Dream about House? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream about House

Dreams about a house are often comforting, but they may also harbor feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. The smaller details of these dreams makes it easier to determine the meaning, but you must first understand what to look for.

When you dream of a house, pay attention to the condition of the house and how you feel about being there for the biggest interpreters of spiritual meaning. Other details, such as color or personal significance, may play a major role in your interpretation.

Keep reading to learn more about the common spiritual meanings and included symbols when you dream about houses.

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What Does It Mean When You Dream about a House?

A dream of a house may relate to many areas of your waking life, including your emotions, your outlook on life, your past, and your present situation. Overall, we consider the house to represent our life path as a whole.

Specific details, such as the mood of your dream or the type of house you dream about, can help you interpret the meaning of your dream. The parts of the house you focus on are also major indicators to the dreams’ meaning.

Some general spiritual meanings and associations include:

  • Attic: hidden memories or repressed thoughts
  • Basement or cellar: subconscious thoughts, fears, and intuition
  • Bathroom: instincts and privacy; also thoughts of purification or renewal
  • Bedroom: privacy and thoughts kept close; also sexuality, intimacy, and desire
  • Ceiling: spiritual perspectives
  • Closet: aspects you actively hide
  • Den or offices space: work, industry, efficiency, and progress
  • Doors: transitions; open spaces and open minds
  • Driveway: an ending to a period of your life or a journey
  • Fence: obstacles or barriers to overcome
  • Hallway: exploration
  • Kitchen or dining room: nourishment, healing, and family
  • Living room: social life and the mask you wear in these settings
  • Porch or patio: opening yourself to ideas, individuals, and possibilities

Dreams of houses relate to your personal identity and emotional state, but they’re usually a marker for positive progress. Some dreams may encourage you to improve your life, but dreams of the home are often positive omens that hint at a better future.

They may be a premonition of a move you’re unaware of, or you may find yourself living in this home sometime in the future. Regardless of the real-world application of your dream, your subconscious mind uses the home to symbolize different aspects of your life.

1. You Are Reflecting on Your Past

Dreams of a familiar home from your past, such as your childhood home or your grandparent’s home, show up when you’re reflecting on or living in the past. These dreams may take you back to that time or simply hint at where you came from.

Depending on how you feel, your dream interpretation may be positive or negative. Sometimes we need to revisit the past to see how much we’ve grown, but spending too much time there or dwelling on certain aspects will hold us back.

Pay attention to what still has hold over you today, and try to figure out what the dream means to tell you by taking you back.

2. A Dramatic Transformation Is Soon upon You

A Dramatic Transformation Is Soon upon You

A dream of a new house often foreshadows dramatic changes in your life. This dream meaning may hint at physical, emotional, professional, or spiritual change, so it’s important to assess your life and potential in these areas.

The rooms you visit in the home and the weight on your soul in the dream hint at exactly where this change will occur. For example, staring at the ceiling of the house may mean you will expand your spiritual connection and have a more enlightened mindset.

Dreams of buying a previously abandoned house or a bit of a “fixer upper” may mean you have a lot of work to do, and you need to rework your entire life to get where you want to be.

3. Your New Reality Is Being Worked On

A house dream about building a new house (i.e. walking through the framework or over a freshly set foundation) sends the message that your new reality is in the works. While some things are in your control during this period, you’re often at the mercy of the universe.

Now is the perfect time to solidify your spiritual connection and your belief system so surprises do not upset you.

Pay attention to what stage of development the new home is. This can hint at how far you are in this journey and how far you have to go.

4. You Still Have Work to Do

These dreams may also hint at the work you need to do in your life. This meaning is more accepted in dreams of a house that is partially finished or demolished and left unattended.

Pay attention to any damage in the home that has not been tended to, such as a broken window or peeling paint. This may seem like a small detail, but the condition of the house ties directly to different aspects of your personality and overall condition.

5. You Harbor an Outdated Idea, Belief, or Way of Thinking

Dreams of a dirty house or heavily damaged house relate to outdated ideas and old habits that you hold onto. Sometimes, the house may appear perfectly fine but harbor an uncomfortable atmosphere that urges you to make a change.

If you dream of an old house that makes you feel uncomfortable, ashamed, unsettled, or trapped, consider what you might be doing in waking life to do the same thing.

Prioritize the foundational work instead of throwing paint on everything and calling it a day.

6. You Have Unresolved Feelings, Fears, or Worries Holding You Down

You Have Unresolved Feelings, Fears, or Worries Holding You Down

Dreams of a haunted house (or really any house that makes you feel haunted) relate to unresolved aspects of your life. These things haunt your psyche, leading to bursts of hatred, anger, despair, and rage in your waking life.

These may relate to your past, present, or future, but these are things that actively hold you back. Whether you’re dwelling on the past or anxious about what is to come, you need to take this as a sign to work through these feelings.

7. You Should Spend More Time on Self-exploration

If you dream of a house that is completely unfamiliar to you, it may be a symbol of how little you know yourself. While we spend our whole lives in these bodies, the mediocrity of real life makes it easy to put a buffer between our body and soul.

Something in your life may be changing so fast that you go into survival mode, or you may have come out of a period of depression or trauma that leads to the disconnect.

Take time to reflect on who you were, who you are, and who you want to be. Learn to embrace every corner of your being, and don’t put too much pressure on positive change in your life.

This is the time to sit in the moment and breathe freely.

8. Major Destruction Is Happening or Will Soon Occur in Your Life

Dreams in which a house has been flooded or suffered serious fire damage often come before major emotional destruction in your life. This differs from tangible situations that are easy to compartmentalize, and reconstructing your life may be more difficult than you think.

Pay attention to where the damage in the home is the worst. These specific rooms may hint at where you will be most affected, and you can prepare yourself by strengthening your resolve.

Alternatively, dreams that involve your home holding strong against water damage (i.e. floating during a flood) show that you are strong enough to ride these waves of emotions and come out fairly unaffected.

9. You Feel Threatened or Vulnerable

Dreams of damage from ground damage, such as earthquakes, demolition, or pests, hint at outside forces conspiring against you. While you may not yet realize this threat, your subconscious recognizes the threat and your vulnerabilities.

This type of dream may also pop up when you’re running through situations that have harmed you before, such as falling in love. It’s important to stay in tune with your thoughts and emotions while using logic to keep yourself steady during this time.

Take time to identify why you would feel this way, then address the issue at its source.

10. Someone Has Crossed Your Boundaries or Encroached on Your Perceived Territory

Someone Has Crossed Your Boundaries or Encroached on Your Perceived Territory

Dreams that involve trespassing or breaking and entering symbolize someone crossing your boundaries and encroaching on your personal space. Because the house symbolizes your life as a whole, we don’t want to see anything bad happen to it.

These dreams are often riddled with anxiety, but you cannot ignore the intruder in your life. You need to get yourself out of that situation and set the record straight to ensure it does not happen again.

This may involve reaching out for help, reaffirming your boundaries, or setting up new methods to ensure your security.


While dreams about houses relate to our life as a whole, it takes a lot of introspection to figure out their specific meaning and apply that to waking life. You may revisit the same house or room several times before the meaning clicks.

Remember to inventory your thoughts and smaller details from your dream, and keep an open mind when trying to make connections. Because some interpretations involve things we hide from ourselves, it’s not always easy to find the answer.

Do you dream about houses often? What sticks out to you, and what do you think this means about your waking life?

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