Dream About Ex-friend? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Ex-friend (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

It is not uncommon to dream of a close friend you cherish. This is because you share some bond with them, and they’ve been there during certain trying times. But seeing an ex-friend can often have a symbolic meaning. This can result from the hurtful things there did while you were still friends with them.

Dreaming about an ex-friend can mean several things. It could mean that you are not pleased with how things ended between you despite the strong bond you shared. It could also mean that you feel nostalgic. On the other hand, it might result from regret, probably because you’ve done something wrong and couldn’t apologize before your friendship ended.

This kind of dream can be very upsetting if you’ve dropped out of the friendship years back. Then the dreamer begins to wonder why you still dream about this person. Dreams about your ex-friend are often connected to your feelings and inner thoughts. They are a way through which your subconscious communicates with you to point out some essential things.

It is a different scenario if the ex-friend you dream about is late. All these dreams carry a more profound and spiritual meaning. Since we don’t control our dreams, we need to unravel the meaning of these dreams and why we have such kind of dreams. Now, look deeper into the meanings attached to dreaming of an ex-friend.

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Dream About Ex-friend? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

If you see an ex-friend in a dream, it could result from a nostalgic feeling. It also suggests that you feel that your friend has wronged you. The dream might be a reminder of the hurt you once felt. This is because it is extremely hard to shut out any form of lingering thoughts or emotions you have about someone else.

This dream can also indicate that there is a kind of psych energy that your ex-friend is trying to pass to you to communicate that they are sorry about what happened and how things ended in your relationship. Also, you can dream about your ex-friend if you feel remorseful.

It is simply human nature to dream about someone you’ve wronged. Sometimes, you have this kind of dream because someone else’s energy is focusing on you subconsciously. Your ex-friend might still wish to communicate with you even though you are no longer in their life. It is possible to feel your ex-friend’s energy passing via a dream.

So when you wake up in real life, it is best to stay away from such friends and focus on what is essential in your life alone. If you dream about your ex-friend whom you had a difficult breakup with, this dream can suggest that you need to get your mental state on track. It could also mean that you might be seeing your ex-friend soon.

If you dream about an ex-friend, your spirit guide might be pointing out your mistake. Such a mistake might be from you or the so-called ex-friend. The spirit guide might also be telling you to look at the trajectory of how your ex-friend became an ex and how you can prevent that from happening with your current relationship.

Dreaming of an ex-friend could make you have worried, unsure, indecisive, uninterested, accepting, passive, or relaxed feelings. The kind of emotion you get from the dream often depends on the type of relationship you shared with such an ex-friend when they were alive.

Reasons why you dream about an ex-friend

  1. You could dream about your ex-friend because you are unstable and insecure. An ex-friend might appear in your dream to warn you that you need t work on your doubt and insecurity about things going on in your life. It could serve as reassurance or a warning telling you that the best choice for you is to redirect your step and divert from your current life path.

It might also be a solution or a reminder of the insecurity you are dealing with.

  1. If you dream about an ex-friend, it could mean that you have an unresolved issue with them. This issue was not very glaring; you might have treated them wrongly. This dream indicates that you should look at the situation from another perspective, consider how meaningful you are to each other, and the narrative might change.
  2. Dreaming about an ex-friend could be a warning about an impending conflict. If you had ended the relationship with a severe argument, your ex-friend might show up in your dream to hint to you to be careful and do everything possible to avoid the looming conflict. They might be offering better help to you without minding how things ended.
  3. Dreaming about an ex-friend might indicate that they are guiding you to the correct part of success and a focused goal. You might feel that dreaming about your ex-friend only indicates negativity. That is not the case because the universe always has a way of guiding us even in difficult situations.

The spirit might show you your ex-friend when you’ve deviated from your initial path and are about to lose your charm and selling point. You might also have this dream when you are about to lose your vibrancy and experience increased wickedness. Your ex-friend might be telling you it is time to channel all your energy into working on yourself.

  1. If you dream about an ex-friend, it could signify that you love them. If you’ve been sexually entangled with such a friend, you might still dream about them. Try to recollect the dream; you’ll know it contains romance and erotic elements. Such people could be your ex-partner at work, ex-husband, ex-boyfriend, or ex-girlfriend.

This is a call to action. Knowing what is at stake, you need to establish whether you want this type of relationship back.

  1. Dreaming about an ex-friend symbolizes that you should find inner peace and take charge of your mental health. An ex-friend may represent the essential things you have lost. Dreaming about them means they came to remind you to put in more effort and channel all your energy towards finding your inner peace. Find your self-confidence so you can regain your self worth personal power.
  2. If you dream about an ex-best friend, it could signify that you are experiencing a lonely and rough time. Friendship symbolizes love, and when you dream about meeting an ex-friend, you need to open your heart, make new friends, let go of frustration, and socialize. You will find good people around as long as you are optimistic about it.

Dreaming about an ex friend apologising

When you dream about an ex-best friend or mutual friend apologizing, it means you have been feeling vulnerable or emotionally hurt lately. The dream could also symbolize the desire for reconciliation and resolution. The fact that they apologize in the dream doesn’t mean they intend to hurt you; it just means you should give room for peace.

Dreaming about an old best friend can bring the memory of everything that transpired between you before you split up. It could also serve as a reminder of the reason for your break up. This can make you rethink, and you’ll realize the issue wasn’t worth parting ways. Don’t hesitate to forgive if you dream about an ex-friend apologizing.

In the dream state, your spirit could be telling you that forgiveness is a vital key that will relieve you from the anger of the last and disappointment. It could also help you find closure, let go of negative emotions, and give you peace of mind.

Dreaming of a dead friend

Dreaming of a dead friend indicates that you miss them, and they do the same. They might show themselves to you in the dream to help you get past their death. It can be tough to forget about the memories you’ve spent together, so when they show up in your dream, they might be passing a message to you that they are doing okay in the other world.

If their death is still fresh, they might also be telling you to get out of your grieving mood and focus on your business and work.

If you stopped being friends with such people before they passed on, dreaming about them could mean that they wish things ended on a better note. To dream about an ex-friend could mean that you need clarity about things in life. You could have this dream because your friend keeps discussing you even though you are no longer friends with them.


Friendship is a complex relationship to build and maintain. You might get to a point where you feel you could no longer feel the friendship and enmity will set in.

Dream interpretation about an ex-friend doesn’t necessarily symbolize negativity. Sometimes, it is a sign that good fortune is coming your way. This nightmare could mean you should channel your energy into something positive and move on to a new relationship. This dream can also come as a result of grieving the lost friendship.

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