Dream About Chicken? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Chicken

Did you dream of chickens recently? Were they running after you, or did you kill them, or were they fighting terribly? Before we dive deep into the dream meanings, it is essential for you to remember as many dream details as you can.

Like any other dream, dreams about chickens can also be interpreted in many ways. To your rescue, we’ve compiled a list of 16 dreams about chickens and their interpretations. Let’s begin!

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Dream About Chicken (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1.  Dreaming about chickens:

Firstly, seeing chickens in your dream signals that you’re someone who is strong enough to tackle every obstacle on their way. You can confront people and stand up for yourself.

Chickens are also symbolized for rebirth. You’re probably willing to let go of your past and embrace yourself fully for who you are and what you believe in. You’re ready to take on new ventures in your professional life.

Likewise, chicken dreams are also interpreted as a signal of prosperity and good fortune. Your business is highly likely to succeed. Your good works will be acknowledged and appreciated, and you’re likely to be offered a promotion.

2.  Dreaming about chicken eggs:

Chicken eggs in a dream represent good luck and fortune. It implies a potential financial success in your life. If you see eating cooked eggs, it means that you or your family member who has been feeling ill lately is likely to recover soon. Boiled eggs are a sign of fabulous health and well-being.

On the other hand, if you consume raw eggs in the dream, it is a bad omen. This dream means that your partner isn’t fully loyal and honest with you. And if you saw broken eggshells, it signals that you’re weak and vulnerable from within, and you need to toughen up to face the challenges of your waking life.

3.  Dreaming about chicks:

Dreams about chicks mean that you have a plan ahead in your waking life, probably for a business or simply a life plan, but you’re afraid to take action as you’re worried about making mistakes. It would be best for you to find a guide or mentor you entrust to move ahead.

This dream also tells that you are a protective person. You’re affectionate for your friends and family, and you always look out for them. But lately, you might be feeling low and unloved. You’re probably craving attention. Clear communication with your loved ones would definitely help.

4.  Dreaming about eating chickens:

If you’re a meat-eater, eating chickens in the dream are equally great as in your waking life. This dream means that material and emotional well-being is on your way. You’re likely to experience positive changes in your life soon that will aid your personal and professional growth.

Conversely, eating raw chicken dream isn’t a great one, as it represents the emotional turmoil you’re going through in your waking life. You aren’t probably in a great phase in your life.

In order to protect your mental and emotional well-being, it would be best if you share your worries with somebody you trust or with a professional.

5.  Dreaming about dead chickens:

Did you dream of one dead chicken, or were there many? If your answer is the former one, it means that the waking life issues that have been long bothering you are likely to be solved soon. And if there were many chickens, unwelcomed guests will most probably visit you soon.

And, if you dreamt of a dead hen, your partner’s health is at risk. Or, they might encounter an accident. So, inform them to be extra wary.

6.  Dreaming about killing chickens:

If you saw yourself killing a chicken in your dream, it is an indication that you’re too tired of being perceived as weak and manipulated by others. You’re finally ready to stand up for yourself and break free.

On the other hand, this dream also portends good things in your waking life to end soon. For instance, your partner might break off things with you, and you don’t understand why.

So, if there have been any weaknesses from your side in any of your personal or social relationships, try to make up for them.

7.  Dreaming about being chased by chickens:

Dreams about being chased by chickens are generally interpreted as a dream of good luck and fortune.

However, such a dream can simply be the representation of your urge to run away from problems and responsibilities in your real life. You’re emotionally and mentally drained, and sharing your troubles with someone can be a great help.

On the other hand, if the chicken attacks you in the dream, it means that somebody in your waking life is planning to interrupt you from achieving your goals. So, be wary of whom you trust.

8.  Dreaming about chickens fighting:

Chickens fighting in dreams portend issues in your personal or professional life. You’re likely to have a dispute with your colleague, family members, or friends.

Even if somebody tries to pick a fight with you, the best way forward is to try to communicate clearly and clear out the air. Two-way disputes certainly aren’t going to benefit you.

9.  Dreaming about flying chickens:

If you recurrently dream of flying chickens, you’re a lucky person. You’re probably a social butterfly, whom many love and appreciate. This dream conveys the message that there are many people looking out for you.

They might be an acquaintance, your friends, colleagues, family, or someone who adores you from afar. If you’re feeling down and lonely, this dream is a reminder that you have that many don’t, the love and support you deserve.

10. Dreaming about buying a chicken:

Dreams about buying a chicken indicate that excellent financial opportunities will soon knock on your door. You might start a family business or a business with your entrusted partner, and it is certain to bloom.

This dream also signals a good and merry time with your family and loved ones. If you have been busy lately, you’ll finally be able to give enough time to people you love and appreciate. Overall, good times are ahead!

11. Dreaming about stealing chickens:

If you dreamt of stealing chickens, it means that you’re feeling ignored in your waking life. You might be performing such an evil act to make sure people notice you.

Dreams about stealing chickens also indicate a period of hardship ahead of you. You might probably have to overwork without having any time to spend with your friends and family. This dream portends a state of stress and turbulence, and you must do your best to keep your mental health in check.

On the other hand, if somebody else steals your chicken in the dream, it signifies a lack of communication between you and the people you love.

12. Dreaming about a flock of hens:

A flock of hens in a dream represents resource and abundance. If you and your family have been dealing with weak finances lately, this dream is an indication that good times are coming your way. This dream also signals a harmonious family reunion.

13. Dreaming about sleeping with a chicken:

Quite a weird dream to see sleeping with a chicken, right? The meaning of this dream is that you’re likely to get visitors soon. If there was one chicken by your side, it indicates one visitor, and if there were many, you might soon have to start the preparation to welcome the guests.

You must also remember the behavior of the chickens in your dream. Were they causing any troubles, or were they peacefully sleeping, or were they chaotically excited and joyous? These behaviors often represent the mood of the gathering.

14. Dreaming about a hen laying eggs:

Dreams of hens laying eggs are a good omen. This dream signals new opportunities and a great beginning. You might even hear a piece of good news or two soon.

15. Dreaming about playing with a chicken:

This dream signals that you’ll meet someone precious to you, whom you will love and care for with all your heart.

You want to protect them and shower them with happiness. This person will have gone through a lot of turbulence and traumas, which evokes even more empathy and affection in you.

16. Dreaming about a chicken in a cage:

If you dreamt of a chicken or many chickens enclosed in a cage or a closed room, it is interpreted as a bad omen.

This dream indicates a possibility of financial turmoils in your waking life. You may suffer a loss in your business. Or, you aren’t probably making smart financial choices, which might soon lead to a downfall.


So, did you find your dream about chicken listed in this post? Was the interpretation good, or was it, unfortunately, bad? Whatever it be, remember not to focus too much of your waking life energy on stressing about a bad dream.

You are in charge of your life, and it is in your hands to change your life’s narrative. Relax, have a positive outlook in your life, and deal with every situation with diligence and smartness.

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