Dream of Poop? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Some people think dreams are a random mix of jumbled images you saw during the day. This theory says dreams have no particular meaning – it’s just your mind sorting and cataloging recent events. And you may have heard that spinal fluid washes your brain every night, and dreams are the visual version of that mental cleansing. So what do poop dreams truly mean?

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Dream of Poop? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1. Practical Prompting

Dreams about peeing are sometimes part of your body’s early warning system. They can prompt you to ‘pause’ the dream and rush to the toilet before you wet the bed. If you keep one eye closed, you might make it back to bed without disrupting your sleep or waking up.

Poop dreams can have a similar element, especially if you ate something nasty, have a bowel infection, are in the middle of your period, or taking natural laxatives (pawpaw, pumpkin, etc). Or maybe you’ve been prescribed medication that has frequent pooping as a side effect.

2. Intense Vulnerability

Pooping in public can be embarrassing. This can range from a leak in your pants after a touch of Delhi Belly or Karai Crouch. Or it could be an incident where you squatted in a seemingly sheltered spot then after you zip up, you realize someone was watching you.

Dreams about public pooping are similar to dreams about unintended public nudity.  They imply you’re feeling vulnerable and self-conscious about a certain area of your life. The location of the public poop in your dream can be a hint about the source of your anxiety.

3. Compulsive Comparison

A lot of us are uneasy about using communal bathrooms. Maybe you’re in the office or at an event. As you’re inside the stall about to do your business, someone else walks in. You hear their voice or notice their perfume and suddenly you’re too tense and self-conscious to finish.

This is called parcopresis aka shy bowel. It often happens in your waking life, but what does it mean if it happens in a dream? Yes! Your spirit guides are warning you against constantly comparing yourself to others (and falling short!). Try gratitude and affirmations instead.

4. Demands to Detoxify

Even if you don’t believe in guardian angels and higher helpers, your dreams can still communicate. They can reveal how you see yourself, and what you truly think of those around you. It can expose your secret fears, unknown desires, and deepest ambitions.

Repetitive dreams are especially poignant, and you can several different ones that express the same theme. So what does it mean when you dream about poop overflowing in the toilet? It means you have inner toxins to expel. This could be bad energy or draining relationships.

5. Spiritual Blockage

A similar poop dream is when your nightly visions involve constipation. This usually means you feel blocked and thwarted. It could be a result of excess ethereal toxins as we mentioned above. The dream could also represent creative clogs. You may have writer’s block or angst.

The dream isn’t always about artsy types. It could indicate you’re emotionally backed up and need to express certain feelings you’ve been hiding or piling up. These might be sentiments you suppressed or repressed, so you may not even know they’re in there! Pray for revelation.

6. Cleansing and Protection

Dreams about bathrooms, showers, tubs, and toilets often indicate a need for spiritual cleansing. They suggest there’s something unhelpful in your life that your higher helpers would like to remove and destroy. So what if you dream about eating something first?

Putting food in your mouth (in a dream) could represent energy being sent your way, whether it’s positive or negative. If the dream sent you to the bathroom afterward, it could mean someone sent you a spiritual attack. By pooping, you’ve repelled it, so you’re protected.

7. Financial Prosperity

You might dream about cleaning up poop. This could be changing your baby’s (or grandpa’s) diaper. Or cleaning the toilet at the office or in a loved one’s bedroom. Or managing the litter box of your cat, gerbil, or chickens. Or bagging your dog’s poop during their daily walk.

These are all unpleasant activities, but you do them because you care about your child, parent, or pet. They’re acts of love. So in a dream, they signify a reward for your hard work and diligence. It means you may soon receive a financial windfall, maybe even a promotion!

8. Corporate Problems

Poop is something we all have to deal with. And if you’re healthy and are eating a fiber-filled diet, you should pass stool at least once a day, though some people only poop every two or three days. This is true although many cultures have myths that pretty people don’t poop.

But what does it mean when you dream about animal poop lying around the office or house? It suggests sabotage. Someone or something is interfering with your professional progress. This could be petty office politicking or a mean manager that feels threatened by your skills.

9. Strength and Support

Although we all need to defecate, it’s not necessarily a pleasant process. It often comes with a bad smell. And nobody likes cleaning toilets, even if it’s our own mess! This could be why dreams about poop can be a sign of inner strength, fortified souls, and spiritual assistance.

The dream means something heavy, distressing, and potentially disgusting is on the way. It’s not something you want to deal with, but it’s a mandatory trial. This poop dream warns you about the incoming task, but it reassures you that you can handle it. Your angels will help.

10. Good Luck is Coming

Did you know that in many indigenous cultures, bird poop is seen as a sign of good luck? So if you dream about guano (bird poop) landing on your body or your car, your guardian angels could be promising a spate of good fortune. This message can take another tack.

Instead of poop missiles from above, you might dream poop attacking from below. This could be a dream about a pet pooping on your feet or in your shoes. You may even dream you stepped in poop on the street. All these dreams are harbingers of good fortune, so enjoy it!

