Dream About Stealing? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Stealing

People who steal money are usually referred to as desperate people. But, for considerate ones, these people are referred to as deprived.

But, what does it mean when we dream about stealing? Do the same adjectives apply to use or are there different messages we need to be aware of?

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Dream About Stealing

When we steal, people consider us losers because we get what we have from the wrong way of living.

Generally, stealing represents failure, and it is not just about finances but may also be about failure in a relationship or in a career.

1. Your parents are experiencing difficulties in life

As a parent, I try as much as I can to hide the pain and difficulties I am experiencing in life from my children. Doing this gives me peace knowing that they will live their daily life without any worries.

Unfortunately, when you dream about stealing from your parents, this dream could mean that your parents are experiencing some troubles in life.

What you are encouraged to do is to become more considerate of their feelings and how they try to do their best to give you the best future you can ever have.

2. Your relationship or career is about to go south

When you dream about stealing, this can also represent your life situation going downhill. As we all know, stealing is one of the crimes that are punishable.

So, when you steal, you risk something in your life, such as your career, because you are ruining your reputation.

Aside from career, the dreamer may also experience relationship problems in the near future. If in your dreams, you are being chased because you stole something, this signifies the affairs in your relationship.

3. Someone is taking advantage of you

If you dream about stealing, and in your dreams, you are the one being robbed, this could mean that someone in your waking life is taking advantage of you.

Unfortunately, even if you cannot notice it, you are being affected negatively. For example, your co-worker, a senior, is always giving you tasks that your job responsibilities do not cover. Instead of focusing on what you need to do, your time gets consumed by other things for others’ benefit.

Additionally, if in your dreams, you know the identity of the person who is stealing from you, this could mean that one of your friends is taking you for granted.

Generally, you are a kind person, and when people ask for help from you, saying no is not one of your traits. If you wonder how your friends take you for granted, one example is the debt that they intentionally forget to pay you.

Another example is tolerating your partner’s actions. For example, your partner is spending the money you both saved together on unimportant things. Because you always forgive, your partner or spouse keeps on doing the same thing knowing that you will not start an argument with him or her.

4. You seek power

When you dream about stealing, and in your dreams, you are stealing paper money, this could represent your urge to get more power in life. You want to be a successful person, and you will do whatever it takes to get what you want.

Aside from power, you are also seeking other things such as love and compassion from people. You tend to steal the money in your dreams because you can’t have it in real life.

You are desperate that even doing the wrong things feels good to you. This love that you do not feel may come from your friends, family members, or from the person you wish to spend your life with.

5. You seek privacy in real life

If you dream about stealing, and in your dreams, you stole groceries or things, this represents the privacy that is taken away from you.

You might have been a victim of hacking, scamming, or intruding, and you have not moved on yet from these crimes other people have done to you.

You haven’t moved on because you are worrying that they found something that can destroy you. Generally, your subconscious mind tells the emotions you feel through your dreams.

Thus, if you are worried, you will experience terrifying dreams such as robbery.

6. You seek security in life

If you dream about stealing, and in your dreams, you are shoplifting, you might feel insecure about your and your family’s future.

You are shoplifting because you do not have the things in life that can satisfy you and the people around you. Literally speaking, you might not have the material wealth that can make you feel less hard to thrive in life.

Additionally, dreams about stealing are also associated with guilt. If you experience such dreams, you might be feeling helpless because you cannot provide well for your family.

You are guilty because you are not a dependable person and you cannot do your duties as a parent. Eventually, these emotions give you unhappiness in your waking life.

7. Your heartaches and traumas are still hunting you

If you dream about stealing, this can also represent your past traumas and painful experiences in life. These emotions are stealing your peace and happiness.

In real life, you might be feeling injustices, disappointments, and betrayals.

Moreover, dreaming about stealing also means that your success and all the hard work you did is stolen from you. Because of this, you have questioned your self-worth and capabilities to secure the things you have in life. Why am I easily robbed of things I worked hard for?

8. You feel that you are not good enough

If you dream about stealing, and this time, your parents are stealing from you, this could represent your feelings of not being good enough.

In your waking life, you want to become a great child but you just feel that your parents cannot appreciate the efforts you do and the intellect you have. Thus, you dream of them as a thief because you feel that they are taking away your freedom of doing other things that are not related to making them proud.

However, you have to get rid of this mindset because, whether you like it or not, your parents always value the things you do, especially when you do it for them. Keep in mind that you are more than enough and the things you do are incomparable. You have unique talents and skills, and these are your real treasures in life that other people envy.

9. You worry much about your children

On the other hand, if you are a parent, and you dream about your children stealing from you, this dream represents your negative emotions.

You worry about your children in real life, and this is completely normal because you value them. They might have done something in the past and you worry about them being punished. Remember, dreams are emotions that have been processed by your conscious mind while you are awake.

If you are worried, you might have been feeling this emotion and you have been thinking of the bad event all the time.

Children are usually referred to as expensive jewels, and when you dream about them stealing from you, this might represent your fear of them being stolen from you in real life.

10. You are overspending

Dreaming about stealing can also give warnings and negative meanings. When you dream about your money being stolen from you, this may represent your negative habits in life, specifically your overspending behavior.

You spend too much money on unimportant things which is why you are failing to achieve your goals, especially those that require saving.

For example, you are saving money to buy a car or a house. Instead of focusing on your goal, you tend to use your money on things that do not matter.

So, when you dream of such an event, take this as a message to focus on what is essential. Do not let people rob your money in real life and that is by spending your money on what you only need.

11. Someone wishes to destroy your reputation

If you dream about stealing, and in your dreams, your co-worker is stealing your job position, take this dream as a warning sign. This dream can represent someone who wishes to destroy your reputation.

Generally, you are an industrious person and someone is jealous of you. Many people turn to you and this makes them feel that you are better than them.

Unfortunately, these negative emotions by these people can destroy you, and you should be aware of them.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, dreams about stealing give different meanings. Generally, these dreams refer to your personal life, your attitude, and how the people around you feel towards you.

Aside from good luck, you can take these dreams as warning signs to be aware of possible dangers in your waking life. Usually, these dangers are not physical but they are more emotional.

When you dream of such an event, you might want to take these dreams seriously in order to protect your peace and reputation.

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