Dream About Kissing Someone? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream Of Kissing Someone

Did you wake up from a dream where you kissed someone you know or perhaps a stranger?

Kissing someone in real life shows love, trust, admiration, and attraction—all good things.

If you dream about kissing someone you are not romantically involved with or attracted to, this might leave you feeling confused.

But, not to worry, even if you kiss a stranger or someone who isn’t your lover, the meaning behind such a dream isn’t usually anything dreadful.

Dreams about kissing can mean different things depending on factors such as who you were kissing, how you kissed, the reaction you and the other person had, and how you felt during and after the dream.

So, if you are wondering what it means when you dream about kissing someone, this article will help you understand the common meanings behind this dream.

So, let’s jump in and find out the meaning of kissing someone in a dream.

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Dream Of Kissing Someone (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1. You want to solve a misunderstanding with someone

Kissing someone on the lips means you have a misunderstanding and want to resolve the problem and come to an understanding.

Kissing them means you want to restore love and good faith between the two of you. You no longer want to be separated or have ill feelings towards them.

The person you kiss in the dream may or may not be the one with whom you have a misunderstanding in real life. Dreams reflect our dominant thoughts and feelings and don’t always have a literal meaning.

2. You feel safe and secure around a person

When you dream about kissing someone, you have recently found a friend or lover you can trust. You have a good feeling about this person and feel safe and secure around them.

It could be that you have had trust issues with friends or lovers in the past. But now, you are experiencing true love and can trust those close to you.

This dream could also reflect your deepest desires. You long to find someone you can love, trust, and feel safe around, who will reciprocate the feeling.

3. You are struggling with establishing boundaries

Dreams about kissing could be related to personal boundaries issues. This dream means you are having problems establishing clear boundaries with someone in your life.

You might love and respect this person on a platonic level. But, they want more from you—they may want to be romantically involved despite you declining their advances.

You don’t want to remove them from your life, but the fact that they are refusing to respect your boundaries is a turn-off and a big red flag.

In your waking life, you are torn between ‘’kissing them goodbye’’ and keeping them close to you where you continue to friend-zone them.

4. You are still hanging on to past memories

Did you dream about kissing an ex? This dreamscape could mean that you still long for them and haven’t accepted the reality of your breakup. You think about your ex and replay memories in your waking life.

Sometimes, dreaming about kissing your ex may not mean you miss them. This dream could generally mean that you haven’t made peace with an aspect of your past. This could be anything from your childhood and upbringing to holding a grudge against someone who wronged you a long time ago.

Hanging on to the past may be unhealthy. This dream could be urging you to resolve your past issues and move forward.

5. You want to establish a tender and loving friendship

This would be a most arousing and sensual dreamscape if you dreamt of kissing someone on the neck. In real life, kissing someone on the neck means you feel deeply and passionately for this person.

You don’t just kiss anyone on the neck. You kiss someone you truly desire, both physically and emotionally.

This dream means that in your waking life, you feel passionate about someone, and you want them to be in your life. You are determined to show them the gentlest love they have ever seen.

But, you also want your relationship to be more than just sensual; you want it to be based on real friendship, which is always a great foundation to start with!

6. Someone might betray you

Be careful when you dream about kissing someone and passionately sucking on their neck. This dream might be warning you of an impending betrayal.

The neck is where the life-giving jugular vein is located. In pop culture, depictions of someone digging into your neck symbolize death and betrayal.

In your waking life, it could be that someone pretending to be your friend is actually planning for your downfall. This dream warns you to be more vigilant and watch out for people in your life who say one thing and mean something else.

On the other hand, this dream could also mean that you will betray someone with whom you are close. This betrayal could take many forms, such as romantic, financial, or professional. Whatever your choice of action, remember to do unto others what you want to be done to you.

7. You are ready to address a part of you that you have been hiding

Did you dream about kissing a stranger? Dreams involving intimate acts with a stranger can be confusing and distressing.

When you dream of kissing a stranger, it could mean that you have been hiding some parts of yourself, but now you are at a point in your life where you are learning to embrace every part of who you are.

For the longest time, your authentic self was a stranger to you. But you no longer want to remain in the dark closet.

