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Dream Of Color Green? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream Of Color Green

Did you recently have a dream that included the color green? Maybe it was just a specific object, or you were in a forest with many green trees and vegetation. Whatever it was, dreaming of the green color has a precise meaning.

In general, green in a dream is associated with fertility and a new start. It means that something new is about to come or that you will learn something unknown or acquire a unique ability. Green is also a sign of prosperity or success, and it is a good omen for the future.

The meaning of green in a dream can change based on the circumstances of the dream. So let’s see what to expect when visiting the green color in your dreams.

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What is the symbolic meaning of green?

Before going into all the aspects of dreaming the green color, it is good to explain the general symbolic meaning of green to have an overall understanding of the concept behind it and thus better understand your dreams.

Green symbolizes nature and tranquility. But it is often associated with good luck, money, health on the positive side and can represent some negative things, such as jealousy, envy, and illness. However, in general, there are more positive meanings attributed to green.

In many cultures, green represents rebirth, balance, progress, freshness, and even eternal life in some cases. Also, from the viewpoint of the Bible, green represents immortality, fertility, resurrection, and prosperity.

The meaning of the green color in your dream

Dreaming of green colors can have various meanings depending on what objects you see, the circumstances, and the context of your dream.

Here are some of the most common and most important meanings of the color green:

1. New chances in the future

One of the most common dreams is about green grass. If you are amongst those dreaming of being on green grass, it means that some new perspective is coming your way, and in general, it is good news. It can be a new job, a proportion, an excellent opportunity to advance in life.

It can be a new page in your life, a complete change but for the better. Unfortunately, you may receive a new offer or proposal without knowing that it will positively impact your life. Therefore, consider any suggestion coming your way very carefully before rejecting it after you dreamed of green grass.

There are also variations. For example, if the grass in your dream is dry, it can signify financial issues and that you have lost some opportunities. But, on the other hand, it can also mean that you are neglecting yourself on the spiritual level and need to reconnect with that part of yourself, possibly by doing activities that help that part of yourself.

You can also dream of long grass and that you are trying to cut it. In this case, you may feel overwhelmed and need to delegate some of the tasks to other people to find again some balance. While if you see the grass burning, it can signify you can’t make decisions on some aspects of your life.

If you are just lying on green grass, it is a premonition of a good trip you will have and that you will enjoy.

2. You are becoming wiser

If the green color is paired with an apple, it signifies that you are becoming wiser and more mature. You are growing into a better person and are changing your perspective of life. However, maybe you did not realize your inner change yet.

But, green apples in your dreams give you a clue. In addition, they also signify a new calm within you and clarity of emotions. You are up for innovation and changes if you dream about eating an apple.

It signifies that you may get new ideas in the near future and start new projects in many areas of your life, such as school, work, family, and more. But if you see other people eating apples, it signifies that any new idea of that person can be worth investing in.

Apples always signified something forbidden, and green symbolizes a new level of awareness. If you dream of getting green fruits together into a basket, it means an improved financial situation.

3. You are investing in yourself

Green is a color that is found in almost all plants. So if you dream about watering those plants, it signifies that you are investing a lot in your personal enhancement, both spiritually and physically.

It means that you are on the way to improve quality of life, making new positive friends, gaining new knowledge and education, or even getting into a religion for spiritual improvements.

In addition, if you dream about overwatering plants, the dream is telling you that you are using your imagination more than necessary. It also signifies that you are not acting to resolve your problem but just asking around for advice and suggestions without acting on any of them.

4. You can trust someone

If you dream of someone wearing green, you can think about trusting that person in general, both spiritually and financially. But, the shades of green in the dream can change its meaning. Likewise, the action you are doing with a green piece of clothing can also change the meaning of a dream.

For example, if you dream of trying a green dress or a shirt, it can signify that you will get into a new relationship or love story. If you dream of a green hat, it indicates that you will soon have some fun and something to laugh about.

While, if you dream about trying green shoes, it signifies that you will have good possibilities to grow into a company of a close friend. If you dream about a dark green dress, it suggests that you do not trust people and do not want to have people close to you because you are afraid of betrayals or jealousy issues.

Instead, light green can signify a close connection to the spiritual life and a new level of knowledge. An olive green dress indicates the possibility of starting a family, getting a new pet, and possibly getting a baby.

If you dream of lime green, it signifies that you will get some new opportunities to improve and grow.

5. Emotional storm within you

It is prevalent to dream of a green snake in connection with the green color. Snakes in dreams can have numerous meanings depending on what they are doing in your dream.

But, it is safe to say that green snakes represent the spiritual power of the dreamer, and at the same time, represent a significant conflict of emotions regarding relationships with others. It can even describe a problematic situation in your life.

If you dream of a green snake attacking you, it signifies that you do not feel safe, but you feel threatened in your environment. It can also mean that you want to get into a new project, but you lack the courage to get started with it, or you are afraid to take action to change your life situations.

For example, you may be very unsatisfied with your job or career, which signifies you have to move to another more challenging occupation. If the snake is cut in half during your dream, it means that you are not getting along socially with other people, and you should make efforts to treat others better.

Other meanings of the color green in your dreams

Possibly you can dream of a green color associated with tons of objects, and each can have a specific meaning. For example, you could be dreaming about using green paint for your house or a fence. If so, it signifies that you will receive a large amount of money or a big inheritance.

Dreaming of a person with green hair means that you will soon get a best friend, either someone you dreamed of or another person. While coloring a wig in green means that you are unsure about yourself and feel the need to do many extraordinary things to be noticed.

Green is also the color of a traffic light in certain moments. So, if you dream of green light, it is a sign that your plans and dreams will come through. But, be aware that if you dream of the traffic light with all lights on (green and the others), it means that you need to decide, but you do not know which decision is best.


The green color in a dream can be cheerful on most occasions, but it has many meanings depending on your dream. For example, green is a likable color, and people associate it with calm and abundance, and often it is like that when in a dream. In addition, if you know the purpose of your dream connected with green color, you can discover many things about yourself, your emotions, and your desires.

This article has the purpose of doing just that. Good luck!

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