Dream About Suicide? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Suicide (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

From dusk to dawn, the subconscious mind may project an uncertain state of one’s life through a terrifying action such as falling, jumping into the water, or worse, “committing suicide”. When someone dreams about committing suicide could be an indication of impending danger or worse; their life no longer holds meaning to them.

A lot of the time, suicide dreams are not a good omen because they convey negative messages. It could foreshadow the end of an important relationship, your job, or even the death of a loved one, which is not a great feeling to acknowledge.

However, it’s not all bad, these dreams could also be interpreted as rebirth or a warning sign. It may signify a pivotal point in the dreamer’s life, indicating that the tides are about to change.

Whatever inferences you draw from suicidal dreams, it is necessary you pay attention to the dream. We discuss the sections that follow interpretations to suicide in a dream and possible solutions to the dream.

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Dream About Suicide? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Several instances can arise from “suicide in a dream, “and each one must be evaluated before drawing any logical conclusions. Here are some common suicidal dream scenarios and what they might mean.

1. Dreaming of Yourself Attempting to Commit Suicide

This is one common suicide dream. Whether attempting or committing suicide, the person is experiencing a sense of impending disaster, which serves as the catalyst for a deep subconscious desire to end one’s life. It could also be due to severe depression, anxieties, mood swings, and the unfathomable loss of something or someone.

When this happens, one must re-access one’s mental, emotional, and physical state in order to find meaning in one’s life. They should make as many significant life changes as possible.

2. Dreaming About a Family Member Committing Suicide

A dream about a family member or close relative committing suicide could be due to humiliation, disagreements, remorse, or a sense of being judged by them. Your relationship with them may influence the feelings of guilt you project, resulting in bad dreams. When this occurs, it is recommended that you contact that relative again to maintain a healthy and happy relationship.

Alternatively, it could also be interpreted as a sign that it’s time to let go of their negativity or that they need your help in some way. In a conflict situation, open communication or finding a mediator is the best course of action to avoid regrets.

3. Dreams of a Spouse Committing suicide

The dream of a spouse or sole mate committing suicide is a difficult pill to swallow. It implies that something in your current relationship is causing you to feel blue.

One possible explanation for this dream is that you feel subconsciously rejected by your spouse, or that your spouse feels neglected. You may also have begun to suspect that the relationship is no longer healthy or concerned about their infidelity.

Whatever the situation, it is best, you and your partner work it out together. Find a compromise that gets you both back on track, or better, spend some time together, perhaps a night in bed, and discuss the issue with your partner. Resolve any underlying issues before the relationship falls apart.

4. Dreams About Parents Committing Suicide

If you have suicidal thoughts about your parents, it means that your reality is changing as a result of a bad childhood experience or a new stage in your relationship with your parents. It could also be triggered by stress, pressure, or the insecurity that reminds you of your parents while you were a child.

Perhaps you should take better care of your own children and avoid projecting negative feelings about your family onto them. Regardless, you should pay your parents a visit and assure them that you have no ill will toward them and that you still love them. If there is bad blood, reconnect with them because these dreams are always telling.

5. Dreaming of Your Child Committing Suicide

Although frightening, this is a sign that nature wants you to save a sinking ship before it capsizes. The dream of your child committing suicide indicates that you must assist your child with a difficult problem that he or she is unaware of or conceals from you. It could also be a sign that such a child is about to engage in dangerous activities that will endanger their life.

When this happens, do your best to emotionally connect with the child, show that you care, and assist them in any way you can to avoid a tragic situation. However, if after this and the issue persists, it is best to seek professional assistance or group therapy.

6. Dreaming of Witnessing a Stranger Commit Suicide

Frequent nightmares of a stranger committing suicide foretell impending changes in your life. It could indicate that difficult times are ahead, and you must be prepared to face life’s most difficult challenge.

Inadvertently, your mind is to catch up with reality when you realize the stranger in your dream could be you, alarming a sense of threat and grief. But don’t be disturbed!

7. Dreaming of a Mass Suicide

A dream of mass suicide although unusual, is a sign that you have recently been feeling mentally and physically exhausted. It necessitates a Zen moment, which could be a calming outtake, and being in control of your thoughts and emotions is essential for changing how your body senses react.

To transition how one’s body feels, trying sports, physical exercise, different diets, and other stress-relieving techniques is a good idea. Take some time to rest or even go on a vacation because going to a different place can change how you see your circumstances, inspiring more positive thoughts in your subconscious.

8. Dream of Shooting Yourself in the Head

Yes, you thought right. This dream is a wake-up call. Committing suicide by shooting yourself in the head in a dream suggests that you must make a quick decision or change your perspective on a previous course of action or decision. In a dream, shooting yourself in the head represents new beginnings that could change your life’s negative trajectory and give you a fresh start.

The best course of action is to break an old habit, an action, or a feeling that no longer benefits you. However, if you’ve already made the decision and there’s nothing you can do about it, the best thing to do is to persevere and keep your determination.

9. Dream of Hanging Yourself

Death dreams about “hanging yourself” are possibly the most abstract type of suicidal dream. It could be interpreted in several ways. The dreamer could be sad and depressed, or he or she could have self-destructive tendencies.

Furthermore, it may be linked to something you cling to or desire but has no long-term value. It could also be a summoning of your survival instincts and life energy, which means remaining true to yourself and avoiding self-doubt. In layman’s terms, it is a time to reflect and reaffirm yourself positively.

The Healthline suggests the following methods for reassuring yourself positively: Focus on the positive sides of things, pay attention to your emotional, physical, and mental health, practice gratitude, be open to humor, stay positive during challenging times, spend time with positive people, engage in positive self-talk, and begin each day on a positive note

10. Dreaming of Jumping Down a Cliff

This type of dream forewarns impending danger. A desire to jump off a cliff, bridge, skyscraper, or other tall and dangerous structure is a red zone for any activity that could endanger you or those around you.

It implies that you will face a challenge you must overcome or risk not going back to square one. It could also be interpreted to mean that you have an uncertain future and will likely encounter great hardship. The height of the cliff represents the challenge you must overcome, so pay attention to the dream metaphor and take precautions to avoid such obstacles.

Final Thoughts

Dreaming of ending your life can be disturbing, but it is a wake-up call to consider how you feel about yourself, how you might improve your attitude, and the transformation required to achieve that goal. Don’t dwell on it, instead ask yourself what is preventing you from feeling good about yourself. Even if you do dream of taking your own life, this is also a form of self-awareness.

Take control of these dreams by seeking help or professional advice. Take note of the suicidal dream and try to turn it into a positive call to action. Do not forget to drop a comment if you or someone you know has had suicidal dreams lately.

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