Dreams about Defecating? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dreams about Defecating (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Nobody wants to talk about defecation, and dreaming of it might gross you out – but not much in the spiritual world happens by chance, and this dream could be bringing you an important message.

However, interpreting something like this is not always easy – so in this post, we talk about the spiritual meaning of defecating in a dream to help you understand what it was about.

Dreams about Defecating – The symbolism

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Before we talk about how to interpret a dream of defecation, we need to start by saying a few words about the symbolism of the act of defecating and of excrement itself – since how we think of the things we dream of can greatly affect how we interpret the dream.

Broadly speaking, human excrement is almost universally seen as something disgusting and smelly – it’s not something we like to see, and it’s not even something we like to talk about.

Indeed, in many cultures, even the left hand, which is traditionally used to wipe after defecation, is seen as ritually unclean and is not used to pass things to people or to eat with.

The act of defecation is similarly taboo. It’s not usually considered polite to do a number two at somebody’s house if you are only there for a brief visit, and the noises you make while seated on the porcelain throne can be a source of embarrassment.

For example, in Japan in particular, toilets are designed with special buttons to reproduce the sounds of flushing so as to prevent other people from hearing other less savory sounds.

However, we may just about be able to find some positive associations since excrement can be used as fertilizer – although not normally human excrement.

Also, the act of defecation can be seen as purging one’s body of waste, something that could be seen as having a deeper spiritual meaning, as we shall see in just a moment.

Dreams about Defecating? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Having looked at some of the associations we have with defecating, now let’s move on to considering what it means if defecation appears in your dreams.

  1. Letting out negative emotions

As we just mentioned, one of the positive aspects of defecating is that it is a kind of waste disposal system for your body, getting rid of all the matter that can’t be used as food.

For this reason, rather than representing anything dirty or disgusting, defecation in a dream could symbolize you purging yourself of negative emotions.

If you dreamed that you were doing a number two in your dream and that your bowel movement was smooth and satisfying, it could tell you that you have recently found closure in a situation that was troubling you.

Perhaps somebody wronged you, but now they’ve apologized and you’ve forgiven them – or you’ve otherwise managed to let go of the anger and other negative feelings you were holding.

In this case, the dream of defecating could tell you that the matter is now closed, you’ve let out the negative emotions and you’re ready to move on with your life in a healthier frame of mind.

Alternatively, if you were struggling to defecate in your dream, it could imply that you have pent-up negative emotions that you need to let out.

If you think this might be what the dream was about, spend time analyzing your emotions and try to work out where the negativity is coming from.

After this, you can then work on purging yourself of these feelings – because carrying around such negativity is not healthy, either mentally or spiritually.

  1. Giving up unhealthy habits

Another similar possibility could be that you are currently trying to give up an unhealthy habit, and your dream represents your efforts to do this.

Again, the ease with which you defecated in the dream could tell you how easy you are finding giving up your bad habit, and if it was difficult in the dream, you might think about how you can make it easier for yourself to succeed.

  1. Cutting ties with toxic people

Rather than giving up a bad habit, your dream of defecation could be about your need to cut ties with a toxic person or people in your life.

The act of defecating in your dream might be a metaphor for you expulsing somebody from your life, and the fact that this is appearing in your dream means it’s important enough for your subconscious mind to send you this message.

That being the case, you should spend time thinking deeply about your dream and who it could be about, and once you come to your conclusions, you should consider how to rid yourself of the person and their negativity.

  1. Desire to escape from an unpleasant situation

Dreaming of defecating can also tell you that you are trying to escape from a difficult situation – you are trying to relieve yourself of the burden and move forward with your life in a more positive way.

What could the excrement represent in your case? Perhaps it could be your relationship? Or maybe it could symbolize your job?

Only you will be able to determine what the dream is telling you about, but once you come to understand what it means, you will be more ready to do whatever needs to be done to improve your situation.

  1. In need of spiritual cleansing

This kind of dream can also represent a desire for spiritual cleansing. Perhaps you have started to take a keener interest in your spiritual development of late, but you are aware that certain aspects of your life are likely to hamper your spiritual growth.

This could be something like too strong an attachment to material goods, a selfish or negative temperament, having too short a temper or always being in too much of a hurry to have time for meditation and mindfulness.

Whatever it is, the dream of defecation could represent you pushing these things from your life as you prepare to take the next important steps on your spiritual journey.

  1. A new start

In a similar way, this dream could represent your desire for a new start, not in a spiritual sense but in a more practical sense in the physical world.

Maybe you feel that your life has grown stale, or you are just ready for the next phase of your life to begin. At times like these, you might dream of defecating, which represents leaving certain elements of your old life in the past as you prepare to step into the future.

  1. Unexpected wealth

Some people believe that dreaming of defecating foretells that you will soon come into unexpected wealth. Perhaps you will suddenly receive money from an inheritance left to you by a distant relative or the money could come from some other unforeseen source.

In any case, whether you believe this interpretation or not, after dreaming of defecation, it might be an opportune moment to buy a lottery ticket – because you never know!

  1. Vulnerability

When we sit down on the toilet or otherwise squat down to do our business, it puts us in a vulnerable position, and if we are attacked while we are pooping, we are unready to defend ourselves.

This means dreaming of defecation may tell you that you are feeling vulnerable in your life, perhaps emotionally, psychologically or financially.

For this reason, you should think carefully about what this dream is telling you and why you are having it – and think about how you can defend yourself against any perceived dangers that might be coming your way.

  1. Embarrassment

If someone walks in on you pooping, it can cause immense embarrassment, and this can be another interpretation of this dream.

Perhaps there is something you have done that is causing you embarrassment – or maybe there’s something that will cause you embarrassment if other people find out.

With this kind of dream, it’s important to work out what the source of the embarrassment is because only then can you think about the best way to deal with it.

Perhaps you need to put your hands up and apologize – or the best course of action could be to “come clean” and admit to what you’ve done on your own terms rather than risking somebody finding out about it by accident.

  1. Stubbornness

A defecation dream can also tell you that you are being stubborn in a certain area of your life.

Have you argued with someone and are convinced that you’re in the right?

Then this dream could be telling you to look at things from their point of view because if you are honest with yourself, it may turn out that you are at least partially to blame.

  1. Constipation – a spiritual blockage

We mentioned above that dreaming of defecation may represent your desire to grow and develop spiritually – and so dreaming of being constipated may mean you are suffering from a spiritual blockage.

If you have a dream such as this, spend time in meditation and deep thought to try to work out what is causing the blockage as well as what you can do to remove it and release your inner spiritual potential.

Several possible spiritual meanings

As we have seen, there are several possible meanings of a dream about defecating, and although you might prefer to just forget the dream, it’s important to try to understand it.

To do this, apply the dream to your current life situation and the challenges you have recently been facing. Then, by trusting your intuition, you will be led to the correct meaning of what you saw.

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