Dream of Being Pregnant? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream of Being Pregnant

Have you experienced a dream in which you were pregnant? Are you wondering what it means? Then relax, because you’ve come to the right place!

We’re going to look at the different meanings behind a dream of being pregnant. We’ll identify some ways to help make sure your interpretation is on the right track. And we’ll look at ten different dream scenarios to explore the messages they might hold.

So if you’ve dreamed of being pregnant, read on to find out why!

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The Basic Interpretation of Dreams of Pregnancy

In most cases, dreams are symbolic rather than literal. In other words, our subconscious minds tend to use visual symbols to represent their messages. But sometimes there’s a more straightforward meaning.

The first thing that will determine your dream interpretation is the basic question of whether you’re pregnant!

If you are, it’s likely to be something that’s consuming a lot of your attention. Whether or not it’s your first pregnancy, you’ll be facing lots of practical and emotional issues.

That gives your brain a huge amount to process. And it’s not surprising that this mental work will be reflected in your dreams.

In this case, the pregnancy aspect of your dream can be taken as simply representing your real-life situation. (Of course, other aspects of your dream may still be rich in symbolism!)

But if you aren’t pregnant, the meaning will be quite different. Your subconscious mind is using pregnancy as a symbol for something else.

The precise meaning will differ depending on your own thoughts about pregnancy. And it can be illuminated by looking in detail at the dream scenario and the emotions you experienced while dreaming.

But pregnancy is fundamental to human life. Its symbolism crosses continents and cultures. Wherever you go, pregnancy is the period before new life comes into the world. The mother carries the developing child and nurtures it until it is born.

So dreams of being pregnant can relate to nurturing something that’s not yet fully developed. That could be a partnership, a project or an enterprise. Whatever it is, it’s usually the product of your own creative impulses. You have given it the spark of life, and you’re now caring for it.

To find out more, let’s take a look at some common dream scenarios involving being pregnant.

Dream of Being Pregnant (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1. Discovering That You’re Pregnant

If you’ve discovered that you’re pregnant in real life, this dream will be mirroring that experience. It’s likely you will have a lot of thoughts and emotions to process, whether or not the pregnancy was planned.

Your dream is a by-product of your brain’s work on this. But it can also be highlighting feelings you haven’t yet consciously acknowledged.

In other words, dreams that appear to be straightforward representations of reality can also be worth interrogating. They may reveal aspects of your situation that your waking mind has not previously considered.

But if you aren’t pregnant, this dream is more likely to represent some “growing” aspect of yourself. It could be your own spiritual development. Or it could relate to a new job, project or hobby you’re just beginning.

Explore the emotions you feel in your dream. Are you excited? Worried? Both? All this is reflecting your own feelings about the new endeavor you’re embarking upon.

2. Carrying a Baby That Isn’t Human

Dreams of being pregnant with a baby that isn’t human are not as rare as you might think. People also report dreams of giving birth to non-human children. These could range from animals to aliens, monsters, or even objects.

Yes, it’s all pretty weird! But the meaning here isn’t usually too difficult to unravel.

The nature of the creature or thing you’re pregnant with relates to how you feel about something you’re metaphorically “carrying”. A good way to work out what it’s symbolizing is with some simple word association.

Write down whatever you associate with the thing you’re pregnant with as quickly as possible. Give yourself a minute or so to do it, but don’t think about it too hard. The name of the game is to find the things that immediately spring to mind.

When you’ve finished, read back what you’ve written. Does it describe someone or something in your life? Whatever it is, it will be something that you feel you need to nurture.

This dream is also surprisingly common among those who really are pregnant. In this case, it usually reflects anxiety about the pregnancy and birth. Your brain is simply working through your entirely natural worries about whether you’re prepared for the changes to your life.

3. Being Pregnant with Twins

If your dream featured being pregnant with twins, it could have a number of different interpretations. (We’re assuming here that you’re not actually pregnant with twins!)

For dreamers who are pregnant with a single baby, this is similar to dreams of carrying a non-human child. It’s likely to reflect feelings of anxiety about the pregnancy and forthcoming parenthood.

You may be concerned about how you’ll cope, and your brain is trying to help by running through different scenarios. Thanks, Brain!

But if you aren’t pregnant, the dream may relate to a new relationship or project. The twins might represent two different options for how to proceed. Or they could be signifying two aspects of the same new endeavour.

Looking at the other details in the dream can provide more help to unravel the meaning. Did you feel differently about each twin? Did they have distinguishing characteristics, or were they identical? Were you excited about having twins, or did you feel overwhelmed?

All these are important clues to the message behind your dream.

4. Losing an Unborn Child

A dream of losing an unborn child can be a very upsetting experience.

If you have experienced such a tragic loss yourself, the dream may reflect the emotional trauma of what has happened. If you’re not already receiving counselling, you may want to consider seeking professional help. You’re not alone, and professional support really can help.

