Dream About Swimming Pool? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About a Swimming Pool

In some parts of the world, swimming pools are cheap so every household has one. In others, you have to play in the community pool, the river, or the lake. But what does it mean when you dream about a swimming pool? It could suggest you watched water sports before bed. But it might also have a deeper symbolic message for you, so let’s wet our feet and find out!

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Dream About Swimming Pool (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1. Emotional Clarity

Swimming pools are smaller, safer, and less dense than lakes, rivers, seas, or oceans. And if you watch someone in a pool as they kick off from the edge, they’ll often stretch out their limbs and float for a few moments before they make any effort to move their arms and legs.

They’re leaning into the feel of the water and priming their bodies for every stroke. Because water is a symbol of emotions and sentiments, dreams about swimming pools are less intense than ‘wild water’ dreams. You’re ready to swim in your feelings and sort things out.

2. Internal Hygiene

In the spiritual world, water symbolizes emotions, healing, and cleansing. So when you dream about a swimming pool, think about the location and status of the pool. Is it a hotel pool, a gym pool, or a backyard pool? This tells you what the message in the dream refers to.

A gym pool implies health and lifestyle scenarios. A hotel pool may suggest a vacation setting, a work trip, or loved ones who live overseas. If the pool is green, filmy, or dirty, your emotional matters need resolving. You’re suppressing important feelings. Let them out!

3. Leisure and Pampering

We’ve all heard about the importance of me-time. Dreaming about swimming pools could be a sign from your higher helpers that you should set some aside. A pool littered with flower petals suggests your need for relaxation and pampering, so it may be time to take a break.

If the pool is especially beautiful or has luxurious or exotic styling (e.g. saltwater pools, musical instruments, water features) then you should make an extra effort to find some time and space. You badly need the downtime and you deserve a treat, so go book that AirBnB!

4. Safety and Peace

What does it mean when you’re swimming in a pool that has trees and flowers all around you? It probably means the pool owner has a powerful filter and a higher maintenance bill from keeping dead leaves and twigs out of the pump. Particularly if the pool has no cover.

But it also means your sentiments are safe. The natural pool surroundings imply refuge and protection. Think about where the pool is – is it a house or hotel you recognize? Is someone you know in the pool with you? This means your heart is safe with the person in that pool.

5. Professional Pressure

Ordinarily, dreaming about a pool means you’re facing a deluge of feelings. But because pools are often clear and shallow, the issues in your swimming pool dream are manageable. Especially if you can see to the bottom of the pool and there are no waves, winds, or storms.

But what does it mean when you dream about an indoor swimming pool? These cost more to construct and have higher quality standards. So indoor pool dreams mean tough projects or anxiety at work. If you’re swimming laps, you can take it. You have the skills to handle it.

6. Trouble is Coming

When you’re swimming in a lake or ocean, you pay more attention than when you’re playing in a pool. You know the wild water has more risk (e.g. dangerous sea creatures, unexpected currents, jagged rocks, etc.) so you’re more alert and conscious of the surrounding water.

So if you dream about drowning in a swimming pool, it could mean an emotional wreck is headed your way. One with the capacity to debilitate you. But because it’s a pool and not an ocean, the damage is avoidable. Ask your angels how you can control or prevent the worst.

7. Angels are Calling

When someone wishes to speak to you (and if they were raised with good manners), they will knock first or ask, ‘Do you have a moment?’ This makes you more receptive than if they just barge in and interrupt you. Swimming pools in dreams could be a version of this gesture.

Water is a portal between realms. Particularly the clear water of well-kept swimming pools. So if you dream about a clean, pretty pool, it could be your higher helpers nudging you so you can focus on your intuition and wake your spiritual self in preparation for the message.

8. Hidden Grief

During the toughest parts of #GoT, both the books and the movies, a lot of memes went round about George R. R. Martin and his alleged sadism. Apparently, he likes to swim in tears, an accusation that feminists get a lot as well. A swimming pool dream says the same.

Because we know that water symbolizes emotion and that swimming pools, therefore, represent manageable emotions, dreaming about a swimming pool may mean you’re suppressing negative feelings, grief, or pain. It’s time to come out and face the situation.

9. Time to Clean Up!

You’d be surprised how many people think swimming counts as bathing. After all, the combination of chlorine and sunshine has a bleaching effect, yes? So whatever your feelings about people peeing in pools (ewww!), dreaming about swimming could be a cleansing clue.

It could mean you have some nasty sentiments that you need to purge and release. This dream is especially poignant if your dream has a saltwater swimming pool because salt has both physical and spiritual cleansing powers. A mineral pool can indicate the same thing.

10. Take Action

Swimming pools came in all styles and sizes, from DIY projects to commercial conventions. So what does it mean if you dream you’re constructing a swimming pool? You might be a contractor working at an Olympic Stadium or a dad setting up the backyard for the summer.

In both these cases, the dream means you’re actively resolving an emotional issue. It could mean you’re psychologically prepared to confront an old wound. So maybe it’s a prompt to find a therapist, repair an estrangement, or reconcile a troubled relationship. You can do it!

