Dream About Exorcism (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dreaming about an exorcism isn’t really a dream as much as it’s a nightmare. And if you’re having such a dream, this could say a variety of things about how you’re feeling. Furthermore, what happens in the dream could give you an expectation of what’s to come in real life.

In this article, we address why people dream about exorcisms, what these dreams say about how you’re feeling, and what you should take away from specific exorcism-related dreams. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s begin.

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Why Do People Dream About Exorcisms?

A variety of factors explain why people dream about exorcisms. For many religions, possession is discussed and often used as an explanation for why people do bad things.

Moreover, in modern times there have been a lot of movies and TV shows that focus on exorcisms, so if you consume this content regularly it’s likely that exorcism-related imagery is stored in your subconscious and may manifest in your dreams.

But dreams of exorcisms don’t just happen out of nowhere, or at least that’s what dream experts believe. They’re usually brought on by a range of emotions, which means having these dreams can say a lot about how you’re feeling, but more on that in the section below.

Dream About Exorcism (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Often in exorcism-related dreams, specific elements are a direct result of how you’re feeling. But generally speaking, exorcism dreams are associated with the following feelings:

1. Out of Control

If you’re feeling out of control and like nothing is able to ground you, you could have dreams of an exorcism. Think of what possession looks like in popular culture: have you ever seen someone calmly and quietly get a powerful demon driven from their body? Never.

Exorcisms are harsh, chaotic, and even violent sometimes, and if you’re really feeling like you can’t get a grip on your life at present, you may be imagining yourself as somebody who’s getting an exorcism.

2. Reckless

Feeling reckless and destructive? These feelings may generate an exorcism dream. A person who’s been possessed is at the complete mercy of the demon, and mercy is something they don’t show. They want to destroy not only the possessed person but as many people as they can.

Therefore, if you’re feeling destructive and your relationships are falling apart left and right, you may envision yourself as somebody who’s in the grip of a demon.

3. Selfish

Feelings of selfishness could also bring on exorcism dreams. When a person is possessed, they lose hold of themselves because the demon has taken over. No other entity is more selfish than a demon. Their whole purpose is to take over vulnerable people so they can manipulate them into committing acts of evil.

If you’ve been selfish and you know this, you may have these dreams. However, these dreams could also be had by people who don’t know they’re selfish, sort of as a wake-up call from the subconscious mind.

4. Guilty & Ashamed

Feeling that you’re possessed by a demon could also be brought on by feelings of guilt and shame. You may perceive that you did bad things in the past specifically because of a lack of self-control.

But in this case, you’re not blaming yourself for bad actions and misdeeds, but rather for an entity you can’t see. Often someone who’s feeling guilty and shameful will have these dreams, even if they’re the ones to blame, which means these dreams do these individuals a disservice.

5. Powerful

Having an exorcism-related dream could also signify that you’re feeling powerful and confident. In this case, you would probably be the one performing the exorcism.

It takes immense will, courage, faith, and strength to force a demon out of someone’s body, so if you’re dreaming that you’re able to do this, this may be a manifestation of your self-confidence and pride.

If you believe your exorcism dreams are brought on by self-confidence and pride, just remember that the one most in danger at an exorcism is not the possessed but the person who’s performing the exorcism; one slip-up or slight invulnerability could be your downfall.

What Does It Mean if You’re Doing the Exorcism in a Dream?

Having a dream where you’re the one performing an exorcism could indicate that there’s somebody in your life who needs help but they’re not receptive to this. In fact, they could even be trying to hurt you as you’re trying to help them

You may also have a dream where you’re giving yourself an exorcism. This could indicate that you’re in denial and unable to see you’re in a harmful situation.

Performing an exorcism as a religious person—it doesn’t really matter which faith—can also be an indication that you’re faithful and standing steadfast in the face of evil.

What Does It Mean if You’re the One Getting the Exorcism?

If an exorcism is being performed on you, and you’re not the one doing the exorcism, this could indicate that you won’t face a destructive habit or harmful relationship. You’re resisting and shutting out all those who are attempting to help you.

You could be having this dream because you feel like no matter what you do, you can’t break free of the things that are inhibiting you. When you wake up from such a dream, immediately write down who is present, as well as where you were. The people there and the location can indicate what, or who is causing you the most harm in life.

Are You Watching a Stranger Get an Exorcism?

Watching a stranger get an exorcism in a dream could indicate that you are naturally skeptical and afraid of strangers. This could also demonstrate that you view the world outside your comfort zone as reckless and unpredictable.

Moreover, it could be a sign that you’re worried about losing control; you don’t want to be like the stranger who’s getting an exorcism, as they’ve lost control completely.

Watching a stranger get an exorcism could also symbolize that you have a relationship with this person. Perhaps you are familiar with this person vaguely or you haven’t even encountered them yet—but when you encounter them it’s likely they’ll bring negative energy that you should avoid.

Are You Watching Someone You Know to Get an Exorcism?

Watching somebody you know to get an exorcism is important depending on who’s involved. It could be that you have a family member or friend who is struggling with drug addiction and you’re viewing their addiction as a demon possessing their body.

You could also be having this dream about somebody you have sympathy for. However, this person has harmed you in the past, and therefore it’s hard to trust them.

Again, most of the significance in such a dream is directly related to who is in the dream, so when you wake up, write down the details of the dream. Later on, you can have a better idea of why you’re dreaming about this person in this way.

Is a Specific Demon Mentioned in the Dream?

Is a specific demon referenced in the dream? Naming the demon is a powerful part of the exorcism, and usually, when the one performing the exorcism says the demon’s name this causes the demon harm.

A lot of demons claim to be the spirit of Satan himself, but often this is a decoy and a manipulation tactic aimed at the one performing the exorcism.

How Were You Feeling (Emotionally and Physically) Before the Dream?

It’s important to make note of how you were feeling before you went to bed and had this dream. Most often, these dreams are brought on after a wave of anxiety. However, these dreams could also be brought on when you’re feeling guilty or ashamed about something you did.

Especially if you harm an innocent person, you could see yourself as being possessed in a dream. Making note of how you were feeling before this dream happened will help you stay calm afterward and prevent you from thinking you really are possessed.

Have You Lost Touch With the Faith You Had Growing Up?

Individuals who grew up in a religious home and have lost touch with their faith can have these dreams. In this case, the individual feels like since they have abandoned their faith, they have become vulnerable to evil.

If you believe you’re having demon-related dreams because of this, the simple solution is to get back in touch with your original faith so you can feel a sense of protection.


Exorcism-related dreams can definitely be scary, even if you’re not the one who’s possessed in the dream. But when these dreams happen, you shouldn’t ignore them and hope they don’t happen again. You should understand what’s bringing them on, as this knowledge will make them seem less scary and also illuminating.

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