Dream Of Someone Breaking In (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dreams reflect your unconscious mental functioning. Some theories state that dreams process issues in our lives and they are the results of brain interpretation when we sleep.

Moreover, Sigmund Freud, an Australian neurologist believes that dreams are about fulfillment and expressions of the unconscious. Does this mean dreaming of an intruder comes with a significant meaning?

In this article, we will discuss the symbolism of intruders, the interpretation of dreams about intrusions, and what to do when you dream of invasion.

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Dream Of Someone Breaking In (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

When you dream of intrusion, this might be a reflection of your psychological state. When you dream of these intruders, you might feel stressed, vulnerable, and worried about your current situation in life.

1. Undesirable personality

Dreaming of intruders is related to your personality. When you dream of it, you may dislike some of your personalities because they can break into your consciousness, thus, they hinder you from achieving your desired life path. Usually, these unwanted parts of yourself include:

  • Excessive calmness
  • Aggressiveness
  • Overthinking
  • Low self-esteem
  • Following someone else values instead of personal beliefs

There are times when you fail to accept things such as defeats and this makes you hate yourself more. However, you need to learn how to work on acceptance to make these defeats your steps towards your goals.

2. Private life

Dreaming of people invading your life can be a translation that you prefer simplicity and privacy, you become fearful when people invade your personal space, even in little things like touching your items, etc.

Generally, you are a private person and privacy is an important matter for you which is why you only share your feelings and experiences with a very small circle of friends.

Because you dislike conviviality and you are not a city person, when you decide, you decide on your own without asking for others’ opinions as you want to avoid trouble.

When you dream of intrusion, you take it as an attack on your personal boundaries instead of a message that the people around you are trying to help you out.

3. Changes in life

When you dream of these intruders, this can also signify possible unwanted changes in your life. You will experience wildness that may put you opposite to your current situation.

This means that when you dream of these intruders, you might want to prepare yourself to avoid significant damage to your personality and overall well-being.

4. Upcoming illness or disease

Sickness can intrude on your body anytime and when you dream of these intruders, this can signify the onset of disease or an unexpected family member falling into a severe health condition.

Furthermore, this is also associated with financial loss. To avoid this, you and your family can improve your diet and address all your health issues that can interfere with your career.

5. Damage to your peace

Dreaming of intruders can signify damage to your peace. You may have already planned your route but certain circumstances can alter it, thus damaging your calmness, peace, and necessary parts of yourself.

These circumstances may be physical, emotional, or financial. To avoid this, you might want to pay attention to the real intention of the people around you as some may be envious of you.

6. Guilty feelings

If you feel guilt, intrusion dreams may be common for you. Dreams contain thoughts, feelings, and the worst aspects of our character.

When you dream of these intruders, deep inside, you feel this regret and you are unable to reach peace because you might have done regretful actions in certain events in the past.

Understanding Intrusion: True Ideals

When you dream of these intruders, you should also take note of what the intruder looks like and what the intruder is trying to do in your dream. Remember, these intruders may be a symbol of the person who has the dream.

1. Dreaming of an intruder with a knife

Dreaming of an intruder with a knife may signify situations and people that have bitterness towards you. Generally, knives symbolize removing and cutting.

Likewise, dreaming of this situation also tells your sub-conscience that you need to cut away from people who are toxic to your mental health.

2. Dreaming of an intruder with a gun

If you dream of someone invading your house who is armed with a gun, this means inner conflicts such as fears, unforbidden relationships, anxieties, and too much aggression toward yourself.

3. Fighting with an intruder in your dream

If you ever dream of someone invading your house and you fight or kill that intruder in your dreams, this can represent the way you attack yourself.

Likewise, dreaming of this situation is associated with regret and guilt of not giving what is just for yourself. Generally, you want to choose yourself over others but you are too light-hearted to do it.

4. An intruder you know

If you dream of someone invading your house and this person is someone you know, it may signify that you are getting too much-unwanted attention from that acquaintance.

Generally, you are irritated with that person, and because of unpleasant experiences in the past. Sometimes, one of the causes of irritation may include sexual abuse by your ex.

When you dream of this person, you are called to be more careful and maintain a safe distance from this person.

5. An intruder threatening your life

Dreaming of an intruder in your house whose goal is to threaten you may signify possible conflicts in your family. Thus, it is highly advised to maintain communication between each member of the family.

If family conflicts are already present you are encouraged to introduce an apology or forgiveness to not make the situation or potential threats worse.

6. An intruder doing nothing in your house

When you dream of an intruder doing nothing in your house but hearing an unusual sound, the purpose of this figure simply represents the uncomfortable events that happened the day before your dream.

You might have crossed with someone who has no ill intentions toward you but their mere presence already reduces your sense of security. Unconsciously, you bring this irritation throughout the day.

7. Dreaming of an intruder tying you up

If you dream of an intruder tying you up, this can represent a person or a thing that can break your daily routine. Poverty does not concern you because you know how to handle your errands.

However, some people who hate to see you succeed try to drag you down. To avoid this organized habit of yours, stay disciplined, make other plans, and don’t keep yourself trapped in the situation.

8. An intruder exploring your whole house

If you dream of someone breaking into your house, this can signify adopted behaviors that can destroy your everyday life. Sometimes, these are harmful activities that can harm your career.

When you dream of this common inner psychological figure, make sure to decide carefully as this will not only damage you but the people around you as well.

Actual House Invasion: A Warning Sign

In some cases, dreaming of a house invasion can literally mean a possible house invasion in the near future. Dreams can predict the future. Dreams give you intuitive feelings about dangers.

So, if you ever dream of this, take it as a good sign or positive opportunity to be more vigilant and secure your valuables and home well. Make sure that all the openings of your house such as doors and windows are closed every time.

Do You Need to Worry When You Dream of An Intruder?

Of course, you should be worried when you dream of intrusion. Although you can take it lightly, you are still encouraged to not deny these dreams.

If you want to ensure safety for yourself and your family, you can take these dreams as messages and value them.

As stated above, most of the intruder meanings are about dangers and personality problems. Thus, if you treat these dreams seriously, you can avoid an unacceptable decline in your situation in the future.

What to Do After Dreaming of Invasion?

After dreaming of an invasion from an intruder, you are encouraged to identify the person, situation, or personality that makes you lose yourself. Ask yourself, is this your crush, friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, one of your family members, or some things related to your career?

If you are brave enough, you can confront this person or leave a situation that violates your boundaries. However, be ready for career and emotional deprivation once you leave these situations.

Yes, you may lose someone or something but always remember that you can stand up again and start anew. This time, then, learn to make limitations and make sure that the people around you are aware of them.

Of course, you are also encouraged to improve your behavior or attitude. If you know for yourself that you have a bad attitude, you also need to make some changes in your life.

How to Stop Invasion Dreams

Based on a study from Frontiers in Psychology, dreams are created by your waking brain and mind. Thus, if you want to stop dreaming of invasions, you might want to examine your beliefs, traits, ideas, emotions, and behaviors that give you stress in real life.

Remember that dreams of intrusion can have different meanings. Sometimes, you consider invasion dreams as nightmares and the people become aliens in our dreams.

But, keep in mind that they help you foresee the future that can keep you unsafe. If you know that you are at peace and you still dream of someone invading your house, take the dream as a warning signal instead.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, dreaming of an intruder may be frightening for you. In some ways, this dream means you are damaging yourself or you are being emotionally damaged by others.

Having said that, you might want to find a place or change your views in life so that you can feel comfort and peace. Sometimes intrusion dreams represent your desire in finding answers. So, examine yourself and how you act, and change the unwanted aspects of your life.

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