If you’re pregnant, don’t be alarmed. Dreams of this kind are a natural reflection of anxiety about your unborn baby. They don’t mean there’s anything wrong, and they’re not predicting the future.

If you’re not pregnant, the unborn child in your dream represents something else. That could be a work project, a creative endeavor or even a relationship.

Your dream may be representing worries you have about its health. Perhaps you’re anxious that things aren’t going well, and that the hopes you cherish may die.

If this interpretation chimes with you, try not to worry. Not every project succeeds, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try again. And it certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t take valuable learning from the experience.

5. Someone Close to You Being Pregnant

Did your dream involve someone other than you being pregnant? If so, it could reflect a feeling that that person is concealing something. Just as the early stages of pregnancy are invisible to others, so you may fear something happening “beneath the surface”.

In some cases, this dream could also have a meaning close to dreams of being pregnant yourself. If you’re a man, dreaming of a pregnant partner could be the closest your brain can come to imagining being pregnant yourself. (Of course, plenty of men dream of being pregnant themselves too!)

So as with other pregnancy dreams, this could relate to a new and cherished project. This is particularly likely if it’s something your partner also has a stake in.

6. Experiencing the Symptoms of Pregnancy

We all know that pregnancy is often accompanied by some unpleasant side effects. There’s morning sickness, fatigue, aching muscles, swollen ankles – the list goes on! So what does it mean if you had a dream where you were pregnant and experiencing those symptoms?

Well, if it reflects a real-life pregnancy, it’s unlikely to have a deeper meaning. (And we’re sorry that you’re having a tough time.)

But if you’re not pregnant, these kinds of dreams can suggest creative blockages. You may be trying to develop new ideas or projects, but are facing difficulties getting them off the ground. Or perhaps you’re trying to ignore your desire to express yourself creatively.

Your dream may be a prompt to take a step back from everyday pressures. Give yourself permission to explore your creativity, and you may find the barriers you’re experiencing fade away.

7. Trying to Get Pregnant

Just as with other pregnancy dreams, it’s possible this scenario reflects your waking life. Trying to get pregnant can become an all-consuming focus. And if it fills your waking thoughts, it will find its way into your dreams too.

But if that’s not a desire you have in real life, your subconscious mind is using pregnancy as a symbol. And as ever, it’s likely to relate to a new project or endeavor, and something you feel you need to nurture. And it’s likely to be connected to your own creative powers.

If you’re trying to get pregnant in your dream but without success, it’s a sign of some kind of blockage. This is another case where interrogating the other details of your dream will help you uncover the true meaning.

Where were you in your dream? If you were sat at your work desk, it might be a clue that the block relates to your career. If you were with a loved one, perhaps it relates to your relationship.

If anyone (or anything) speaks to you in your dream, pay attention to what it says! Whatever the source of the words in your dream, it’s usually a message straight from your subconscious. And it’s likely to give you a helpful insight into what’s behind the rest of your dream.

8. Having a Pregnancy Test

Dreams of pregnancy tests – always supposing you aren’t trying to get pregnant – may mean you’re unsure how a situation will turn out. Just as your dream self is awaiting the test result, you’re waiting to see how things will develop.

This could be a situation where big changes could be on the cards. And perhaps you feel that it’s not something you can control. All you can do is wait for the results.

Your dream may be reflecting this feeling of anxious anticipation. It might help to run through the different outcomes in your mind and consider how you’d respond if they happened. That might be all you need to regain your sense of control.

9. Terminating a Pregnancy

Did your dream involve terminating a pregnancy?

If this is something you have chosen to do, your dream may reflect the way your mind is processing your emotions.

If your dream recurs and it’s causing you distress, it can be helpful to talk through your experience. You may want to do that with a friend or loved one. Or you may prefer to seek counselling from a professional with whom you don’t have a personal relationship.

But if your dream doesn’t reflect your real life, it’s again likely to relate to a project of some kind. The pregnancy is symbolizing this project, which you want to bring to an end.

Your dream may be helping you test out how you’d feel about it finishing. And that can bring you valuable insights to help guide your next move.

10. Feeling the Baby Move

Some people believe that feeling a baby move in your dream is a good omen. It could mean that the future holds good luck and success.

But the moving baby could also be bringing your attention back to something you’d temporarily forgotten. Is there a project that you’ve put on hold? Your dream might be reminding you that it’s still there, and still worthy of your time.

Pregnancy Dreams Can Be Symbolic or Literal

That brings us to the end of our look at the different meanings of dreams of being pregnant. Because pregnancy is such a major life event, the first step is to consider whether the meaning is symbolic or literal.

If your dream relates to your own experience of pregnancy, it may still provide valuable insights. But if it doesn’t, its symbolic meaning is what is important. That often relates to new projects or relationships, particularly those that stem from your own creativity.

Good luck in unravelling the meaning behind your dream – and sleep well!

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