Dream of Getting Married? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream of Getting Married

Almost every little girl has fantasies about her wedding day. Even the queer ones! Boys don’t seem to think about it though, and that’s probably a cultural thing. Gender norms and all that. But what does it mean when you dream about getting married? Let’s find out together!

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Dream of Getting Married (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1. You Really Love Your Job

You might know why ladies at weddings will fist-fight to catch that bouquet. You might also know most male wedding guests would rather run screaming in the opposite direction. But what does it mean when you dream about getting married? As usual, the context matters.

If you’re having wedding dreams after a proposal or during wedding planning, then it’s a simple reflection of your daily activities. But if you’re happy in the single mingle, the dream could indicate satisfaction and commitment in another area of your life, like that new job.

2. Wedding Jitters

If you’re already engaged and are in the process of planning things, wedding dreams could easily become a nightly ritual. But what do the specific dreams mean? If you dream that you’re running late for your big day, it probably means you’re anxious about deadlines.

These could include deposit dates, booking venues, or RSVPs. Your dream suggests you have too little time and not enough help getting everything done! But if you dream your dress is wrecked, your anxiety is personal. You’re scared of the lifelong commitment and all it entails.

3. You Have Cold Feet

What if you’re not the bride or groom in the dream? Maybe you’re in the bridal party, or you’re a guest at the event. Consider how you felt during the dream. Was it a case of ‘always the bridesmaid, never the bride’? In that case, maybe you’re looking to be partnered soon.

In the dream world, marriage is less about bridal boutiques and more about commitment. So if you’re a bored guest at someone else’s wedding, it means you’re seriously involved with something or someone, but you’re half-in-half-out. You’re just going through the motions.

4. You Can Expect Collaboration

Suppose you dream you’re the bride or groom of someone in your friend zone. No, it doesn’t mean you should take a closer look at them. Especially if you’re not the least bit attracted to them. This isn’t your guardian angel showing you an unexpected soul mate, so don’t panic!

As we just mentioned, marriage in a dream is a sign of commitment and motivation. So this unexpected life partner is probably better suited as a business partner. Your higher helpers are saying you’ll soon get into a profitable deal with this person, and that you’re both all in!

5. You’re Devoted to Your Faith

In many Christian congregations, the church is often referred to as the bride of Christ. Little girls often wear white wedding-like dresses when they get confirmed – their catechism is a symbol of their commitment to the church. So what does this dream mean if you’re religious?

If you’re single, it could be a call to deeper faith. Maybe your spirit guides are leading you to a life in ministry. This could include becoming a priest, nun, Opus Dei practitioner, or simply getting a job in your local community. Maybe you need to work with kids or elders at church.

6. You’re Contemplating Commitment

Some women love dramatic public proposals. Others see it as a form of blackmail because you’re less likely to say no in front of a crowd – you don’t want to embarrass your boyfriend! But what does it mean when someone asks you to marry them in a dream? Is it a prophecy?

The proposer could be someone you’re currently dating, a stranger, or even a hooded figure with their face blurred out. The dream means you’re playing with the idea of commitment, and it’s not necessarily a romantic reference. You might want a house, car, pet, or child!

7. You Have Meaningful Resolutions

Dreaming about marrying someone else (other than your current partner) can feel like cheating. And if you’re a lucid dreamer, you may carry that guilt into your waking life and start acting weird around your spouse or lover. But does this dream mean you’ll be divorced?

If your dream spouse is an ex or someone you have a crush on, you might be in trouble! But usually, the dream is self-referential. Think about that bride or groom from the dream and list five words that come to mind. These describe qualities you want to nurture in yourself.

8. You’re Being Too Nosy

Being a wedding planner is an interesting, versatile, and exciting job. And it pays well too. But what does it mean when you dream of being somebody’s wedding planner? Especially if that’s not your profession? It could be an indication that you’re being an annoying busybody.

After all, wedding planners are cool, but they’re expensive, so not everybody wants one. So unless you’re planning a career change after watching Say Yes to the Dress, your spirit guides are telling you to pluck your nose out of other people’s business before you hurt them.

9. You’re Happy in Yin and Yang

These days, the gender wars have extended beyond the realm of males and females. According to some lists, we currently have more than 60 gender identities (and counting). So if you’re sure you don’t want marriage but you’re dreaming about your wedding, what does it mean?

One interpretation is gender euphoria. You’re at home with gender identity so you don’t need external validation from a partner. It could also mean you’re at peace with your masculine and feminine sides (even if you’re non-binary), so your two selves are marrying each other.

10. Things Are About to Change

In many cultures, women don’t have individual identities. They’re either someone’s daughter or someone’s wife, so their value and worth are always tied to a man. So if you grew up in these communities, a wedding dream could be exciting, anxiety-inducing, or sadly inevitable.

Getting married means changing your status and possibly your name. Even for men, marriage is a drastic shift in their lifestyle. So if you dream about getting married, it could indicate a big change in your life, even if it’s isn’t your love life. Look around for more signs.

