8 Effective Ways To Dream About What You Want

8 Effective Ways To Dream About What You Want

Have you ever wanted something to the extent of dreaming about it? Dreams have been a mystery to everyone since the world began because they are powerful and could have severe effects on one’s life and existence.

Most times, dreams reflect your hopes and fears about what tomorrow holds and even help to revisit your past. When we want something, we don’t stop until we can place our hands on it. Similarly, when you wish to dream about a particular thing, you only have to do all it takes to achieve that.

Enough of the bad dreams; you can take charge and dream about what you want. Tell yourself what you want to begin to have good dreams only

You might be wondering how possible is that. Let’s take you through how to change the course of your dream and begin to dream about what you want.

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8 Effective Ways To Dream About What You Want

The following tips will come in handy in achieving the same dreams you wish to have:

1. Control your dream

Dreams are believed to be a message from the supernatural realm. Many people believe that our guardian angels speak to us through dreams. We don’t often have control over our dreams, which makes them more divine. However, we can control the events in our dream by controlling our subconsciousness even while sleeping.

Before you can dream about what you want, you must be able to control your dream. This might not be an easy task but with time, you would master the art. Practice by trying to do a reality check when dreaming. Once it occurs to you that all you can see is a dream, try to sustain the dream.

You can control your dream by making small objects appear and disappear by touching them. Stay calm while doing all these and immerse yourself in the dream world.

2. Remind yourself periodically that you are dreaming

Once you start learning to control your dream, be conscious about remembering the act of dreaming. Once you come to this realization, tell yourself every time it happens. Not doing this may make you forget that you’re in the dream realm, thus, losing control of the situation.

You’ll always feel more in charge and capable of controlling and changing your dream scenario by bringing them to your remembrance.

3. Summon a dream object

You can also summon a dream object or something you want to hold in your hands and play with. If you want this to work out, you must be creative about your dream object. For instance, if you want to dream about a cake, you can hold on to a cake and then imagine that you are in a restaurant placing an order for that cake.

This will help you control your subconsciousness. Also, don’t think too hard about what you want to dream about. Create a natural environment that makes you enter your desired dream without the stress.

4. Consciously practice lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming is one practical way to control your subconscious mind to bring forth specific dreams. It entails being conscious of your dream state. Lucid dreams are highly beneficial to the body as it helps to lessen anxiety and improve your psychomotor skills. It’s also useful for developing a creative mind.

Apart from its therapeutic benefits, lucid dreaming can help you take charge of your dream life. You can sync your imagination into your dream and see whatever you wish to see. However, if not properly done, lucid dreaming may decrease sleep quality and lead to hallucinations.

5. Develop a powerful imaginative mind

Dreams are helpful for expanding your imaginative mind. For instance, you can dream about having an exotic vacation on a lush island. This can only be possible if you can evoke such imaginations.

Your ability to control your imagination can affect your dream life positively. Seeing yourself acting as the CEO of a multinational company can spur you in real life to man up for such a feat. So, your imagination matters as it has the ability to influence your dream life.

With your sharpened mind, you can control what you want to see and whatnot. Your ability to bring your imagination to play will definitely pay off positively.

6. Change the scenery

Once you realize that you are dreaming, change the scenery. Try creating an imaginary door that when opened will take you to where you want to be. Also, create the scenery you wish for by adding familiar scenarios or scenes.

For instance, if you want to dream about your childhood home, you can start by creating the scene. Evoke your favorite spot or an object commonly found in that spot. This might be a tree or a favorite flower.

Use your imagination to bring this object to your backdoor, your playground, and every important place in the home you hold dear to you. By this, you would have succeeded in creating your fantasies.

If possible, place a picture of the image you are trying to dream about close to your bedside before you sleep.

7. Limit Exposure to an Alternate reality

Exposure to nature and alternate realities can affect your dreams negatively. These realities have a way of affecting the mind and tinkering with your dreams. Someone who played a violent video game or watch scary horror movies before bed will likely evoke unpleasant nightmares.

So, it’s best to limit such adventures so that you can have control over your dream life. Always stop playing violent games before bed. If you have to watch a scary movie, do so in the daytime.

Exposure to hard drugs and alcohol can tinker with your mind, thus reshaping your dreams negatively. Drugs can make you hallucinate when dreaming. So, it’s best to do away with hard drugs so that you’ll have the power to take charge of your dream life. If you have to take alcohol, ensure you don’t overconsume it. Apart from its bad effect on your dream life, drugs and alcohol are bad for your health and well-being.

8. Write down your dream.

When you wake up, remember to write down your dream. Get a dream journal and a pen to take note of the point where you started lucid dreams. Note down everything you were able to achieve and things you couldn’t do. Once you know things you can’t do, ask yourself what is holding you back and address the issue immediately.

Essential tips for dreaming about what you want

Incorporate these practical steps into your daily routine to get instant results:

1. Control your diet

The kind of dream you have can also be determined by the food you eat. If you want to dream about what you want, don’t eat two to three hours before sleeping, and cut down on substances like cigarettes, caffeine, alcohol, and late-night snacking. This will help you digest your food early and lead to a more restful dream.

2. Put roses in your bedroom.

Getting to sleep with roses in the room aids in a more pleasant dream. Scientists conducted a dream study where women slept with roses all through the night for 30 nights. They were reported to have more pleasant dreams than they are used to.

3. Be conscious about relaxing

Having a relaxing bedtime routine makes it easy to fall asleep. To avoid dreaming about unpleasant things and any events, create a relaxing atmosphere by reading a book, meditating, or drinking tea. Find the bedtime routine that is perfect for you.

As you sleep, push away painful thoughts and avoid watching scary television programs and movies. This will help get good REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Light switches, anxiety, alarm clock, and other triggers do not work with the dream world. Instead, it could have adverse side effects leading to PTSD and can only be resolved with the help of a psychologist or therapist.

4. Tackle stress

Most times, the harmful nightmares we have result from the anxiety and the stress we pass through in real life. Don’t let these things weigh you while trying to fall asleep during bedtime. Instead, get a bedtime exercise that can relieve you of stress. However, don’t exercise too close to bedtime, as this can keep you up.

5. Go to bed earlier

People who stay up till late at night tend to have scary dreams compared to those who hit the bed early. Try to suspend all brain activities and go to bed early if you want to take control of your dream world. This helps to release the stress hormones early.

Not going to bed on time also causes sleep paralysis or sleep disorder with many adverse side effects. Draft out a good sleep schedule to live a healthy life and take control of your state of consciousness.


It’s possible to dream about whatever you wish. You have to be intentional about this process to make this happen. Follow all practical steps in the piece to control what you see in La La land.

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