indicates that success is way closer to you than you’ve realized. You’ve put your hard work into your business or your passion project, and your time to reap the fruits is coming soon.

A prosperous and financially and emotionally stable life style, as you’ve always wanted, is within your reach.

7.  Dreaming about an elephant in a cage:

Elephants captured in a cage in your dream represent your low self-confidence and repressed feelings. You underestimate your abilities, or somebody else has patronized you and made you feel inferior and invaluable.

The good news is that the power is within you to break free from these negative emotions. You have to raise your self-worth and confidence. It would be best if you released your suppressed emotions and cut off all the toxic people in your life who force you to doubt your strength.

8.  Dreaming about an elephant lifting you with its trunk:

An elephant lifting you with its trunk is celebrating you. Such a dream is a sign that you’ll soon achieve much-awaited victory in your waking life, and people around you will celebrate the success alongside you.

You might see growth in your academic or professional life. Or, you might simply achieve whatever you have been vying for since long.

9.  Dreaming about feeding an elephant:

Dreams about feeding an elephant represent success, growth, and good luck. You’re about to witness life-changing moments in your waking life, and all of them will be in your favor.

You’ll climb personal and professional heights. Even some situations you deemed unfortunate will end up proving to be propitious.

On the other hand, if you’re a female and you dreamt of feeding a baby elephant while it was suckling on its mother, it means you’re ready to embrace motherhood.

10. Dreaming about an injured elephant:

Firstly, you need to make sure if the injured elephant in your dream was calm or aggressive. Angry, injured elephants in the dream portend unfortunate situations in your waking life.

On the other hand, if you didn’t sense rage from the elephants in the dream, this dream conveys a message that you’re a compassionate person. You try to help others in their difficult times, and people around you are blessed to have you in their lives.

11. Dreaming about an elephant and a baby elephant together:

If you see an elephant parent-child duo in your dream, it is an indication that you’re lately not giving enough priority, time, and attention to the main people in your life. You’re too busy to have a good time with your friends and family.

However, this is not a healthy habit. This dream is telling you to take a break and spend more time with your loved ones. Relaxing and having a good time with your people often helps calm and reset your mind, giving you a proper energy boost to succeed in your professional career.

12. Dreaming about an elephant giving birth:

If you dream about an elephant giving birth, it means that you repress your thoughts and opinions. This dream is a wake-up call for you. Give your opinions a voice. It would be best if you become more confident and vocal in your waking life.

13. Dreaming about an elephant in water:

Elephants in water often represent good time, peace, harmony, and abundance. If you recurrently see this dream, good days are ahead of you. This dream also signals a harmonious reunion with friends and family.

On the other hand, if the elephants are swimming in the water, it represents elegance and wisdom. However, sometimes, such dreams also portend obstacles in your way. You’re likely to be stressed for a bit, but the good news is that the anxious phase of your life won’t last long.

14. Dreaming about an aggressive elephant:

Are you someone who always lives by a fixed set of family or societal rules and regulations? Probably, you don’t let your inner child relax and have fun once in a while. You might be repressing your desires, creativity, and your emotions.

Such suppressed feelings can manifest in your dreams as angry elephants. It’s high time you introspect and if you’re too hard on yourself, take a break. Have a lust for your life and live it as per your rules, not anyone else’s.

15. Dreaming about flying elephants:

There might be many around you who ridicule you for dreaming high. But if you put your heart and soul into achieving something, the chances are you will achieve whatever you’ve ever wished for.

This dream is a sign not to let your fear of failure preclude you from putting your ideas into action. All you need is a little courage and a lot of dedication. Those laughing at you today will end up as an audience at your victory stage.


By now, we hope you’ve found out what messages these mighty creatures in our dreams are trying to convey. In general, elephant dreams are positive ones. They tell you what you’re doing wrong in your life and what you can improve on, or they simply indicate success and prosperity.

On the other hand, it is not unusual for such dreams to portend unfortunate happenings in life in some instances. So, it is necessary to remember the dream context accurately to ensure that you can understand your dream message property.

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