Dream About Escaping and Hiding? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Escaping and Hiding

A dream about running away or concealing yourself can be full of unpleasant feelings of fear, foreboding or anxiousness, leaving you unsettled when you awake – but it’s also a dream that can carry important messages, so you should take the time to interpret it correctly.

However, understanding the significance of such a dream is not always easy, so to help, in this post, we discuss the question, what does it mean if you dream about escaping and hiding?

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How to interpret a dream about escaping and hiding?

Usually when interpreting a dream, it’s important to think about the associations the dreamer has with the various elements in their dream since dreaming is subjective, and the meaning of a dream depends just as much on the dreamer as it does on what they see in the dream.

However, the act of escaping and hiding usually means more or less the same thing to everybody – this kind of scenario is connected to ideas like fear, wanting to evade somebody or something or seeking safety.

For this reason, in a dream like this, to find the correct interpretation, it’s important to pay close attention to the various elements of the dream.

For example, who were you running from? How did you feel in the dream? How do you feel about the person you were running from? Where did you hide?

Or alternatively, perhaps in the dream, somebody was escaping and hiding from you, so you should consider who the person was and why they might be trying to run away from you.

Then, by applying the dream and its symbolism to your current life situation and the types of challenges, fears or anxieties you’ve been facing, you should be able to come to a deeper understanding of what the dream was trying to tell you.

Some common interpretations of dreams about escaping and hiding

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Having looked in a general way at how to interpret dreams about escaping and hiding, now let’s look at some common ways dreams like this can be understood.

1. Feeling trapped in your current life situation

A very common way to interpret a dream about escaping and hiding is that it represents your desire to escape from your current life situation – and this desire might not even be something you are fully aware of on a conscious level.

If the person who was pursuing you was your boss, it could be that you feel trapped in your current job and want a change.

Alternatively, if the pursuer was your partner, it could mean that you feel trapped in your relationship and want to get out.

However, while these kinds of more literal interpretations can sometimes be true, often, the symbolism of dreams is more complex, so interpreting a dream of hiding from your boss as just meaning you hate your job can sometimes be too simplistic.

This means you should think carefully about other possible interpretations and what the person in the dream might represent, because, for example, your boss might symbolize something you associate them with rather than just representing your job.

Depending on the different aspects of the dream, it’s also possible that it could mean you are feeling trapped in your life in a more general sense and want to make major changes in many areas.

2. Feeling stressed or under pressure

A dream about escaping and hiding can also be a reaction to stress or pressure.

Perhaps you feel that you have too many responsibilities and that everyone relies on you all the time.

However, although you are fighting to keep everything together, all you really want to do is run away and hide.

Again, think about who was chasing you and what this might represent. Or perhaps the person you were escaping and hiding from was unseen and unknown, something that could represent you running from some kind of ominous, amorphous, unbearable anxiety.

3. A desire to escape from a dangerous or unpleasant situation

Another way to understand a dream about running and hiding is that it’s a warning about a dangerous situation that’s approaching and that you need to escape from while you still have time.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re experiencing some kind of psychic premonition. Rather, it could be that your subconscious mind is picking up signals and signs that you haven’t yet noticed on a conscious level, and it’s sending you a warning in your dream.

Try to consider where this danger could be coming from. Are you about to begin a risky business venture? Are you associating with potentially violent people? Are you about to do something illegal? Or are you following a course of action that might hurt those close to you?

The way you felt in the dream may give you some clues about how to interpret it, so you should take the time to analyze it closely to see what it could have been trying to warn you about.

4. You are afraid of an impending change

If you dream about escaping and hiding, it could be telling you that you are afraid or anxious about an upcoming change in your life, and rather than face it head-on, instead, you are burying your head in the sand.

If you are aware of a major change that is about to occur – perhaps you are about to start a new job, move to another area, get married or have a baby – and you are feeling uncertain about how things will go, then this is likely to be connected to your dream.

However, a dream like this can also be a reminder to be more positive in the face of change since change is a constant we can never escape from.

Although it can sometimes be scary, change also brings with it great opportunities – so you should face the future with optimism and be ready to grasp those opportunities with both hands rather than trying to hide while letting those opportunities pass you by.

5. You need the space to reevaluate your life

A dream about escaping and hiding could also be about a subconscious need you have to find a safe space to reevaluate your life, your choices and your direction.

Perhaps you are so caught up in the daily grind that you aren’t taking the time you need to think about things – instead, you are just focusing on day-to-day survival, going to work and making sure you can pay your bills.

However, sometimes you need to find the time and space to take a step back and assess how things are going – and this dream could be a message that this is a point you’ve now reached.

As such, you should take some time out for yourself to think about where you currently stand – and if you realize you need to make some changes, you need to find the courage to do what has to be done.

6. Trying to escape from yourself

Although you might find yourself fleeing from somebody in your dream, dreams can be highly metaphorical, and the correct interpretation of what you experienced could be that you are actually trying to escape from yourself.

Think about the person who was chasing you in the dream. Was it somebody you know? What do you associate with that person and how do you view them?

Could it be that they represent a particular aspect of your character that you wish you could change? Or perhaps your dream is telling you that you share a trait with the person although you don’t want to admit it to yourself.

Alternatively, it could be that you are running from something that happened in your past, but now it is catching up with you – so is it time to come out of hiding and face your demons rather than continue to run from them?

7. Trying to escape from somebody in a literal sense

Although we’ve said that dreams are often highly symbolic or metaphorical, the interpretation can sometimes be much more literal.

Was the person in the dream somebody you want to avoid in real life? Are you afraid of them?

If you know you are afraid of the person while you are awake, it’s unlikely that your dream will be sending you a message to tell you something you are already aware of.

However, another possibility is that you are afraid of somebody subconsciously without having fully realized – and this dream could be related to your subconscious fear of that person or the anxiety you feel when you are around them.

8. You are being overbearing

Finally, if you dream that you are chasing someone who is escaping and hiding from you, you should ask yourself if you are being overbearing and driving people away.

The interpretation of this could be similar to many of the others we’ve already discussed – but just with the roles reversed. So in that case, you need to ask yourself why somebody might want to run and hide from you.

An important dream to decipher

Although when you wake up from a dream about escaping or hiding, you may feel uncomfortable and in a hurry to forget what you saw. However, this dream could be important, so you should take the time to analyze what you experienced.

Consider the various elements of the dream such as who was involved and how you felt. Then, by applying it to your current life situation, your instinct and intuition will guide you to the correct interpretation of your dream.

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