Dream About Red Hair (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Red Hair

While dreams are considered mental imagery that happens when you sleep, these are often associated with fragments of our waking lives. Accordingly, these make dreams a little mysterious―and sometimes impactful.

But how does one interpret dreams, specifically if you dream of red hair? Well, there could be a lot of explanations, depending on how the dream occurred. Before we delve into the various interpretations, let’s learn more about dreams in general.

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Delving Deeper into Dreams and its Occurrence

A dream is a state of consciousness that occurs when we sleep. This is characterized by a succession of sensory images, emotions, and ideas at certain stages of the sleeping cycle, particularly during the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) phase.

At this stage of your sleep, brainwaves are operational. Studies show that the brainstem is involved in generating REM sleep. It plays a pivotal role in sending signals for the muscles to relax so you don’t physically act out your dreams. Meanwhile, it is the forebrain that generates the creation of dreams.

As a part of the sleeping cycle, dreams can be helpful in incorporating memories and processing emotions. Consequently, a dream interpretation largely depends on the circumstances you are in during the sleeping cycle.

Knowing the Interpretation of Hair Colors in a Dream

Having a dream of hair colors can serve as an omen that embodies your inner strength. Moreover, different hair colors like orange hair, black hair, lighter green hair, light purple hair, darker green hair, and dark purple hair could represent something. So, what does it mean to dream of red hair?

If you dreamt of red hair―whether short hair or long hair―it could mean a lot of things. Red hair generally signifies your passion for achieving your ambitions. The color red indicates your fiery behavior and solid mindset, making sure that your goals are accomplished―come hell or high water.

Along with that, red hair also means that you need to strike a balance between your work and your relaxation. It could be an important indication that you need to take a break and unwind from all the stressors in your life.

Dream About Red Hair (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

To construe the meaning of red hair in a dream, we have detailed them by category, depending on various circumstances.

1. Dreams related to the size and appearance of your red hair

  • You have short red hair.

Meanwhile, if you have short red hair in your dream, this connotes your confidence in standing up for what you believe. You are willing to accomplish your ambitions despite the challenges that may come your way.

  • You have long red hair.

Often than not, this dream occurs when you have lots of frustrations. Or perhaps you are unsure of what the future holds. Long red hair could be interpreted as a stream of positive changes coming into your life. It signifies that your sacrifices will soon be rewarded and this will lead you towards great success.

While this dream could be a strong message of good luck, you still need to work hard to reach your ambitions. Do the right thing to surpass your struggles and become financially independent.

  • You have a mass of red hair.

If you are someone who is very self-critical, this is a sign to believe and be kind to yourself. You only have one life, so don’t push yourself too hard. Life may be full of twists and turns, challenges, and disruptions, but it’s okay to step back and reconsider your choices.

Going through a trying phase in your life is normal. Just have faith in your capability to change your life for the better and focus on your own improvement.

  • You have dirty red hair.

Dreaming with dirty red hair means that you may be looking for attention, unfortunately, in all the wrong aspects. Cynicism could be risky, especially if you are simply motivated by self-interest to serve your own needs.

So, if you’re planning to be unique or attract attention, try to consider the people around you. It’s important that you do accomplish your goals ethically with empathy, honesty, and professionalism.

2. Dreams related to the changes in your red hair

  • You have red hair that grows quickly.

If you dream of your own hair growing quickly, this could mean that your courage and self-esteem have drastically grown. It showcases your developments in handling challenges or major changes in your life.

For example, you may consider problems as something frightening and uncontrollable. But now, you consider difficult situations as an avenue for you to grow as a person. This dream also encourages you to use your hardships to improve your way of living.

  • You experience a mysterious loss of red hair.

This dream could mean that you have been too focused on your ambition of financial independence that you have disregarded your health―which is the most crucial wealth of all. If you come across this occurrence in your sleep, it’s time to prioritize your health.

Take care of your body properly, and this is not just about the physical aspects but also your mental and emotional well-being.

  • You cut your red hair.

A dream of cutting your red hair could be an indication that you are escaping from your past. And if you are running away from something in the past, it’s best that you face it as soon as possible than prolong it. It’s important to remove old and toxic energies so you can start a new one and improve your life.

  • You treated your red hair.

It connotes your need to change location or job. If you believe you are not treated right at your workplace or you are taken for granted by someone, this could be a sign to make your move.

Do what is best for you because you deserve all the goodness in life. And as long as you are not stepping on someone, you are bound to achieve your goals.

3. Dreams related to the activities you do with your red hair

  • You hide your long red hair.

This could be interpreted that you are anxious about a specific aspect of your personality or maybe an area of your life. Hiding your long red hair indicates that you have a secret that you are embarrassed about.

Unfortunately, this secret of yours may cause damage to your life. So, this dream encourages you to face your fear of embarrassment and address the situation properly.

If in your dream you are flaunting your long hair, it points out that you are in need of approval. It may be associated with something that you are insecure about. So, you have to deal with your anxiety to move on to the next stage of your life and achieve all the honor that is due to you.

4. Other dreams related to red hair

  • You look at someone with red hair.

Whether you dream of a redhead, carrot top, or someone with ginger roots, this implies that your life is full of successful ideas. Therefore, if you are working on a new project, there could be good news waiting for you.

However, you need to take note that dreaming of changing your hair color is another thing. Generally, hair dyes are connected with health, so it may be a reminder that you need to prioritize your health. Altering hair color could also mean having an improvement in your lifestyle or social status.

  • You are in awe of a redhead.

In case you are infatuated with red hair in your dream, it may convey your attraction or desire to be closer to a person. This may also be associated with your sensuality and yearning to show your true feelings to someone you know for a long time.

  • You see someone combing red hair.

Often, this dream means that you want the attention of the person in your dream. Perhaps this could also be interpreted that your connection with this person has started to deteriorate, hence the need to reconnect and sort things out.

Try to evaluate what went wrong and patch things up to avoid further misunderstandings. Your dream serves as a signal to re-establish your relationship.

  • You see someone pulling red hair out.

While this is not bad luck, it could be a sign of betrayal. There could be someone that you know who would do everything just to ruin your reputation and good intentions. This person is fueled by arrogance and jealousy, so you need to assess your circle of friendships or even workmates.

  • You see someone’s red hair dropping off.

It is a sign that a person you know is in need of help, so try to extend a helping hand to your loved ones, including family and friends. Share words of encouragement to lift up their spirits. Always remember that kindness goes a long way.


Dreaming of red hair has different interpretations. While it’s okay to take into account these dreams and consider these explanations, always remember that you have full control of your life. Dreams are just a series of premonitions that make give you endless possibilities.

Focus on what you can do and don’t dwell too much on assumptions. Always remember that dreams are not part of reality―but you can make them happen. Make your dreams come true with hard work and determination.

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