Dream About Possession (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Possession

Spiritually, dreams about possession are a nightmare. The dreamer may wake up disturbed, shaken, and fearful of their environment and family. When an external force takes control of a human body, the individual loses a grip of their senses, falls into confusion, and completely surrenders to the rulings of that spirit, which weakens their mind, spirit, and body.

So, what does it mean to dream about being possessed? One meaning spells doom as that the person might have surrendered to overwhelming emotions, which the person can no longer control, and as a human, the person is in a sunken place.

However, dreaming about being possessed could also mean you’re trying your best to deal with an extremely draining situation, but all efforts seem to be in vain. Now a shadow of helplessness is cast over you.

In addition to unraveling why you might be having these nightmares, we have taken it upon ourselves to also provide you with helpful interpretations of these dreams.

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7 Reasons Why You Dream About Possession

The idea behind possession, according to the great Greek mythology, is that an unfamiliar spirit, usually very evil in its mode of operation inhabits inside a human and terrorizes them.

While this notion changed in the middle ages, we have concluded that demons visiting your dreams are induced by your inner impulses, guilt, and conflicts. These dreams are not all influenced by the forces of darkness as widely believed.

1. Feeling Overwhelmed

If you’ve been overburdened with thoughts and responsibilities from home, family, work, and your environment; this can induce dreams about possession. This dream may be a way of your spirit warning you to take a break from all designated duties, worries, and obligations.

When interpreted, the dream might be a call for you to consider putting yourself and your well-being first (this is not in a selfish manner, but to help relieve and refresh you).

2. Huge Financial Breakthrough

Another reason why you may dream about being possessed could be tied to the business. It might be a sign that your business is about to take a pleasant turn, and you’ll record a boom.

3. Spiritual Battles

Dreams about possession also indicate spiritual warfare- you may find yourself battling with an evil force in the dream; without a doubt, this would make anybody scared and doubtful about your chosen career path or unique abilities.

To conquer this fear, you’ll have to strike a perfect balance in your spiritual life and gain spiritual knowledge.

4. Peer Pressure

Another reason for possession dreams could be because the dreamer’s subconscious has sensed that the person is trying to fit into the vanities of society. Hence, the person is altering their life to please a particular group and play to societal rules, concepts, and operations.

You feel limited and unable to live the way you want freely, putting a strain on your spirit. Your subconscious mind is, however, telling you to give yourself grace and not live a faux reality.

5. Negative Emotions

What next on the list of reasons why people dream about possession is tied to episodes of anger or negative outbursts. We usually advise that you pay close attention to the demon attacking you and watch how its action relates to your actions in the waking world.

The demon, in this case, represents people who have, in one way or the other, awakened a strong emotion in you, causing you to be extremely irritated to the point of a harsh outburst.

6. Turmoil in Romantic Relationships

Dreams of possession can be closely related to failing romantic arrangements in our life. We already established that dreams are not literal, and you need deep soul-searching to make sense of some phenomena perfectly.

If your relationship with your current lover has become unproductive, abusive, and toxic, your dream is trying to tell you to sever the ties and go your separate ways, as that relationship has served its purpose.

It could also mean that you have been moving with people with toxic energy, which is gradually rubbing off on you. Sooner or later, their toxic traits may become your full personality.

7. Addictions

Finally, one other reason why you dream about demons and possessions may be due to addictions. Addictions happen in many forms- they might be drugs, illicit graphic content, and other negative vices that could cause harm to your health and your surroundings.

Your mind is telling you to drop this habit and focus on a more positive channel, seek therapy and professional help and get a strong support system that’ll keep you in check.

Dream About Possession (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Now is a good point to ditch those horror movies (even though you may try to associate your recent dreams about possession with them). We want to reiterate that these dreams do not need to be interpreted literally; instead, they could be symbolic.

1. Dream About One Being Possessed

Dreaming about being possessed means you have no control over your physical being, which makes the experience scary. These dreams could be traced to anxiety, worry, and concern over a situation you have no control over.

The long wait, especially over a situation you have no control over, can pass a wrong signal to your brain and affect your subconscious, resulting in a series of nightmares.

2. Dream About Child Possession

When a baby or child is possessed in your dream, it doesn’t necessarily mean the child is really possessed. It means your inner child needs attention, and your dream is trying to bring this to your consciousness. The pain, hurt, and resentment from your childhood and growing up around toxic people are still lurking around and somehow hindering your growth.

If this is the dream you’re having, then it’s time to let the negative go, forgive your past, and rescue your inner child from the cold hands of regrets and trauma.

3. Dreams About a Stranger Being Possessed

When you see a stranger possessed in your dream, it means they’re experiencing a temporary phase of madness or lack of control that’s obstructing their thought process and making them act irrationally.

It may also mean you’re feeling jealous of things and people around you, causing you to act differently but in a very concerning way.

Most times, we attribute dreaming about strangers to empathetic people. The solution is for them to help people in need of a push emotionally overcome their fears to experience peace and stability.

4. Dreams About a Possessed Relative

Sometimes, your dreams try to tell you things about your close relative and members of your immediate family. If you dream about any of these people being possessed or attacked by an evil spirit, it means they tweaked a part of their behavior that you’ve somehow taken cognizance of.

The gag is that the current change in their personality is not in their best interest, as you may think some forces of darkness are behind it. They’re being controlled by people who do not have their interests at heart and only want to use them.

You can chat with the affected family members and offer them needed help if they’re willing to accept it.

5. Dreams About a Dark Shadow

Possession can also happen through inanimate objects like shadows, smoke, and sounds. The presence of shadow in this dream means your personality is repressed, and you’re not paying attention to the darker and evil part of it.

You must observe and recognize that your personality has good and bad qualities. It only becomes an issue when you let the bad outweigh the good, which means negative energy has possessed you.

Ironically, dreaming about a dark shadow helps shine the light on these dark traits like fears, unclean thoughts, impulsive acts fueled by anger, and weird wishes. Finding the solution after discovering the dark area gets easier, and you’ll eventually be set free.

6. Dreaming About a Possessed Doll

Dreaming about a possessed doll is your subconscious trying to tell you to face your fears head-on and get past issues creating worries in your heart. The dream can also indicate your reservations and fears about certain situations, people, places, and things.

7. Fighting Possession in Your Dream

If you’re actively trying to fight being possessed in your dream, it may mean that you’re trying to stop a negative force or temptation from gaining power over you.

8. Being the Demon In Your Dream

Being the demon in your dream is outrightly a terrible sign. It indicates that you have a terrible character in the waking world with zero remorse or regret about the evil things you’ve done in the past or currently doing.

Final Words

Dreams about possession represent many things. To get a clearer picture of your dream, we advise you to take a step back, review your choices in the waking world, analyze your emotions, and spot the problem to make interpretation easier.

Have you ever had dreams about possession? Were you able to relate it to your current life situation? How did you successfully interpret these dreams? Let us know in the comment section.

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