Dream Of Getting Arrested (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Do you ever dream of being chased and running away from something? If your answer is yes, you are not the only one. Although not too often, I also have those types of dreams, and the last night, I dreamt about being chased by police.

Eventually, I could no longer escape, and I was arrested. As much as it sounds silly now, it was quite an intense dream that I can’t get out of my mind even after several hours of being awake.

Although I am used to having weird dreams, this one takes the cake, and I feel curious about its meaning. I have to see what it means to dream about being arrested, and you can make me a company while a learn something new, so keep reading!

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Dream Of Getting Arrested (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dreaming about being arrested can be disturbing, but this dream can have various meanings, and each meaning reveals something about your subconscious thoughts and emotions. It can also be a warning for your waking life, and it warns you to change your behavior or bad habits.

One dream interpretation suggests that dreaming about being arrested symbolizes your strong emotions about negative experiences in your life. Such dreams provide important insight into various unresolved issues deep inside your mind.

Maybe you feel loaded with feelings of guilt, shame, and other negative emotions, or your sense of injustice causes you to dream such dreams.

This dream can also symbolize that you are abusing someone’s effort in your relationship and taking advantage of them. It also symbolizes the feeling of losing your freedom or being forced to do something that you don’t want to do.

You probably feel like your opinions and thoughts don’t matter to people around you, and this feeling might increase when you are working on group projects where your input isn’t valued enough.

Your Reaction To The Arrest

If you dream about resisting arrest, you are probably trying to fight against injustice or unfair treatment in your life. Another explanation is that you can’t accept certain things, and you are struggling against them but in vain.

If you are feeling calm during the arrest, the dream symbolizes incoming changes in your life, and you are ready to welcome them. One interpretation suggests that this dream is a good omen, as it symbolizes marriage.

Additionally, if you dream about escaping arrest, that dream symbolizes good luck, fortune, and overall success in life.

The Place Of Your Arrest

If you dream about being arrested in your home, you probably feel a lack of freedom and privacy in your life. Someone is intruding on your inner peace, and this dream is only a metaphor that tells you to stand up for yourself.

Another interpretation of this dream suggests that you have a strong fear of failure in your real life, and that fear is stopping you from living your life to the full.

If you were arrested on the street or in another public place, you are fearing public humiliation, and you care deeply about what others think of you.

The Meaning Behind Different Reasons For Getting Arrested

For a detailed dream interpretation, it is important to know the reason behind the arrest. This can completely change the context and spiritual meaning of the dream.

1. Drugs

Drugs represent any bad habit in your life or something else that has been bothering you for a long time but you didn’t have a chance to get rid of it. Either way, this dream is a message from your subconsciousness that you need to get rid of these things and start a new, clean life.

2. Murder and Assault

Dreaming about being arrested for murder and/or assault is a typical sign that you are under extreme stress. You feel like your failures are so bad that your mind equals them to murdering someone.

Maybe you feel like many things and people are depending on you, and if you make a wrong move, you’ll ruin not only your life but also the lives of people around you.

3. Robbery

The dream with you being arrested because of robbery could be caused by feelings of inadequacy. Deep inside, you fear that you don’t actually deserve any good things in your life: your family, friends, partner, and even your job.

This feeling is often called “the imposter syndrome,” and the people suffering from it have tendencies to doubt their own abilities and have self-esteem issues.

4. Traffic offense

Although being arrested for a traffic offense sounds pretty tame compared to other reasons, such dreams still have strong messages. This dream symbolizes conflicts and being slowed down by many obstacles around you.

You don’t feel that your close people are actually supporting you or giving you any motivation. However, you need to rise above that and find the motivation inside yourself.

Dreaming About Other People Being Arrested

You might also dream that the police arrest someone else. In that case, you might feel that you are above everyone else. If a person being arrested is someone you know, it might mean you will get closer to that person.

Some other interpretations say that this dream means that you identify with that person, or that you disapprove of their certain actions. However, your relation to that person is also important for the dream interpretation.

1. Your Family Members

Dreaming of your family members being arrested might symbolize that you are in the trouble and you count on the relative from your dream to help you out. Another interpretation suggests that you subconsciously feel that you neglect your family.

If the family member from your dream is your mother, you need her help in solving some of your personal issues.

2. Your Friend Or Acquaintance

If you dream about your friend getting arrested, it can have a similar meaning as dreaming of a family member. You probably need some help from them and you rely on them in general.

However, this dream can also mean that you don’t trust them and you feel like they are hiding something from you.

Also, if the person being arrested isn’t close enough to you to be called a friend, but you two know each other superficially, maybe that person did something that you disapprove of.

3. Your Partner Or Spouse

When your spouse or partner is the one getting arrested in your dreams, you need to ask yourself whether you fully trust them. Something about their past actions is bothering you, and you feel suspicion about their current behavior.

There are many secrets between you too, and you are afraid they are being dishonest with you. On the “brighter” side, if your relationship is built on honesty, this dream can also mean that you are simply worried about them.

4. Someone You Don’t Like

It is easy to see why you would dream about someone you dislike being arrested. The dream is mirroring your negative emotions towards that person. You want their freedom to be taken away from them or at least reduced so that they can no longer annoy you.

5. A Stranger

Seeing a stranger getting arrested in your dream might mean several different things. It might symbolize wrong decisions that will lead you to failure.

It can also mean that you need the change in your life, but you feel too insecure to make the first step.

Dreaming About You Arresting Someone

When the dreamer is the one who is arresting someone else in the dream, it can mean several different things. For example, it can mean that you want to exercise your authority over others. It could also mean that you are abusing your power over someone. You might be looking down on someone and seeing them as inferior.

However, this dream can also have a nicer meaning. If you are arresting someone you like, you probably want to be closely connected to them.

Other Arrest-Related Dreams

1. Arrest Warrant

If you dream of an arrest warrant issued against you, you probably feel like your freedom is suffering under various obligations. It can also mean that you feel trapped at your current work.

2. False Arrest

This dream symbolizes unfair treatment and prosecution. Someone is being unfair to you or accusing you of something you didn’t do. You feel like your voice and opinion don’t matter, and that you can’t defend yourself.

3. Mass Arrest

If you dream of mass arrests, you are probably overloaded by some conflict. The conflict might be inside you or you might have some unresolved issues with people around you.

4. Police Station

Dreaming of a police station or police officer means that you need some sort of authority that will force you to act responsibly. It can also mean that someone you know is being undisciplined and irresponsible, and you want them to change.

Final Words

Dreaming about being arrested might be one of your weirdest dreams, but you shouldn’t ignore its deeper meaning. There are several interpretations of this dream, depending on the context.

In general, having a dream of being arrested implies feelings of guilt, shame, and the need to change some bad habits or reckless behavior in your life. It also represents how you deal with your failures and obstacles in your life.

Have you ever dreamed about being arrested? How did it feel? Write in the comments!

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