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Dream about Hotel? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream about Hotel

A hotel is a temporary place where we often go to get away from hectic routines, relax, have a glass of wine, and stop worrying for some time.

Thus, dreaming of a hotel generally means that you’re lacking a sense of security and stability in your real life, and you want to escape somewhere peaceful. Or, it can also mean that some changes are likely to happen around or within you.

To get more accurate interpretation of a dream, it is essential to look into the details and scenarios. So, we’ve compiled a list of 18 meanings about dreaming of a hotel. Let’s begin!

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Dream about Hotel (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1. Dreaming of simply seeing a hotel

If you’ve recently dreamt of seeing a hotel, it indicates that you might need to travel somewhere soon. This can be a bad dream as the reason behind the travel is likely to be a negative one.

2. Dreaming of visiting a hotel

This dream means that you are going through a life-changing experience. You might find yourself gaining a new perspective in life, or a complete change of identity is on the cards. Constantly dreaming of visiting a hotel signifies that you need to get rid of the negative mindset and bad behavior.

3. Dreaming of being alone in a hotel

Lately, you might be in a complicated situation, or there’s something you want to work on and improve in your relationship, career, or simply in life.

Dreaming of being alone in a hotel indicates that the power of change is in you, and you shouldn’t rely on others to do your work for you. It’s high time you introspect and find out weaknesses which could use some work and put enough focus and effort to improve the relationship or a situation.

4. Dreaming of being with someone else in a hotel

If you dream of being in a hotel with your loved one or with someone you are familiar with, it signifies that things are about to change for the better. Happiness is coming your way.

However, if you’re stuck with some stranger in a hotel room, this means that you need to be aware while sharing your information with others, as misunderstandings are likely to happen.

5. Dreaming of a luxurious hotel

If you had a dream about a fancy and luxurious hotel, it means that there are various problems you need to address in real life. The problems are most likely to arise within the family.

If any problem arises, make sure you maintain your positive attitude and solve the problem with calmness and diplomacy rather than with stress and aggression.

If the hotel has high standards, consider yourself lucky. It means that you’ll make a good decision while solving the problem.

6. Dreaming of working in a hotel

Dreams about working in a hotel represent the current dissatisfaction with your career in real life. You’re not happy with your professional achievements. This dream is telling you to work harder and improve your professional standing.

The dissatisfaction is not due to your fault. However, it is definitely your responsibility to strive for better. To start with, do things that enhance your portfolio and make better career choices.

7. Dreaming of a moving hotel

This dream represents your confidence. If the hotel is moving in the dream, it is likely that your confidence is shaky at the moment. You have to make sure that you’ll not lose the confidence you have within.

If any fear or anxiousness is the reason why your confidence is swaying, face these fears head-on and get rid of them instead of running away.

8. Dreaming of sleeping in a hotel

Sleeping in a hotel in your dream indicates that you are lacking stability in your life. Your accomplishments are probably short-term and unstable.

Likewise, your relationships and friendships are probably casual and not hearty. Also, dreaming of sleeping in a hotel can also signify that certain changes are necessary for your life, and you must figure out through these changes.

9. Dreaming of climbing a staircase or lift in a hotel

Going upwards in your dream represents the same growth and success in real life. If you are climbing the hotel through life or the staircase, it indicates that your hard work will have a fruitful ending.

However, if you are having a hard time reaching the top of your destined room in the hotel, you might encounter obstacles or even a failure.

10. Dreaming of a skyscraper or a high-rise hotel

The height of the skyscraper in your dream represents the heights you’re striving for in real life. Dreaming of such a high-rise hotel indicates that you’re likely to take challenging paths in life and strive for ambitious goals.

However, it is imperative that you don’t let the journey fear you and put effort and dedication into turning dreams into reality. Such dreams can also suggest that people around you are likely to respect you more.

11. Dreaming of owning a hotel

This dream indicates that financial abundance is coming your way. It is telling you to invest in your ideas and goals because the results will surely not disappoint you. If you’re keeping some business idea on hold for long, it is definitely time to invest in it and kickstart the project.

On the other hand, owning a hotel in a dream also means that someone else is eyeing your profit. They’ll probably try to break your confidence and make you feel vulnerable. It is imperative for you to be strong, dedicated, and wary of the evils around you in order to succeed.

12. Dreaming of a strange hotel

It might be difficult to categorize hotels into typical and strange. However, if you notice something off with the hotel or the presence of interesting artifacts, or simply if the shape of the hotel is distorted, such dreams are connected to your love life.

Dreaming of a strange hotel, if you are currently single, is a sign that you will meet a great partner soon. And if you are in a relationship, this dream signifies some great changes or interesting events occurring soon in your love life.

13. Dreaming of a hotel room in fire

Hotel dreams are generally associated with the dreamer lacking a sense of security and confidence. Dreaming of a fire in a hotel indicates that certain people around you are making things difficult for you.

They are probably making you feel insecure and trying to tear down your confidence. Instead of bowing down to them, you need to keep your self-love level high and confront them directly.

14. Dreaming of a haunted or a sinister hotel

First of all, dreaming of a haunted evil hotel can simply be a side-effect of watching a horror movie late at night. If that is not the case, dreaming of such scary hotels can mean that some changes are bound to happen around you, and you must adjust yourself accordingly.

15. Dreaming of a hotel lobby or a reception

If you’re waiting for some help in a hotel lobby or are taking information in a hotel reception in the dream, it might indicate a need for help in real life.

You might be in a confusing situation in life and have nowhere to go. In such a case, finding a place you belong or simply some help could be the best for you. So, this dream can be the result of such desperation.

16. Dreaming of a dirty hotel lobby or a room

Dirty hotel lobby or room dreams are common if you’re at a point in your life where you’re not proud of your actions. You might be in an affair and are guilty of your actions. Or, it might be other embarrassing situations in your personal or professional life.

17. Dreaming about resting in a hotel room during a vacation

If you’re on a relaxing vacation in your dream and see yourself resting in a hotel, it means that your routine has been hectic recently, and you’re dying to take a break from everything and enjoy. The pressure might be in your profession, career, relationship, or within your family.

Constantly seeing this dream implies that it’s time for you to give yourself a break and enjoy some you-time.

18. Dreaming of being lost in a hotel

Getting lost inside a hotel in a dream means that you lack proper directions with your goals, especially short-termed ones. You might have been presented with a lot of options which you’re probably finding overwhelming.

Some guidance would definitely help you make a good decision. On the other hand, if you get lost while trying to reach a hotel, it suggests that you’re exhausted in your waking world. Taking a break from all the stress and responsibilities and enjoying life for some time will definitely help get you right back on track.


Dreams about hotels, depending upon the life experiences, the point you’re in your life, and just individuality can vary greatly. So, there might be some scenarios we’ve missed in this list.

If you’ve had an unusual dream experience relating to hotels, we’d love to hear it. We’d love to help you dissect and interpret the dream.

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