Dream About Lizard? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Did a dream about lizards leave you with many lingering questions?

Lizards are not the most beautiful animals. In fact, these skittish little reptiles are downright ugly for some people, me included!

That aside, dreams about lizards can be a good and bad omen depending on the circumstances in your life.

In this article, I will explain some common meanings when you dream about lizards. Some interpretations may apply to you, and others might not. It all depends on what is going on in your life.

So, let’s dive in!

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Lizard Symbolism

Lizards are some of the closest reptiles to humans. Most communities live side by side with these small reptilians without much of a fuss.

Lizards hold diverse symbolism in the different traditions and cultures. These creatures represent resurrection and rebirth, creativity, and sensitivity.

In other cultures, they symbolize mystery, duality, and changing tides. In North America, lizards represent intuition, sensitivity, and psychic abilities.

In the East, lizards are a symbol of love. Ancient myth states that individuals would extract a portion of lizard poison and inject it in their lover’s drink to hypnotize them.

In Celtic mythology, lizards are seen in a favorable light. They are associated with nobility, good fortune, and wealth.

Generally, lizards symbolize our relationship to others, personality, and future. Now, let us look at some interpretations of what it means to dream about lizards.

Dream About Lizard (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Here are some common interpretations when you dream about lizards.

1.  Someone ‘close’ to you is about to betray you

Lizards symbolize our relationship with others.  Seeing this reptile in your dreams means that betrayal is coming your way.

If you have been suspecting your spouse of unfaithfulness, this dream might be a sign your suspicions are valid.

It would be best if you stayed vigilant to avoid or at least manage the sting of betrayal by someone close to you.

2.  Your enemies are planning to hurt you

Dreams about lizards are typically warning signs of potential danger.

If you have enemies in your life, it is time to focus on protecting yourself and your loved ones.

Lizard dreams symbolize a potential attack by your enemies, whether at work, in business, or your personal life.

Be on the lookout at all times to avoid being caught off guard.

3.  You are losing favor

Lizards can be scary and disgusting, and some people may not want to be close to them.

Dreaming of a lizard can symbolize people looking to distance themselves from you because of your words and behaviors.

Now is a good time to examine your ego and attitude toward others if you want to stay away from problems.

Seeing a lizard in your dreams means you might lose those close to you and those willing to help if you do not change your behavior and attitude.

4.  You are becoming a better person

Lizards sometimes are a good omen. They can also symbolize growth and regeneration. In many traditions, lizards in dreams symbolize protection and healing.

When a lizard appears in your dreams, it means you are scaling higher heights and growing as a person.

The challenges and setbacks you face make you a more resilient and creative person.

5.  You need to prepare for change

Seeing a lizard in your dreams could mean you are about to move from one place to another.

Lizards are quite mobile, skittish, and never seem to settle in one place.

A dream about lizards symbolizes transition, whether geographical or practical, like moving from one position to another in your workplace.

If it is a geographical move, this might signify new, happy beginnings for you.

But, if you are the kind of person who doesn’t like moving, the idea that a move might be on the horizon might not impress you much.

Try to look on the bright side, though. A change in environment might be good for you after all. Trust the process; everything is working for your good.

6.  You are in hot pursuit of a romantic relationship

In some cultures, such as those in Asia, a lizard is associated with romantic love.

Dreaming about lizards or mating lizards means you pay too much attention to someone you are falling in love with.

Romantic love is a beautiful thing.

But, be careful not to get too carried away by this new pursuit that you forget about the other important things in your life.

Even as you pursue this newfound love, you should seek balance.

The dream could also be a warning sign that you need to nurture your current romantic relationship.

If you neglect your romantic partner and your relationship, you might dream about lizards.

This is a sign from the universe to tend to your relationship, or else you might lose your loved one.

Yes, some things might be distracting you. But, you want to seek balance in your life.

Be careful not to neglect your closest, most meaningful relationships.

7.  You are hiding your true feelings

Dreams about lizards could be telling you something about your inner state of being.

When these reptiles appear in your dreams, it means you are experiencing emotional turmoil and struggle, but you are keeping it all inside.

You might have such a dream if you have feelings of unworthiness or if you haven’t been too successful with love.

You have been fighting these feelings for a while now. You haven’t got around to communicating your true feelings to anyone.

This dream is a nudge to open up and speak to those close to you.

Speaking about your struggles can be cathartic and could be the start of your journey toward full healing and recovery.

8.  You are neglecting yourself for others

It is said self-care is the highest form of love.

Lizards symbolize love and renewal. But, sometimes, it is a sign that even though you are in love, you might be in a miserable situation.

Look at your life. Are you living your best life ever, or are you sacrificing your happiness for others?

If you feel exhausted from setting yourself aside for others at the expense of your own happiness, take this dream as a sign you need to start taking care of yourself more.

It is time to prioritize your own happiness and wellbeing.

9.  You need to examine some aspects of your personality

When you dream about lizards fighting, it symbolizes inner conflict brought by flaws in your personality.

An unexamined ego can cause you a lot of problems.

Have you been clashing with people a lot these days and getting into arguments? Do you feel like you aren’t being heard?

Lizards fighting in your dreams tell you that your personality is a major cause of the chaos in your life.

Try to examine any new bad habits or behaviors you have picked up recently. Maybe these are causing bad blood between you and others in your life, and it is time to make a change.

10.  You are dealing with a stressful communication breakdown

When you are preoccupied with a stressful work or family situation, you might dream about a lizard.

Dreaming of a giant or long lizard means you are about to encounter a stressful situation due to poor communication with the people in your life.

This dream is a reflection of your work and personal relationships. You are encountering a lot of upheavals and trying your best to stay afloat.

Dreams about a large lizard mean that despite how big the situation you are facing seems, you can eventually overcome it.

When you have such a dream, it is also a sign that you need to be more vigilant with the people in your life and their intentions.

Now that you are in the middle of dealing with conflict and communication breakdown don’t assume others are on your side; they might not be.

11.  Your relationships are about to blossom

Dreaming about a lizard is not all doom and gloom. Seeing this reptile in your dreams can be a good omen.

Catching a lizard is not always easy. When you dream about catching a lizard, it is a good sign.

This dream means you will have a loving and fulfilling relationship soon.

If you have been unable to ‘catch’ anyone in the past, this dream is a sigh of relief that you will meet someone soon. The chances are good that things will lead up to marriage.

That said, if you dream about chasing a lizard and are unable to catch it, it means you might encounter problems in your love life.

If you are married and dream about being unable to catch the lizard, it means the spark in your relationship is fizzling out.

Summary: 11 Meanings When You Dream About Lizard

The lizard holds conflicting symbolism. While it is a good sign to dream about lizards, it is considered a bad omen in other cultures.

To best understand what it means when you dream about a lizard, account for the situations in your life.

Seeing this reptile in your dreams could mean you are about to meet the love of your life or that your relationships will be rejuvenated.

In contrast, the dream might also symbolize conflict, betrayal, unwanted change, or your need to care for yourself better and prioritize your own happiness.

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