Dream About Window (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Window

A window is a powerful metaphorical symbol that can appear in our dreams. However, window dreams can take many forms, and interpreting them can be difficult.

To help, in this post, we discuss window dream meaning to make sure you know how to decipher what it was you saw.

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Dream About Window (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)


1. Closed window from inside – we are keeping our distance

When we dream of windows, the symbolism is very powerful, and most often, the house represents your unconscious mind and inner thoughts while the window represents a connection with the outside world.

For this reason, if we dream of seeing a closed window from the inside looking out, it may mean that we are cut off spiritually or mentally from the physical world and those around us.

It can tell us we are shutting ourselves off from our friends and keeping our thoughts, troubles and anxieties to ourselves in an unhealthy way.

Consider whether you have been withdrawing within yourself recently. Did something happen that caused this to start? How long has it been going on?

Sometimes, we can retreat within ourselves slowly and imperceptibly so that we don’t even realize it ourselves.

However, this dream could be a message that you need to reconnect with the outside world and rely more on your family and friends – because living inside your own head is not a healthy way to exist.

2. With rain outside – you are unwilling to share your inner thoughts

If you dream of a closed window but there is also rain or a storm outside, it is a similar dream to the one above, but here, the situation is even more severe.

It tells you that you are hiding inside yourself where you feel safe and secure there – but that you are afraid to go outside where you need to trust people.

However, while you may feel safe at the moment, staying there alone will harm your mental health in the long run, so in your waking life, you should make more effort to “go outside”, to socialize and to share your emotions with others.

3. Open window from inside – willingness to open to others or desire for a new start

If you dream of an open window from the inside, it means that you are now ready to break down the barriers that you have put up between yourself and others.

Perhaps something happened that caused you to retreat within yourself and become more isolated, but now is the time to put that behind you and start to become more outgoing again.

This dream tells you that you are feeling healed and ready to face the world again, and it also encourages you to take the next step.

A similar interpretation of this dream is related to the metaphor of opening a window and letting in a fresh breeze.

This represents a new start or a new phase in your life, and the dream is telling you that now is the time to draw a line under what has happened in the past and step into the future with confidence.

You may have this dream when you are about to start a new job, move to a new area, get married or even start a new relationship – and in all cases, it is telling you to embrace the change and all the new experiences and opportunities it brings.

4. Somebody outside looking in – we feel the scrutiny of others


If you dream of being inside a house with somebody looking in, it tells you that you can feel the scrutiny of others, and the way you feel in the dream is also important.

If you feel like hiding away in a corner to avoid their gaze, it tells you that you don’t feel comfortable with people paying close attention to you and that maybe you have something to hide.

However, if you aren’t bothered by it, it means you are comfortable in your skin and aren’t hiding any demons.

5. Can’t see in – something is hidden in our subconscious

If you dream of being outside a building and seeing a window but not being able to see through it, it means that something is hidden in your subconscious mind.

It could be that there is there something there that you don’t want to face. For example, perhaps you have suffered some kind of trauma and haven’t properly dealt with it, and now you are burying it and refusing to face it.

Consider whether this could be true, and if it is, try to process what happened properly since this will prove important to your mental health in the long run. If you feel you can’t deal with the issue alone, seek help from your friends or even a professional counsellor.

Other possibilities are that there is a decision you are afraid to make or even that you are being dishonest with yourself about something.

In any case, it’s important for you to spend time in deep thought and meditation to analyze what could have caused this dream – and then to face up to whatever it was rather than trying to hide from it.

6. An open window from outside – you are ready to face your demons

A similar dream could be looking at an open window – or even a closed but clean window – from outside, which means you are now ready to face whatever demons you have been hiding from.

This dream is a positive sign, but taking the next step in your waking life may still be challenging, so you’ll need to prepare yourself to be as brave as you can.

However, the fact that you are having this dream means that you are now in the right place mentally to overcome whatever you have been burying.

7. With a beautiful view outside – you are at peace

Looking out of a window and seeing a beautiful view tells us we are at peace with ourselves and that we are fulfilled both in the physical world and the spiritual one.

This kind of dream may be accompanied by a kind of serene sense of well-being, in which case you can simply enjoy the dream and take it as a sign of encouragement and a kind of spiritual pat on the back.

8. A large window – you are open to new ideas


Seeing a large window from the inside means you are open-minded and ready to receive new ideas from other people.

Although you may have your own thoughts and beliefs, you are not closed to new suggestions – and this dream also encourages you to remain open in this way since being receptive to new ideas and ways of thinking is important for spiritual growth.

9. A small window – you are too closed-minded

If, on the other hand, you are inside looking out of a small window, it is a warning that you are too closed-minded and not receptive enough to new ideas.

This is not a good way to be if you hope to grow and evolve spiritually – or even intellectually – so this kind of dream should be a warning that you need to work on becoming more open.

10. A prison window – you are feeling trapped in your mind

Looking out of a prison window is, unsurprisingly, quite a negative dream. It usually means that you are feeling trapped inside your own mind, which could indicate a state of boredom, listlessness or even depression.

Has your life gotten stuck in a rut recently? Do you feel yourself mindlessly repeating the same things every day without experiencing anything fresh or new? Are your days all blending into one with nothing to look forward to in sight?

If any of this sounds familiar, it’s time to shake things up and start searching for new experiences – because even if you aren’t depressed yet, this is the kind of existence that can easily lead to depression, so this dream is a kind of early warning for you to make a change.

11. Being pushed out of a window – you are being forced into something

Being pushed out of a window in a dream usually has quite a clear meaning and tells you that you are being forced into something you don’t want to do.

What could it be? It will often be obvious to you what the dream is referring to, and it could be a strong message for you to stand up for yourself and resist whatever it is you don’t want to do.

12. A dirty window – you aren’t thinking clearly

A dream about a dirty window tells you that you aren’t seeing things clearly and that you need to take time to slow down and think things through. This way, certain truths that had been hidden from you are likely to be revealed.

13. A clean window – your understanding of a situation is very clear

A dream about a clear window tells you the opposite – that you have a clear grasp of what is going on around you.

Perhaps you had doubted your interpretation of certain events or people’s motives, but this dream is telling you that you have been right about everything and that your intuition is correct. And now is the time to act on your suspicions.

Many different interpretations – usually related to the inner workings of your mind

Most of the time, windows in dreams represent windows into our subconscious minds, and that is how we should seek to interpret them.

Windows may appear in dreams in many different ways, but by understanding what they represent and making note of everything you saw, if you trust your instinct and intuition, you will be able to work out what the precise meaning of your window dream was.

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