Dream About Dragon? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Dragon

Did you have a dream about a dragon that left you confused? Although dragons do not exist, they often find ways to appear in our dreams.

The appearance of a dragon in your dream can be rooted in your interest in dragons and mythology, or you recently saw a movie about a dragon or a series such as Game of Thrones.

Historically, the earliest portrayal of a dragon is found in the mythology of the ancient East, particularly Mesopotamian art and literature, in which dragons were depicted as fierce, powerful, mighty, serpent-like creatures.

Their symbolism in dreams and spirituality is very similar, and they generally represent wisdom, transformation, prosperity, destruction, courage, and abundance. Dragon dreams can have numerous interpretations and scenarios, depending on the dreamer’s perception of dragons.

Some people find these mythical creatures breathtaking, while others fear them.

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Dream About Dragon

1. You Need to Conquer Your Inner Demons

You Need to Conquer Your Inner Demons

As you already know, in most mythologies, dragons are depicted as evil creatures who wreak havoc and bring pain and misery. There are several reasons for this; for example, in Christian and Greek mythology, dragons are highly evil and hateful.

Furthermore, dragons are described as beasts associated with the sins of greed and envy and are even compared or equalized to Satan. Therefore, depending on the context, dreaming about dragons can have numerous negative connotations.

The dragon you see in your dream can be representative of your bad behavior and habits. Perhaps, your subconscious mind is directing your attention to these issues, which is why you have this dream. Think about your traits; do you think you are greedy or cheap?

Having treats like these can be detrimental to your social and romantic life.

2. You Feel Attacked and Vulnerable

Dreaming about a dragon attacking you can be interpreted as you being attacked in your waking life. However, we are not talking about the physical assault but mental or emotional attacks.

This dream can signify that you are stressed and barely coping with your obligations and responsibilities. The environment in which you live or work is negatively affecting you.

Maybe you work in a highly competitive circle, which adds to the pressure and makes you feel less competent. Do you often compare yourself with others? Do you have a negative opinion about yourself? All of these can contribute to the current emotions that you are experiencing.

Your main task is to figure out what is causing you this stress and how to stop the ‘dragon’ from attacking you in real life.

3. Sign of Your Passion or Your Personality

Did you have a dream about a red dragon? If so, the red dragon is generally associated with the notions of fire, passion, romance, and danger.

Considering that there are different scenarios, this dream can either show that you need to find the passion or that it represents your personality and traits. Red dragons are usually portrayed with wings, and they breathe fire, which is why they are related to danger and fire.

However, in spirituality, this can signify that you have a short fuse in waking life. Because of your attitude, temper, and volatile behavior, you push people away and bring misery to yourself.

On the other hand, the red dragon in your dream can signify your wish to experience passion or maybe the fact that there is no more passion in your relationship or marriage.

4. Financial Success is Ahead of You

If you had a dream about a golden dragon, cheer up because that is a good sign, indicating positive and prosperous events. It can also be a silver or bronze dragon, indicating some riches or success in the near future.

If you have been stuck for a long time and struggled with financial or material wealth, the dragon in your dream is a clue that your reality will be changed very soon. On the other hand, the gold dragon can be interpreted as the dreamer’s obsession with material possessions.

Maybe your dream tells you that you are materialistic and spend too much time worrying about clothes and cars that you forget to cherish your inner self. If you resonate with this, take this dream as a warning sign.

5. You Lack Support and Comfort

You Lack Support and Comfort

According to the famous psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud, seeing a blue dragon in your dream represents your mother and her qualities. Mothers symbolize protection, support, nourishment, help, security, and comfort.

Therefore, the vision of a blue dragon in your dream can be connected to any of these notions, meaning you feel unprotected in real life and need support. The feeling you experience is most likely rooted in something that recently happened to you.

Maybe a close friend of yours betrayed you or shared your secret with others, or you got disappointed by a family member or your parents. According to some dream experts, the blue dragon can also signify that you will get into a conflict with your parents.

6. You Will Gain a New Status

Dreaming about a dragon can have a positive connotation as well. Interestingly, in Chinese mythology, dragons are mainly seen as benevolent creatures and are present in Chinese folklore and culture.

Adhering to that positive interpretation, dreaming about dragons can signify good luck, indicating great success in your life that is related to your job and your reputation.

Maybe in the future, you will be presented with an opportunity that will allow you to elevate your life and reach new heights. On the other hand, perhaps you will be able to regain the status you once had and lost due to some problems in life.

Either way, this dream is a good omen.

7. It is Related to Your Innocence

If you have a dream about a baby dragon, consider yourself lucky because those dreams are very often and are representative of your creativity and imagination. The baby dragon’s meaning is connected to your innocence, childhood memories, and nurturing your inner child.

Maybe you recently saw something in real life that subconsciously reminded you of an event or a situation from your childhood. On the other hand, perhaps you came to some profound realizations and are currently comparing and evaluating your success and achievements.

Ask yourself whether there is something that you regret from your past. Do you feel that your innocence was taken away from your somehow? Dreams do not always denote a message or a warning; they can be symbolic of our own emotions and our ways of dealing with them

8. You Will Overcome Obstacles

If you have a dream about riding a dragon, that is a sign of good fortune. Your ride on the dragon symbolizes overcoming obstacles and successfully dealing with challenges.

A similar interpretation can be related to seeing a dragon flying in your dream. The sky represents your environment, while the dragon symbolizes your battle with daily struggles.

However, if you see yourself riding a dragon and then suddenly falling off, that is an indicator that you have low self-confidence and lack faith in yourself and your abilities. If you resonate with this, you need to start looking for a way to change your outlook.

Obstacles and challenges are common factors in life, and you have to learn how to deal with those without them affecting your health. We suggest you make a plan, ask for help, share your feelings, accept support, and think big.

9. Turn of Events

As stated in the introduction, dragons can symbolize change and transformation, which means that the dreamer might experience an unexpected turn of events. It can be a positive or a negative surprise related to your romantic, social, or professional life.

Perhaps you will be given a great job offer, or you might lose your job. It is not perceived as good or bad when we talk about spiritual transformation because it can be both.

Sometimes we want to experience a mental or physical transformation; for example, we might want to lead a healthier life or obtain a degree. However, some changes can be very painful and unpleasant, such as losing your parents or job.

10. You Have Secrets

You Have Secrets

If you had a dream about a black dragon, do not worry. It does not mean that someone will die soon. Dreams about black dragons can signify the dreamer’s secrets and mysteries he keeps from others in real life.

Maybe you are afraid that something or someone might reveal your secret, so your subconscious mind filters those fears through these dreams.

The black dragon can also symbolize an enemy you still have not recognized in your waking life.


Dragons are present in various myths and legends, and even though they are not real, we are still fascinated by them and their mythological significance. Dreaming about them can give you helpful information about your current mental state and personality.

When interpreting these dreams, always remember that the color of the dragon can change the interpretation of the dream, depending on the dreamer’s outlook of the dragon and the color. Furthermore, if you manage to remember other details, that is also very handy.

Have you ever dreamed of a dragon? What color was it? Please, share your dream scenarios with us! Do not be shy and ask away if you have any questions or doubts.

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