Dream About Keys? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Keys

Dreams about keys often go neglected. Many might focus on the other aspects of a dream, ignoring the small details regarding keys. However, seeing keys in your dreams, like any other dream, is trying to convey a message.

For your convenience, we’ve gathered all the meaningful information on dreams about keys, including some general dream scenarios and interpretations. Let’s begin!


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4 General Interpretations Of Key Dreams

A feeling of strength, power, and authority:

Key dreams, especially if someone offers you one, means that you’ll find yourself feeling more powerful and strong in your waking life.

You will probably feel in more control of your life and be able to take more responsible and authoritative decisions for the betterment of situations you’re associated with.

A solution:

Just like any other human, there might be several problems bothering you in your waking life. Seeing key in dreams, especially if you’ve found one, signifies that you’ve found a solution to solve your real-life problem.

However, suppose you lost a found key in the dream. In that case, it might be your subconscious trying to tell you that whatever method you’re applying to solve the problem right now is not working, and you should probably brainstorm new ideas or seek assistance from others.

Unexpected changes:

Dreaming of keys can also indicate a pivotal point in your life. Unexpected changes are likely to occur. You might meet someone or something that might play a huge role in a chapter of your life.

Remember that your choices during this time are very crucial. So, make sure you put enough thought and time into making decisions.

Adapting to sudden changes is never easy. Things might feel overwhelming initially. But you should be able to make the right choices and keep up the spirit. With time, things will eventually turn out to be beautiful.

New opportunities in life:

Hearing the rattling keys in your dream or dreaming of being given a key means that you’re heading towards the right directions in life and amazing opportunities await you.

People around you have noticed your problem-solving ability, diligence, and loyalty. Just keep doing what you’re doing, going where you are going, and simply striving for the best. The universe will surely award you.

Dreaming Of A Lock And Key – Islamic Meaning

Dreaming of a key in Islam is associated with authority, finances, and knowledge. If you were carrying one key in the dream, it symbolizes that you’ll likely earn wealth and money and enter the path of enlightenment.

On the other hand, according to Islam, if you dream of having many keys, it indicates that you’ll soon start feeling secure and witness victory in your personal as well as professional life.

Dream About Keys? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1. Dreaming of a keychain

If somebody has gifted you a keychain in dreams, it signals well-being and success. You might be intimidated by the journey first, but with time, you’ll be able to reach your financial milestones.

Keychains in a dream also symbolize power and responsibility. This dream is a note from you to you that many people are putting faith in you. You must be aware of your duties and responsibilities.

On the other hand, dreaming of buying yourself a keychain from a store signal that you are being too self-absorbed in real life. You’re wasting your time and money on petty things. This dream is a warning for you to introspect and get your life back on track.

2. Dreaming of a golden key

Recurrent dreams about golden keys is a sign that you have a lust for life. You’re an achiever. You’re confident. You put your sincere time and effort on whatever you’re working on. In fact, life also rewards you quite fairly; you get good results.

However, you should be aware not to be overconfident or let your ego rule you. Being grounded and honest is how you can maintain your winning streaks.

3. Dreaming of a lock and key

If you dream of yourself turning a key in a keyhole, it indicates that you’re likely to encounter unprecedented situations in life. Most probably, these experiences will be negative ones.

And if you become successful at opening the lock,  it means that you’re waiting for the right moment to make life-changing decisions in your waking life. It might be an opportunity to attain financial stability, a change or growth in professional life, or your decision to commit yourself romantically with someone.

This dream can also signal your imminent meeting with a private and introverted person. While you’ll put endless effort into opening them up, the efforts will all be in vain. So, it’d be best for you to keep minding your own business instead.

4. Dreaming of giving or gifting someone a key

Giving someone a key in dream signals that you’re ready to share your privacy with somebody you value deeply. You trust them with your secrets and insecurities. You feel that sharing with someone would lift off the burden of secrecy from your shoulder.

This dream can also be an indication of a commitment in a relationship. Or, your subconscious thinks you’re ready to propose your partner for a marriage.

5. Dreaming of locking a door with a key

Dreaming of locking a door represent your anti-social tendencies. If you’re outside of the door and you lock the door with a key, it indicates that you’re probably cutting somebody off from your life. You’ve finally closed their door to your life want nothing to do with them anymore.

If you’re inside the door while you’re locking it, it means that you don’t want to share your feelings with anyone, and you’ve isolated yourself. It can also signal that you want to take some time off for yourself, introspect, and be aware of your own life updates.

This dream suggests that there are some things in life you’re yet to realize and some learnings for you to do.

6. Dreaming of finding a key

Finding a key in a dream is a good omen. It represents a solution to a problem that has been bothering you for since long. You feel confident and ready to tackle all the challenges that have been holding you back from achieving your goals.

It also indicates that excellent opportunities are waiting for you in your waking life. If you hadn’t been feeling in your element lately, this dream is a signal that you’ve got everything covered and you’re at a good place in life right now.

7. Dreaming of losing a key

Do you feel afraid of how quickly things are changing and how difficult it is to catch up? Or, you might be feeling that you’re failing to take control of a situation? If yes, these are some common situations in real life that leads to dreams about losing a key.

You might be feeling stuck in your waking life, like there’s no way for you to go and better yourself. Or, you probably are afraid of losing opportunities.

8. Dreaming of a broken key

Broken keys in dreams represent bad occurrences in life. You might have to suffer a breakup with your partner. It can also be with someone very close to your heart.

The relationship will not stand the test of time. Issues such as lack of boundaries, lack of control, too much control, or simply misunderstandings might break apart the relationship or friendship.

Likewise, broken key dreams also indicate that you’re unaware of your dreams and passion. You don’t know what step next to take in life. You feel overwhelmed by the situations and your inability to take control.

Nevertheless, this dream also reminds you that though the circumstances right now are not conducive to what your plans in the future are, you’ll eventually figure a way out. Sometimes things get out of control, and that’s okay. You must be patient enough to wait for the next opportunity and grasp it quick as a flash.

9. Dreaming of receiving a key from someone

If you dreamt of somebody giving you a key in your dream, it is a signal that you’ll get assistance from the person in your waking life.

The help might be something trivial or of great importance. You might not have realized the need for assistance, but when they offer you, you’ll surely feel grateful.


Dream inferences are not always accurate. And, even if they are, a lot of real life factors plays a role in your life outcomes.

So, if you dream of a broken key, it doesn’t mean you should be sad and whiny about the probability of your relationships breaking. It means you should put more time and effort into your love life and solve misunderstandings wisely.

And if you dream of a scenario that indicates success, you must also work hard to turn the dream into reality. So, it is essential always to have a positive outlook on dreams and their meanings.

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