11. You’re Overreacting!

To truly understand the messages sent to you through dreams, you need to consider the context. We’ve mentioned several times that swimming pools signify feasible feelings. You can see to the bottom of the pool, so whatever those sensations are, you’re on top of them.

So what does it mean when you dream about swimming pools that are too big or too small? In both scenarios, it means you’re reacting wrongly to the situation. You have suppressed or magnified the importance of your emotions in a given scenario, so you need to reframe it.

12. Lack of Emotion

Suppose you dream about a swimming pool with no water in it. If the pool is old, abandoned, and seeming impossible to reclaim, this could mean you’re so deep in depression that you feel numb. The missing water implies absence of emotion due to continued trauma or grief.

The dream could also mean you’re emotionally drained by a difficult relationship, a tough situation, or a punishing job. Your angels are pointing out the problem so you can seek relief. If it’s raining in the dream, your higher helpers are reminding you they’re still with you.

13. New Soul Mate

Soul mates aren’t restricted to your love life. You might have a friend, relative, colleague, gym buddy, or mentor that you’re extremely in sync with. You fit so well together that you know you were meant to be. This person might be sent to you in a swimming pool dream.

If the pool in your dream is inflatable, this is a sign from your angels that they’re about to send a twin soul in your direction, and it could be any of the ones we’ve listed. Because the pool has to be actively inflated, the dream means you and your new mate will collaborate.

14. Creature Comforts

Here’s another direction – what if you dream about an animal in the pool? This is quite a customized dream so you’ll need help from your spirit guide to figure it out. Obviously, it’s an emotional message, but it’s diverse. Are you drawn to or scared of the animal in the water?

If the creature in the water feels positive, your angels might be helping you identify your spirit animal. But if it seems malevolent, the animal may represent danger. Ask your angels for clarity. Who or what in your waking life is linked to or represented by this dream animal?

15. Vulnerability

Dreams of being naked imply anxiety, low confidence, and fear of judgment. Especially if the other people in the dream are wearing clothes. So if you dream about naked people in a swimming pool, it suggests a kind of vulnerability, depending on the context of the dream.

If the nude swimmers were happy, this indicates emotional intimacy and the possibility of a new romantic relationship. If the nude person or people were uneasy, your guardian angels may be uncovering risky sentiments and inappropriate feelings that you’re trying to ignore.

16. Boredom and Bitterness

Many times, our spirit guides use dreams to show us what we want most, or what we might unknowingly be missing. So what does it mean if you dream you’re playing games and having fun in a swimming pool? This indicates an absence of pleasure and leisure in your emotions.

You might not be actively sad or upset, but you may be languishing, unengaged, bitter, or bored in your waking life. You’re probably on autopilot, going through the motions. Your angels send this dream to show that you can change things, and that deep down, you want to.

17. Closure and Progress

It can be quite disturbing to dream about being in a pool with your ex. You probably think it means you should get back together, or that you miss them. But just like the frolicking dream, the significance is exactly the opposite. This dream means it’s time to move forward.

Remember, water represents emotions, and being in a pool with someone can be a sign of soul connections. So because this person is out of your life, the dream means you’re psychologically ready to get over them and will soon meet someone better suited to you.

18. You’re Ready for Life

You might receive a similar message from your higher helpers. But this time, instead of just dreaming about your ex, you dream about lots of people having fun at a pool party. This means your heart is warm, open, and ready to meet new people and face new experiences.

The more diverse your party guests are, the more adventurous and intermingled these new experiences will be. If your attention is focused on a particular person, swimsuit, or section of the party, ask your angels to explain further. It could be a clue on where you should start.

19. Resourcefulness and Resilience

When you’re thinking of getting a swimming pool, you’re unlikely to consider the cost of maintenance and how much attention your pool will need. Most of us do! So what does it mean when you dream about vacuuming, raking, chlorinating, or refilling a swimming pool?

It means you’re in the middle of a tricky emotional situation, but you’ll come out on top and everything will turn out fine. You have the resources and resilience to make it out alive, and your guardian angels – both the heavenly and human ones – will all be there to help you.

20. Unacknowledged Emotions

In New Age and mental health spaces, you’ll hear a lot of reference to ‘feeling your feelings’ and facing your emotions. You’ll also be reminded – regularly – that thoughts are not feelings and feelings are not facts. It can all get rather puzzling (and extremely annoying!).

But in truth, we’re often unaware of our emotional states. So when you dream about a swimming pool, check how deep the water is. These dreams shine a spotlight on emotions you’re ignoring or neglecting. Shallow or deep-end dreams show you the extent of the issue.

21. Change is Coming!

We’ve established that while water is a spiritual stand-in for feelings and sentiments, it’s also a portal between realms. So what does it mean when you dream about swimming pool entry? You might be diving into the water from a springboard or walking down a ladder or staircase.

You might even be dipping a toe or finger in the swimming pool as you timidly make your way in. All these scenarios point to change – a new project, an unexpected adventure, or a fresh acquaintance. Your eagerness to enter the pool hints at your hesitance or enthusiasm.

When was the last time you had a swimming pool dream? Tell us in the comment section!

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