Dream About Birds? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Birds

Dreams about birds can be ambiguous. There are plenty of scenarios involved; were the birds descending or ascending? Were they black, white, or some other colored? Some dreams can signal peace and prosperity, while others can be an omen of ill-health and sickness.

To your rescue, in this post, we’ve listed 17 possible birds dream plots and their meanings. Let’s begin with finding out what dreams about black birds mean.

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Dream About Birds (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1. Dreaming about black birds

While dreaming about black birds is generally considered a bad omen; an omen of bad news, sickness, or death, at the same time, black bird dreams also signal growth and development. This dream suggests that you must deeply focus on yourself and your spiritual advancements.

Also, it’s time for you to explore and learn new skills. You might be lately feeling unmotivated and bored, but it’s your time to unleash your full potential. Overall, despite the bad rep of black bird dreams, this dream signals that it is the perfect time for you to invest more time and energy into yourself.

2. Dreaming about white birds

White birds in dreams are often associated with peace, love, and harmony. Recurrently seeing white birds in your dreams means that you’re able to have a clearer perspective in your life. You now know what and who is good for you.

This dream also indicates that you’ll be able to rise above the negative circumstances in your life. You’ve long pondered on your past, and now you’ve finally realized that it’s time to move on. You’ll choose to invest your energy in bringing more peace and love into your life than uncertainties and chaos.

3. Dreaming about red birds

Red birds in dreams represent passion. You might meet with someone who brings out the buried passion and sexual energy in you.

But this color in a dream is also often associated with dishonesty. So, if you’re not in a happy relationship, you might choose to cheat on your partner by being above board upfront.

You might choose dishonest and violent ways such as bribery and manipulation to get what you want in your waking life. This dream suggests that you have a lot of energy inside of you, so you might soon finish all your incomplete projects.

4. Dreaming about blue birds

If you’ve dreamt of beautiful blue birds, it is an affirmation that your life will take a good turn. If you have a project in your hand or an idea in your mind, these will certainly turn out successful. You’ll be blessed with happiness, harmony, and prosperity.

All your professional, personal, and social relationships will bloom. This dream signals that your partner is loving and faithful to you. You’re at a good place in your waking life, and you know it.

5. Dreaming about yellow birds

Just as in blue bird dreams, yellow bird dreams are also fantastic omens. This dream indicates that you have fun and merry times ahead. Most probably, you’ll plan a joyous vacation with your friends or family.

New things intrigue you, and your lust for life dramatically increases. You might venture into an adventure, or it can also be a signal of a blooming romance. Yellow is also associated with authority. So, there are chances of you hearing the good news of promotion soon.

6. Dreaming about green birds

Dreams about green birds represent your self-love and self-acceptance. If you’ve been busy solving your personal and professional issues lately, you might be feeling out of tune. Take out time for yourself and treat yourself.

Green birds also mean that you’re likely to be drawn towards nature and its beauty. You want to open up and communicate and have a better social life.

7. Dreaming about purple birds

Purple birds in a dream mean that you have much more appreciable qualities in you than you’re aware of.

Your friends and family also haven’t realized your potential yet. However, this dream is telling you that now is the time. Introspect, figure out your strengths, and put them into noble causes.

8. Dreaming about catching a bird

Catching birds in a dream represent prosperity and good luck coming your way. You might win a lottery, or your business might make you a fortune. Or, you might have been left a legacy behind.

9. Dreaming about an injured bird

An injured bird in your dream represents the weakness and vulnerability you’re feeling in your waking life. You’re probably someone who worries a lot about what other people will think. You have difficulties sharing your beliefs and opinions due to the fear of being ignored or mocked.

This dream is telling you to stand up for yourself. You shouldn’t let others walk all over you. Instead, you need to let others know that you expect them and want them to respect your thoughts.

10. Dreaming about hunting birds

Hunting birds aren’t approved by many. So, if you dream of hunting birds down, it is an indication that you and your business will suffer from rejection and loss. Or, if you’re a farmer, this dream is a signal that you’re likely to have a poor harvest upcoming harvest season.

11. Dreaming about a flock of birds

Dreams about a flock of birds indicate teamwork, power, and achievements. You’re so close to success that you can smell it. But you aren’t the only one who made the project possible. You’ll be backed up by a lot of partners, supporters, and well-wishers.

You’ll receive plenty of time, effort, and motivation from others in your waking life. This dream also signals that you’ll receive a piece of fantastic news soon.

12. Dreaming about feeding birds

If you’re feeding seeds to birds in the dream, it means that whatever project or idea you’re venturing into will be successful. Just as you’re feeding the birds, you’ll feed enough time and energy to build the foundation of your business strong.

On the other hand, if you dream of feeding birds bread, it means that you’ve enough power to overcome a personal or professional attack from your enemies.

13. Dreaming about big birds eating you

Dreams, where you see yourself being ruthlessly eaten by a big bird indicate that soon you’ll encounter disappointments in your life. It can be a loos or a failure in your business or professional life.

Or your social or romantic relationships will take a bad turn. This dream can also mean that your long-term partnership or a relationship will end.

However, if, in the dream, a flock of birds is eating you, it signals a minor growth in your waking life.

14. Dreaming about birds in a cage

Did you see one bird enclosed in a cage, or were there two or more birds in it? If your answer is the former one, you’re probably feeling isolated and lonely in your waking life.

15. Dreaming about a dead bird

Was the dead bird in your dream a baby or a small bird? If yes, this dream means that you’re anxious and worried about certain situations in your waking life. They might be personal issues or professional ones.

On the other hand, if you dreamt of adult dead birds, as heartbreaking as they can be in the dream, it is actually a good omen.

Such a dream indicates that problems or unfortunate situations that have long been bothering you in your waking life will finally come to an end, and you’ll get to start afresh as you’ve always desired to.

16. Dreaming about an ascending bird

Have you lately been feeling sedentary? Like you’re at the same spot in your life as you were months or years ago? You might not be seeing any new possibilities in your waking life.

Well, if ‘yes’ is your answer, dreaming about ascending birds is a fabulous omen for you. It means that you’ll soon be awarded new opportunities in life, chances for you to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You just have to be alert and grab the opportunities at the right time.

17. Dreaming about a descending bird

Dreams about descending birds indicate that your creative energy is at its peak at the moment. You’ll become more intrigued to learn new skills.

And, if you have a creative hobby already, this dream signals that you’re likely to be more invested in it and put time and energy to create a masterpiece.


If you recently watched a bird movie, well, your bird dream certainly doesn’t need a deep interpretation. If not, gathering the tiniest details of your bird dream and finding out what message your subconscious is trying to send you can be very insightful.

However, it is essential to remember that dreams don’t dictate our reality. So, it is unnecessary to be anxious and sad on a negative dream interpretation and over-excited and merry if your dream signaled good luck and fortune. After all, it is what you do in your waking life that shapes what you achieve in your waking life.

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