Dream About Ex-Girlfriend (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Ex-Girlfriend (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dreaming about your ex-girlfriend is a common dream, which is pleasant for some men and not so enjoyable for others, depending on their relationship. If you experienced this, you probably wondered what it means.

Is there some hidden meaning behind this dream? Are you still in love with your ex-girlfriend? These are some of the questions people ask when having these dreams, which are normal.

Dreams help us process our emotions, fears, and traumas and facilitate the consolidation of memories and experiences with a significant emotional load.

Therefore, the dream was probably sparked by some event that reminded you of your ex, or you thought about her for some reason. Even though you probably dismiss it as just a random thought, dreaming about your ex-girlfriend is a sign that it means much more to you.

Before we dive into numerous interpretations, scenarios, and meanings of this dream, try to remember as many details as possible and everything that might have stood up to you in the dream. It probably has some special meaning.

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Dream About Ex-Girlfriend (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1. You Have Issues in Your Current Relationship

The first and most obvious interpretation of this dream is that you probably have issues in your current relationship.

When we dream about our ex-partners, that might be a sign of our subconscious mind that we are evaluating our new relationship and comparing it to the previous one.

You might also see your ex-girlfriend in your dream because you are not satisfied with the qualities or behavior of your current girlfriend. So, you go back and forth, thinking about whether you made a mistake and what she brought to the table that the present lacks.

2. You Are Not Over Her

If you dream of your ex-girlfriend often, there is a big chance that you are still in love with her, which is why you see her in your dream, especially if you dreamt of getting married to your ex-girlfriend or getting back with her.

Maybe you are unaware of it consciously, or you suppress those emotions, but dreaming about her is not a coincidence. Sometimes we break up with our partners because of distance, bad habits, or job opportunities, and not necessarily because we do not care for them.

However, over time we realize that it could have been a mistake and that you will never find someone like that person. So, your mind processes these emotions through the dream of your ex-girlfriend, directing your attention to these suppressed emotions you have in waking life.

3. You Are Not Sexually Satisfied

If you have a sexual dream about your ex-girlfriend that can signify that you are not sexually satisfied with your current partner. However, it does not suggest that you do not care for them; it might hint that the sexual aspect of your relationship is just not fulfilling you.

Having great passion, spice, and sexual chemistry might not be the most important thing in your relationship. Still, several studies have shown that men value it highly and need a physical connection to keep an emotional and intimate connection.

Therefore, if your sex life has been going south, that is probably the reason why you see your particular ex-girlfriend. In addition, great sex life is connected to optimal mental health- it has numerous health benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety.

4. You Have Some Unfinished Business

Ex-girlfriend dreams are not necessarily about them. Sometimes the things or people we see in our dreams can have a different and deeper meaning. For example, you might see your girlfriend in your dream because she reminds you of some trauma or bad events.

If you were in a toxic relationship and have many negative memories of your ex-girlfriend, seeing her in your dream is your unconscious mind telling you that you did not recover or get over that trauma.

You also may be harboring some resentment toward her or the past relationship. Maybe you have regrets about the relationship and believe it was a colossal mistake that left you with trauma and trust issues.

Often people who deal with trust issues and deep sadness were previously abandoned harshly, betrayed, or manipulated.

5. You Are Unhappy

Dreaming about your ex-girlfriend can be interpreted as a sign of your current unhappiness if mainly positive events and emotions mark the relationship.

Maybe something unexpected happened and caused you two to break up, and thinking of her reminds you of those good times. It does not have to mean that you should reach out and get back to them; it can just mean that you do not like your current life.

Maybe you are going through a rough patch financially, mentally, and emotionally, and you are coping with the issues thinking of your ex-girlfriend. However, if you have been single for a long time after that relationship, that can be a reason why you have this dream.

If it was your first love, it is normal and expected that you would mentally get back to that relationship or think of her because it lays the foundation for your next relationship and potentially determines your behavior and attitude toward love and affection.

6. You Need Closure

If you were in a committed and long-term relationship with someone you deeply cared about, which ended abruptly, the dream about your ex-partner might be a clue that you need closure in order to move on.

Abrupt breakups are common, and it is usually a traumatic and disappointing experience for the other person. So naturally, we need some explanation and reason why the relationship ended.

However, in real life, it often transpires in a way that you are left wondering around and thinking about what you did to cause the breakup and your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend to end it.

Finding closure is highly important because it allows us to move on and better understand the relationship.

Not everyone gets it from their partner, so if you are in this situation, focus on yourself, stop feeling sorry for yourself and try to forgive them because it will allow you to break free from that loop and open yourself for a new relationship.

7. You Are Resolving Your Issues

As mentioned, dreaming about your ex-girlfriend has numerous scenarios with different interpretations. For example, some people dream about arguing with their ex-partner or even hurting or killing them.

According to the dream expert Lauri Loewenberg, that is a good sign that you are moving on or currently dealing with your unresolved issues.

Although it sounds a bit contradictory, the killing in your dream can be symbolically interpreted as you ‘killing’ whatever had a hold on you in that relationship.

8. You Crave Adventure

If you have been married for years and suddenly dream about your ex-girlfriend, that could signify that you are bored in your marriage and crave some novelty and adventure.

A typical relationship pattern is that the ‘spark’ that initially connected two individuals disappears, and the relationship or marriage turns into a rehearsed act or routine.

Even though you may still be in love with your partner, this is a clue that you need more and feel stuck while your relationship has become devoid of excitement and passion.

Perhaps your previous partner was the complete opposite of your current girlfriend or wife, and through this dream, you reflect on that relationship that maybe was not functional but was filled with desire and fire.

Try communicating your feelings to your wife or girlfriend (without mentioning your ex) and find common ground so you can express your desires, goals, and needs.

9. You Worry About Future

If you dreamt of your ex-girlfriend proposing to you, that might be a sign that you are stuck in the past while they can move on, which is obviously bothering you.

It does not have to mean that you want to rekindle your love with them-you just cannot cope with your current life.

Sometimes we have expectations for ourselves and others, and if they manage to achieve something better, it takes away from our achievements and creates this kind of competitive mindset.

Some people even see their ex-girlfriend having a baby in their dream, which has a similar interpretation. Before you saw her with the baby, you did not doubt your life, but suddenly it made you think about your goals and what you have achieved.

Maybe you think you are left behind and have no prospects for the future, or you suddenly feel pressure to ‘organize’ your life, so you do not feel like an outcast.


Seeing your ex-partner in your dream can mean many things, such as your hidden desire to get back with them, your unresolved issues with them, that relationship, your need for closure, and sexual dissatisfaction.

It can also be a good indicator of some problems you are ignoring in your current relationship. Dreaming about your ex gives you this ‘mental escape’ from that relationship.

On the other hand, it might be a sign that you are dealing with some past trauma or need closure to move on.

Have you ever had this dream? How did it make you feel? Please share your experience with us! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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