Seeing Dead Person Alive In Dream (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Seeing Dead Person Alive In Dream (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dreams of a dead person can be quite terrifying and nostalgic at the same time, especially if it’s someone you dearly loved. And often than not, such dreams connote negative emotions because of their association with death. However, dreams of a dead person do not necessarily mean a bad omen.

Seeing a dead person alive in a dream meaning could be explained in various ways. In fact, some are considered positive symbolisms, depending on the situation and the people in your vision. Therefore, it’s critical to know that dream meaning may vary accordingly.

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Why death is as important as life?

Before anything else, let’s take a quick discussion of how death is an inevitable part of human life. Unlike its counterpart, which is birth or life, discussing death is primarily considered taboo by society. Hence, people tend to dismiss this topic from conversations.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that death, just like birth, is a fragment that makes up one’s life. And although it is a devastating happening that brings anguish and feelings of guilt, it’s crucial to talk about this rather pivotal aspect to fully comprehend its weight.

Why does your subconscious mind create this kind of dream?

There are a lot of ways to grieve for a beloved who passed away. Unfortunately, some are drowned in despair because of the overwhelming pain of loss, which then result in depressive thoughts.

Consequently, medical researchers believe that if you come across a dead person in your dream, alive and kicking, it could be related to a mental condition. One of the reasons could be your deep attachment to the person. This is why your subconscious mind tries to create stories to alleviate your sadness.

But beyond that close relationship and the emotions shared, seeing a dead person alive in your dreams could have a deeper meaning. So, if you want to find out the other interpretations associated with dreams of a dead person, continue reading below.

Seeing Dead Person Alive In Dream (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Setting aside the scientific explanations, dream often has certain symbolisms that arise from spiritual beliefs and cultural traditions. These visions sometimes convey a message to the dreamer so they can slow down and evaluate their waking life.

1. You are drowning in sadness.

A definite explanation of your dream is because of the mounting grief that stems from a death of a loved one. Losing someone very close to you is one of the most difficult experiences of human life. Such tragic events make you question the creator above or even the essence of life itself.

Because of your devastation, this triggers your mind to craft such dreams to comfort you and give you happiness, even in the dream world.

More than that, seeing your dead loved one alive in your dream means that you still haven’t found peace with their passing. Perhaps there are some things that you want to know or do, but all these were cut short because of their death.

2. It represents an end of a phase in your own life.

This dream also signifies a culmination of a certain part of your real life. Therefore, this serves as a reminder for you to leave the past behind and move forward so you’ll be able to live freely. Don’t hold a grudge because harboring negative emotions would cause you more stress in the near future.

In addition, count your blessing and appreciate the things around you rather than continuously going back to the past. Remove old habits that are dragging you down and focus on areas that make you happy.

If you find it hard to pass through the changes in your life, reach out to your loved ones. And as you relinquish the older times, make sure you live with no regrets.

3. It is a sign to prioritize important things.

When was the last time you spend quality time with your loved ones? Or have been disregarding your health for the past years? Dreaming of a dead person alive is a warning for you to concentrate on things that are essential, from your health to your family.

If you keep ignoring your health, for instance, it won’t be long before your body gets revenge in the form of an illness or even your own death. On the other hand, if you continue to neglect your duties as a family member, this can lead to serious rifts in your relationship.

Thus, keep tabs on the things that are pivotal to your happiness and growth. It’s a must to allocate your time properly, so you won’t miss on relevant areas of your personal life.

4. The spirit of the dead wants to convey something.

Dreams of dead relatives or acquaintances also indicate an important message that should not be ignored. Often than not, this kind of dream requires you to pay close attention because your deceased loved one might be sending you a significant message that needs your assistance.

Try to figure out the details of your dream one by one so you can interpret their message clearly. Deciphering your vision not just gives you peace of mind but also helps you move on. So, if you come across this particular dream, make sure you take your time to unravel its meaning for your own good.

5. You are guided by your deceased loved one.

Although death separates people, this does not completely cut off our ties with them. Sometimes, the dead makes use of dreams to give you hope and help you go through the tough times of life. They provide guidance so you can handle whatever hardships that may come your way.

Moreover, this dream implies that you need to get down to business and focus on the bright side of life. Stop procrastinating about things that are out of your control and ditch your negative behaviors. Lastly, don’t forget to choose your happiness.

6. It embodies the feeling of fear.

Seeing a deceased person alive may ignite certain emotions, and the most evident might be feelings of anxiousness and worry. In real life, the interpretation of this dream intertwines with your concern for someone. You are afraid for their well-being and at the same time, you fear that you’ll end up like them.

This dream generally occurs if you know someone is stuck in a compromising situation. Meanwhile, death dreams also signify your fear of dying. You may be clouded by dark thoughts in your waking life, hence the creation of these visions.

Despite the trials that you encounter, it’s best that you keep a positive attitude. Seeing the beauty in every problem may be difficult, but this actually helps you get past the tough times with ease.

7. Your past may reemerge, and it impacts you negatively.

This dream indicates that your past is trying to reappear and ruin your present life. If this happens, you need to be ready. Be in full control of your decisions and don’t let the things that you’ve done before define you. Furthermore, never allow the past to affect your choices.

Remember that we all make mistakes. But as long as you fix them and vow not to do it again, then you can move forward with your life. It’s all a matter of perspective, and of course, support from the people around you.

8. It serves as a positive omen.

Talking to a dead person in your dream may be quite frightening, but this could actually be a good sign. It means that luck is on your side, so continue doing what you are up to. More so, it’s imperative for you to exert more effort so you achieve your goals.

Not only that, but this dream also connotes that you are treated kindly by the people around you. Therefore, you should be thankful for their presence and not take them for granted. And don’t forget to live in harmony and unity with the people you love.

9. It may characterize your instability to make your own decisions.

If in the dream, the dead person is alive but is not talking to you, it implies that you are easily swayed by the opinions of other people. Furthermore, it denotes that you are lacking in terms of individuality, hampering your growth.

Take this dream as a sign to showcase your resilience despite the criticisms and judgments. Fortify your willpower so you can stand up all by yourself and make decisions according to your own choices.

10. The universe is at your side.

Dreams like these are sometimes considered a sign that the universe is consoling you. So, if you’re in a tough situation, this can give you peace of mind and comfort. Your dream implies that you are not alone in your battle.

More than that, this dream points out that there are people willing to lend you a hand. The presence of your dead loved ones in your vision helps you surpass the trial. So, don’t give up on your aspirations in life and keep on striving for things that would make you happy.


We hope that you find the list of interpretations above helpful in decoding the meaning of your dream. But of course, you can’t fully depend your life on fate and prophecies. Be your own master and control your decisions.

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