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Crying In Dream? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

If you ever cry in your dream, do you think it shows a picture of your emotions in real life? Does such a dream carry deeper meaning in your life?

Don’t worry. You are about to know. We’ll talk about: what does it mean when you cry in a dream.

Like any other dream, what you do and where you are while crying can affect the dream’s meaning. But as for crying, it mainly talks about how you feel in real life.

Besides the meaning, you’ll know why you see such a dream. Let’s now go straight to the ten meanings of this dream.

Meanings When You Cry In a Dream

What does it mean when you cry in your dream

1. Something Good is coming

A dream of you crying can mean that something great will happen in your real life. Well, with this meaning, you’ll dream that you are crying loudly. Also, you see yourself crying with tears of joy.

You should be ready for the happiness that will come to you and your family. There will be much peace in many things you do.

The dream also means that you’ll get many lovely surprises. People will gift you items you’ve always wished to get in life. Also, you might get a promotion in your career.

But it doesn’t mean that you should stop pushing to get your dreams. Keep working smart and hard because these things may fail to come if you are lazy.

Also, these events are a clear sign that you are lucky. So, that’s why you’ll keep crying loudly in your dream. If you are single, it shows that you are almost getting to meet the love of your life.

2. A Big Change is coming

The dream also shows that some changes are coming to your life. Here, you’ll dream of a father crying.

It might be your father or someone else’s father. The meaning will remain that some significant and positive changes are about to happen in your real life. So, please get ready.

These changes will affect your everyday lifestyle. Remember, the level of this impact will depend on your lifestyle and what’s happening in your life at the moment.

In every society, fathers are a sign of power. So, it means that these new changes will mainly be in your career or workplace.

3. Shows how Stable You are with Your Emotions

Crying in your dream shows a big picture of your emotions in real life. It means that your feelings are taking away your stability in life.

In real life, people’s hearts go through many things. These events can make you to have mixed feelings.

Remember, your spirit knows that these feelings are tough on you. If you fail to handle these motions well, you’ll make a wrong decision in life.

But if your emotions are becoming heavy to handle, don’t rush to make any life choice. The move might come because of fear and anxiety.

You should relax. It will help release the pressure. After that, you can make a choice that won’t harm your emotions.

4. You Fear a lot

If you ever see yourself crying in a dream, then know that you fear many things in life. Here, you’ll see that your loved one has died, and you are crying.

Your spirits keep taking you back to the scenes that you never want them to happen in real life. It might be that you fear losing something important in your life, like your job. Well, it may be that it’s in danger.

So, it’s because of this insecurity that you’ll cry in your dream. But still, it’s something that you shouldn’t allow to cloud your life.

The effects of fear in your life are dangerous. They’ll make you not progress in life.

5. You should get Friends

Sometimes, this dream can mean that you wish to have many friends around you in real life. When one cries, it shows that the person is in pain and needs support from people.

You might be going through something heavy for you to bear. The dream reminds you that it’s not safe for you to carry the burden alone. It’s why you’ll see yourself crying.

What if you are an introvert? Then it’s time you changed the shape of your social life.

But ensure you do it step by step. You can start by going to social events to meet new people and friends.

Thomas Watson said that never have friends who make you comfortable but have those that will help you go to a better level in life. Use it as a tip when making friends.

6. You Seek Revenge

This dream also shows that your heart yearns for you to get revenge. It’s indeed painful when someone hurts you or takes something away from you. So, the dream comes because of the grudge you have in your heart over someone.

Remember, this person is someone you know in real life. It can be your close friend or family member.

Once again, the main thing you’ll remember is that you were crying. You can dream that your enemy is crying. Also, you can dream that someone is crying in your dream.

It shows that this feeling is growing stronger in your heart. Your spirit tells you that it will become heavy on you.

So, you should let go of this grudge. Forgive the person who hurt you. It will make you feel better.

7. You are Helpless in Life

A dream of you crying shows that you are helpless in your life. Sometimes, there can be problems in your life that are tough for you to solve. These issues might be yours or someone else’s.

Well, the critical detail is that you’ll dream that you are crying. The crying shows that you have nowhere to run for help.

You might be having some goals and projects which always end up failing because you have no one to help you. But the dream tells you that these events shouldn’t discourage you in life.

Ensure that you keep pushing harder in meeting your dreams. Remember, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

You never know. The solution may come if you push harder.

8. Troubles are coming

Crying in your dream can mean that trouble and tough times are coming in your real life. Also, you might dream that you’ve made someone else cry.

The problems might be coming to you or someone else close to you. Mostly, it’s your relationship that will face problems. You can dream that you’ve made your wife or husband cry.

But what can you do? Ensure you sit down with your partner and check if any issues take away the peace between you two. Don’t be a person who forces some silly debates that can make you fight.

Sometimes, it can be the person close to you that has some troubles. This person urgently needs your help.

You can observe how people around you are behaving for some time. Be keen to observe if there’s a person who is hiding something. If you don’t see any problem, something close to trouble will come in the future.

9. You are Suppressing Your Feelings

When you cry in your dream, it shows that you have suppressed your emotions. This meaning comes to remind you that it’s not good to suppress your feelings.

Life can be challenging at times. You can face some pressure from many areas of your life. It will become hard for you to make some choices in life.

Most of these decisions that you have to make can affect your personal life or career. So, you may want to choose between a better-paying job that’s dangerous or a safer one with less pay.

You’ll see the outcome of suppressing your feelings in your dreams. Your spirit will make your dream to be full of challenging events that will make you cry.

It’s when you’ll be letting out those harsh feelings. After that, expect your body to be free of heavy emotions from your real life.

10. Shows the Problems of Your past

Crying in your dream can mean that you still live in the traumas of your past. Mostly, these are things that never gave you peace in life.

Some things can make you fail to move on in life. It can be heartbreak from a past love relationship or the death of your loved one.

This meaning is a bit unique. You might even wake up from the dream and see that you are still crying. It shows that you haven’t completely moved on from your trauma.

You shouldn’t allow these memories to eat you. If it becomes more challenging, you can seek help from someone you trust. Otherwise, the memories will keep hurting your emotions in real life.


A dream about you or someone else crying always has a heavy meaning, especially about your emotions. It can show that you are anxious, fearful, or even angry.

But know that a dream about your feelings mostly comes as a warning. So, if you don’t change some of your ways in real life, you’ll regret it in the future.

This dream could also be carrying some good news. Remember not to be carried away with this positive news about your real life. Keep up with your focus.

So, lately, have you dreamt about crying in a dream? Do you have any other meanings about this dream that you’d love to share with us? Please feel free to share your insights.

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