Dream About Earthquake? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About An Earthquake

Earthquake tremors and chaos, be it in a dream or your waking life, aren’t pleasant. Such dreams often indicate a lack of stability in your life and intense feelings and emotions.

Having said that, the dream plots definitely help make us better interpretations. So, here we present you the list of 17 meanings when you dream about an earthquake.

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Dream About An Earthquake

1.  Dreaming about running away from an earthquake:

Running away from an earthquake or other dangers in dreams represents your difficulties in life. Major changes in life often trigger these kinds of dreams.

You might be worried about your new ventures in waking life. You don’t know what to expect and are anxious about unexpected problems. Such stress is generally manifested as dreams where you’re desperate to run towards safety.

2.  Dreaming about cracks on the ground due to an earthquake:

Dreams about cracks on the ground represent instability and insecurities in life. You’re probably afraid of losing some, or you’ve already lost them. Or, you might be dealing with difficulties in your academic, professional or personal life.

This dream also signals upcoming difficulties in life. You’re likely to witness a major life change. On the brighter side, these changes can be amazing opportunities for you to better yourself.

3.  Dreaming about saving people during an earthquake:

Firstly, dreams about rescuing someone in disasters like earthquakes might simply represent your subconscious desire to be a superhero. If that’s not the case, this dream implies that you’re worried about someone in your life. You fear something bad might happen, and you won’t be there’s to rescue them.

At the same time, this dream can also be a warning for you to be aware of snakes around you. You’re probably a thoughtful and kind person, but people around you manipulate you and take advantage of you. So, ensure that you aren’t going too out of your way to fulfilling others’ wants and desires.

4.  Dreaming about the earthquake from a safe distance:

If you dream of watching an earthquake from a safe distance, it implies that you’re waiting for news in your waking life. If yes is your answer, it would be better for you to move on. You’re unlikely to get the news anytime soon.

5.  Dreaming about others getting hurt in an earthquake while you are completely fine:

Were you safe in your earthquake dream while the calamity was destroying everything else around?

If others around you were getting hurt while you were fine, this means that you don’t let obstacles and harm get in the way of yourself and the people you love. You’re protective, and you’re someone who gives their best to save your close ones from getting hurt.

6.  Dreaming about an earthquake destroying buildings:

You’re probably succeeding well in your life, which is making others around you envious. In fact, they’re most likely looking for an opportunity to strike you down.

However, if you aren’t doing well in your waking life, this dream is a hope that you’ll soon be able to figure out solutions to your long-bothering problems.

7.  Dreaming about getting news of an earthquake:

If the news bearer of the disaster was a close acquaintance, a friend, or a family member, it indicates a probable trip in your waking life.

Also, getting news of an earthquake in a dream means that an unfortunate situation is imminent in your waking life. It might be a problem in your academic, professional, or personal life.

However, on a positive note, you’ll be able to predict the problem way sooner. It gives you enough time to make necessary changes and think of solutions to make sure that the problem doesn’t bother you too much or for much longer.

8.  Dreaming about walls crumbling due to an earthquake:

This dream is definitely not a good one. It implies an unfortunate situation in your life. Your health isn’t at a great place, or you might encounter a dangerous accident. Either way, you’re at risk, and this dream is a warning for you to pay attention to your health and be cautious of probable accidents.

9.  Dreaming about walking around the ruins of an earthquake:

Dreams about earthquake ruins and you walking around it means that you’re probably holding onto something that has long lost the possibility of succeeding. It might be your business idea or your academics. The project has hit rock bottom, but you still aren’t ready to accept the failure.

10. Dreaming about being stuck in a collapsing building during an earthquake:

Are you feeling trapped lately in your waking life? You might be in a problem, and you see no way out of it. You don’t know what step to take next.

Or, you might be feeling insecure in your life. You aren’t probably doing well in your life, and you’re jealous of those ahead of you. If you recurrently see this dream, it would be best if you could talk to someone trustworthy about your worries and struggle.

Or, take some time to yourself, introspect, figure out what you’re doing wrong. Instead of being anxious and scared, figure out a way to slip away from the troubles.

11. Dreaming about your house being destroyed in an earthquake:

This dream indicates that you’re a materialistic person. You pride yourself more on your materialistic achievements and wealth than your true feelings and relationships. You must remind yourself that the house doesn’t become home unless you share love and spend quality time with your family.

It would be best for you to introspect and realize the value of things and people who truly bring joy and meaning to your waking life. If your house entirely collapses in the catastrophe, it means that it is time for you to let go of your old self and bad habits and transform yourself.

12. Dreaming about many people being killed in an earthquake:

If you’ve ventured into a new journey or project in your life, this dream is a signal that your plans will not succeed. You aren’t on the right path in your waking life, or you probably aren’t following the best possible path available to you.

No matter how diligently you work towards these ideas, the probability of succeeding is quite low. So, to save yourself from disappointments, you might want to consider changing your course of direction and starting doing things differently.

13. Dreaming about being trapped under earthquake ruins:

Dreams about being stuck under the earthquake rubble represent your repressed thoughts and feelings. Your conscious mind is repressing your impulses, and you aren’t being able to unleash your full potential.

Also, you’re probably caught in vicious circles of troubles in your waking life. You don’t see a way out and would like some assistance. It would be best if you put in plenty of thought before making any decisions during this phase.

14. Dreaming about being stuck in a confined place or a room during an earthquake:

This dream is telling you to face your fears and worries. You might be running away from problems, or you’re likely to be too dependent on others to solve your problems. It’s time you start thinking smart, become more independent, and take charge of your life.

Remember that you won’t be able to conquer your fears and inner demons unless you fight them face to face.

15. Dreaming about being saved by someone in the dream:

If you’re worried about an imminent problem in your waking life, this dream is a sign that these troubles aren’t as worrisome as you think they are. Most importantly, if you keep your ego aside and ask for assistance from someone trustworthy, the problem is likely to be solved quickly.

16. Dreaming about fortunately escaping a collapsing building in an earthquake:

Luckily, escaping a collapsing property during an earthquake is a good omen. This dream tells you that you’ll make some last-minute decisions and changes that will prevent some problematic scenarios from occurring in your waking life.

The probable unfortunate situations in your professional or personal life will be precluded, thanks to your ability to think smart and be proactive.

17. Dreaming about others running amok during an earthquake:

If you dream of people fleeing the earthquake, it signals that somebody in your life is counting on you.

Your friend, a family member, or a close acquaintance might be in a terrible problem, and they’d definitely use your help. If you sense such situations, offer them a hand even if they don’t ask for it. This dream tells you that they’d be able to escape the troubles with your assistance.


Earthquake dreams aren’t common. Especially if you live in a place that fortunately hasn’t been hit with an earthquake, you’re highly unlikely to dream of such a natural disaster.

Be it an earthquake or any such disaster, the main interpretation of such dreams is that you’re going through emotional turmoil and instability in your waking life.

Nevertheless, it is imperative for you to take these dreams on a positive note; as a reminder from yourself to do better, face your fears, and rise from the ashes.

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