11. Your Union is in Flux

Another interesting dream is when you’re already married but you dream of remarrying your spouse. The Ockham’s Razor version (aka the most obvious explanation) is you still love your spouse. Maybe more than on your wedding day. You might want to do a renewal ceremony.

The deeper significance is your commitment level has shifted and your interactions are about to change. This doesn’t necessarily mean divorce. Maybe one of you is transitioning their gender or exiting the closet. Maybe the kids are grown and you’re rejoining the workforce.

12. Your Character is Set

Why do teens seem like different people every day? As a parent, it can feel like your precious angel got stolen by a body snatcher! That’s partly because your teen is trying on different personalities to see what fits. They’re deciding who they are, often up to their mid-twenties.

So what does it mean if you’ve been going through an identity crisis and you dream about getting married? Especially if you don’t have a steady partner? It could mean the various aspects of your character have finally settled and merged. You’re happily marrying yourself.

13. You’re a Little Bitter

If you’re dreaming about a wedding, your perspective matters. Are you a bride, a groom, a member of the entourage, or a mixologist at the open bar? You might even be the wedding singer or DJ? Now think for a moment – did you see the wedding cake in your dream?

Unfortunately, dreams about wedding cakes imply bitterness and regret. You may be thinking of losses in your love life and it’s making you upset enough to nudge a nuptial nightmare. If the cake is half-eaten, you’re depressed about your exes and lost opportunities.

14. Your Selves Are Fighting

We all have different sides that we expose according to the situation. You don’t – for example – treat your spouse or little brother the same way as your boss. Even if they’re equally annoying. So what does it mean if you dream of being an overwhelmed wedding planner?

It might mean the diverse sides of your personality are clashing. Your emotional, romantic side might be at odds with your sensible, practical side. This could apply to any scenario in your waking life, from choosing your college major to deciding the city you should move to.

15. You Learned Your Lesson

Psychologists (and New Age Gurus) tell us we often date the same person in different bodies. This isn’t about reincarnation – it’s more about patterns of love and attraction. We keep falling for similar attributes and characteristics, even if our partners are visually diverse.

So what does it mean when you dream about getting married to your ex? It doesn’t mean you should go back to them. It means you’ve finally achieved closure. You’ve learned from the mistakes in that union. And you won’t repeat them with new partners. So don’t call your ex!

16. You Need to Reconcile

A sad wedding dream is one where everything is perfectly planned … but nobody shows up. Your bride or groom are there – and probably the priest, but family and friends don’t attend. The church or hall is gorgeously decorated but completely empty! What does this mean?

This is a likely indicator that you’re feuding with someone close to you. And the bad blood is getting out of hand. Your angels are using wedding symbols to show you what could happen if you don’t reach out. Swallow your pride, call this person, and make peace with them.

17. You Might Be Sick

As it turns out, men rarely have dreams about getting married. It seems to be a female dream theme. And according to dream expert Sayoko Shirai, wedding dreams are rarely literal. For example, if you dream of marrying an old person, it’s not necessarily a predatory marriage.

In this dream, the wedding is probably a symbol of your health. And in the same way, your dream spouse is frail and aged, you may have a serious but undiagnosed sickness that weakens you physically and spiritually. And it might not be curable – till death do you part.

18. You Have Internal Conflict

Men rarely talk or think about weddings. But when they do, it may involve tragic (but entertaining) catfights between bridesmaids. And while this theme makes famous comedy sequences and million-dollar movies, it can be upsetting in a dream. What does it mean?

Assuming you’re not currently planning your wedding and arguing over your sister’s hideous dress, the dream can be telling. Rather than your friends and siblings warring, the dream indicated internal conflict. You’re struggling with yourself, so ask your angels to calm you.

19. You’re Feeling Anxious

In your wedding dream, you might be in the car heading to the wedding venue, but you keep getting lost. This is similar to many dreams about feeling trapped or losing your way. They usually imply you’re anxious about something important, but you don’t know what it is.

Remember, dreams about getting married signify commitment and/or change. So if your bridal gown is stuck driving in circles, your spirit guides are speaking in code. Ask them to clarify the cause of your anxiety and conflict so they can help you figure it out and resolve it.

20. Something Bad is Coming

Nobody likes being left at the altar. Even if it’s the whole point of the story. So what does it mean when you dream about getting married and your spouse-to-be does a runner instead? It might be you – the dreamer – that sprints away from the priest. It’s a bad sign all around.

This dream is often an omen of an unexpected disaster. You may get caught in an accident – whether that’s a fender bender, plane crash, or walking through invisibly clean glass. Ask your spirit guides to send extra clues so you can keep yourself safe from incoming drama.

21. You Missed Out!

For our last interpretation, let’s step into the world of weird wedding wonders. You may have noticed the recent trend of using flower men instead of flower girls. Or maybe you’ve seen cute videos of couples using their pets as ring bearers. But what happens if the rings get lost?

Dreaming about losing your wedding ring during the ceremony can be a warning or a sign of regret. Your guides are showing you a missed opportunity – a free trip, a new job, or a great gift. Depending on the timing, your angels could help you avoid the loss … or get over it.

When was the last time you dreamed about your wedding? Tell us about it in the comments!

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