Kissing a stranger means loving every part of yourself, including those you were hiding and uncomfortable with.

This is a truly beautiful journey you are on. Loving yourself fully, warts, and all, is the foundation for a great, fulfilling life.

8. You are holding back from telling someone your real feelings

When you dream of kissing someone on the lips, it could mean you are in love with them. But, the dream could also be translated as you not being forthcoming about your real feelings.

Kissing this person is a sign that you are sugarcoating your true thoughts and feelings to spare their emotions.

In reality, you are mad at them or disapprove of something they did but don’t want to express your feelings for fear of hurting them.

You love and care for them and want things to remain the same. You want to tell them off, but you are afraid that doing so will ruin your relationship or disturb the status quo.

9. You want to convey a certain image to others

Dreams about kissing a religious figure aren’t too common and can be downright bizarre, especially if you aren’t religious.

But this dream holds a powerful symbolism. When you dream about kissing someone like a pastor or religious figure in your life, you are concerned about your public image.

You may have genuine or imagined concerns about how people perceive you. It could be that you have a secret you are hiding and are worried about your public image should people find out.

This dream could also mean that you have done something unacceptable, which is already out in public, and you are concerned about the repercussions of your actions.

You want others to view you in a good light. You want them to see you as virtuous, honest, trustworthy, and kind despite all your flaw.

10. You want public recognition or fame

If you dream about kissing a celebrity, you are preoccupied with fame and recognition in your waking life.

It could be that your goal is to be someone famous for a talent such as singing or acting. In your waking life, you spend a lot of time and effort perfecting your ‘art,’ hoping that you will be recognized and celebrated someday.

The dream could also have a literal meaning. Seeing a certain celebrity in your dreams could mean that you have been thinking and fantasizing a lot about this person, wishing you could meet, kiss, and even make love to them.

This dream could also mean that you long for professional recognition in your field. Every day, you are preoccupied with thoughts of climbing the ladder, earning a promotion, and ‘making it big.’

11. You or someone close is at risk of an impending health issue

A dream about kissing someone could signal challenging times ahead. Naturally, kissing is generally a positive act, but as I explained, dreams don’t always have a literal meaning, and some interpretations may seem weird.

Kissing someone in your dreams could mean you are attempting to give them life, much like CPR, because this person is seriously sick.

Try recalling your dream. Was the kiss desperate and frantic? Do you remember feeling helpless and dreadful? The dream symbolizes an impending health issue that could potentially lead to death.

This doesn’t mean that, with all certainty, your loved ones will get sick and die. This dream may just be warning you of a challenging situation that may come your way. But, you should trust your ability to overcome hardship, as this is part of life.

12. You are dissatisfied with life

If you dream about passionately kissing someone, it could be that you are looking for more passion, drive, and motivation in your life.

Perhaps in your waking life, things are dull, and you don’t feel as though you are living your best life. This can happen to the best of us!

You have been thinking a lot about how you can bring more passion and fire into your life. Perhaps falling in love will give your life more meaning? A romantic relationship may or may not make your life more fulfilling.

Maybe, you should start by looking within yourself to find your purpose (s). Looking to others for passion and to give your life meaning may not be the best long-term strategy for personal happiness.

13. You need to take a break and start caring for yourself

Dreams about kissing someone else may be about you! When you kiss someone else, you are showing them love and affection.

But, sometimes, you might not see who you are kissing in the dream. You realize that you are kissing someone, but you can’t identify who this person is.

This dream means that you need to be more gentle and caring with yourself. You can’t see the person you are kissing in the dream because you are actually kissing yourself!

This dream is a message from your Higher Self, reminding you to take better care of yourself. Rest more, eat better, set healthy boundaries, and speak positively about yourself. You deserve it.

Summary: What Does It Mean When You Dream About Kissing Someone?

When you dream about kissing someone, take it as a good sign. Kissing dreams generally convey a positive message about ourselves and the people in our life.

But, the true meaning of a dream will depend on what is going on in your waking life. A dream about kissing someone could have starkly different meanings, from betrayal and hanging on to the past to finally finding a passionate lover and embracing your authentic self.

I hope the dream interpretations I have given here will help you begin to understand what it means when you dream about kissing someone.

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