11. Broke Season

According to many dream interpreters, the main message that comes from poop dreams is financial. But the significance is often counter-intuitive. For example, we’ve mentioned that dreaming about getting soiled by feces means money is on the way, so buy a lottery ticket!

But if you dream about wiping poop off the carpet, washing it off your clothes, or scraping it off your car, it implies cash is on its way out of your life. You may receive it unexpectedly, but it will fly out of your pockets just as quickly. Expect a large expense or bill to show up soon.

12. Forced Expenditure

Suppose the dream is a little different. It might be – for example – a dream about a running stomach. This could be a solo dream where you ended up attached to the toilet but you’re not sure which meal messed you up. Or you could dream about someone else’s suffering tummy.

(Explosive) diarrhea suggests a hemorrhage of money. An unexpected expense will force you to fork out the cash. If several people are in the dream, it may mean the expense will be communal and you’ll all have to pay together. This might be a lawsuit or an investment flop.

13. Bad Health or Ill-Gotten Gains

Curiously, most of us assume that when we dream about poop, it means we’re about to get sick. But as it turns out, only one specific poop dream – and it’s not pretty. So if you dream about yourself or someone else eating excrement, it’s an indicator of an infection or illness.

The dream might be slightly varied. You might dream about having s**t in your mouth but the dream didn’t show you eating it. In this context, the dream implies you received wealth through unscrupulous means. Maybe you took a bribe, embezzled office funds. Return it!

14. Jealous Scheming

We’ve heard of monkeys (and even toddlers) flinging poop in the middle of a tantrum. We assume this is malevolent behavior, but often it means the kid or creature is anxious and upset. They already tossed toys and the only thing close (and light) enough to toss is poop.

But if you dream of feces being thrown at you in a dream, it suggests someone is threatened by your success and is trying to pull you down. They might be spreading rumors or talking trash about you. The dream could also mean someone is trying to take advantage of you.

15. Relationship Problems

If you’ve been looking after a baby, a senior, or an invalid, you may often find yourself cleaning their soiled sheets. And beds full of poop might regularly invade your dreams as you get more and more frustrated. But what if you dream about poop in your own shared bed?

This might be a warning from your higher helpers that your partner is up to no good. The dream can be especially poignant if the poopy bed is one you share with your partner. Or if your beloved is still in the bed during the dream. They’re doing something with your money!

16. Relief from Stress

When you’re on the toilet, you often distract yourself with newspapers, magazines, the info on product packs, or more recently – your smartphone. But if you pay attention, we may notice the physical release and psychological release you feel after a solid Number Two.

In this sense, dreaming about a typical toilet cycle (poop, wipe, flush, spray) suggests your psyche has been in turmoil. But the negative emotions are now leaving your system. You’ve been bottling them up but now they’re flowing out and you can safely flush them away.

17. Success in Business

Lately, IPOs and VC buyouts are the quickest roots to billions. But what does it mean when you dream of excrement the night before you launch? You’ll probably write it off as a sign of last-minute jitters. But in reality, it’s validation from above! The gods approve of your plan!

The dream is particularly poignant if you dream about carrying a big pile of dung into the office, business premises, trading hall, or press conference. You may think this is a bad sign, but it predicts the success and financial prosperity of your business. Embrace it, and enjoy it!

18. Piles of Profit

Similarly, you might dream about a pile of poop in some inappropriate corporate space. Maybe you walk into the boardroom in a dream and spot a heap of feces on the conference table or in the chairman’s seat. The difference is in this dream, the poop is prominent.

We talked about finding (pet) poop hidden around the office floor. Maybe under chairs or tables, or behind bins. Concealed poop implies sabotage. But this visible pile of feces is a promise that your investments and portfolios will bring profit, pleasure, and prosperity.

19. Emotional Drama

Pooping at a party can be a social nightmare. First, you have to find the bathroom without getting lost or being accused of spying when you end up in a restricted region of the house. Then you’ll probably find a long line and dirty, overused toilets. Then there are floaters.

If you’ve been in someone’s bathroom and were forced to deal with bowel movements that wouldn’t flush, you know the terror it causes. But what does it mean if this happens in a dream? It could mean you’re struggling with stubborn emotions that need to be addressed.

20. Growth and Social Development

Potty training can be a tough time in any parent’s life. You’ll routinely find yourself startling awake as you dream of your little’s one’s attempts. But Freudian theory aside, what does it mean when you dream that you’re a toddler having an (appropriate) bowel movement?

It could indicate you’re about to experience a season of social growth. Maybe your circle will expand and you’ll meet new friends. Or you’ll start to feel at home in a space where you’ve felt new, awkward, and out of place. You’re a big boy/girl now and ready for the next step!

21. Time for Monetary Wisdom

Even if you love live events and outdoor festivals, you can’t help hating the toilets. They’re designed as an essential convenience but are often the site of trauma, and they generate years’ worth of torrid tales. So what does it mean when you dream about these settings?

If you see yourself squatting in a corner and mooning the crowds, you may be too ostentatious with your money. You need to tone it down. If you dream of being constipated on the porta-potty, it means you’re rather stingy. Try being more generous with your cash.

When was the last time you had a dream about poop? Tell us about it in the comments!

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