Dream About Long Hair? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Long Hair

Long hair is a major symbol in many cultures and societies. Even if it’s not a major facet of your culture, you probably have strong associations or opinions surrounding long hair, and these can show up in your dreams.

In general, hair relates to attraction and vitality. It can be a symbol of expression or your thoughts about aging, as well as how in-control you feel in your waking life. A long hair dream usually has a positive meaning, but this isn’t always the case.

In this guide, we explain what long hair means when it shows up in your dreams and some small details that help you uncover what your dream means. Whether it’s a warning or a positive sign, you will have a clearer understanding after reading.

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What Does It Mean When You Dream about Long Hair?

A dream rarely involves only long hair, and your subconscious uses other clues to help you discern the true meaning of your dream. In most cases, these meanings involve:

  • Discipline and/or organization
  • Relationships (and possibly disputes)
  • Changes in your life
  • Worry, anxiety, or frustration
  • Reflection
  • Growth and vitality

Long hair is often a symbol of positive growth, strength, elegance, and resilience, but your dream can put the hair in a negative light to symbolize severe harm in your life.

Understanding the mood of the dream, your personal opinions, and the significance of small details will help you accurately interpret the dream.

1. You Need or Desire More Organization in Your Life

If you dream of putting your hair in a sleek bun, or the bun seems like a major focus of your dream, this is a sign that you either need or desire organization in your life.

Long hair can be difficult to maneuver, and putting it in a bun is no easy task. It symbolizes the weight of your waking life, and crafting a proper bun relates to the desire for structure.

You may be living in a period of chaos or recognizing bad habits that are holding you back. This type of dream lets you know that this type of order is attainable, but you need to get your attitude and behavior in check.

An inverse interpretation involves putting your long hair up in a messy bun or letting your hair loose. In these instances, you want to lead a more carefree life and are looking for the structure to slacken, even for a moment.

2. A Sign of Affection Between You and Another

A Sign of Affection Between You and Another

Dreams that involve affectionate gestures, such as combing, washing, or combing your long hair through someone else’s hair, symbolize your relationship with them. This is not necessarily a romantic dream, and it may simply reflect the long journey you have had together.

The wisdom to draw from this dream is that you should continue to strengthen this relationship. Keep this person close in your life and continue to respect them, and your relationship will continue to stand strong moving forward.

3. Look for Changes Around You

Curly or wavy hair, regardless of length, symbolizes changes in your life. As long as the hair appears healthy, this is a positive omen that may occur before you receive financial support or things seem to fall into place for you.

Take advantage of this time to pursue your goals and inventory the gains you have received, but don’t forget to enjoy the positive changes at the same time.

4. Worry and Anxiety Plague You

In some dreams, long hair is a symbol of pride, health, and longevity. Long hair may cover up someone’s insecurity or be a strong symbol of their youth.

Dreams of losing long hair represent worry and anxiety surrounding health and other vulnerabilities. You may feel physically weak in your waking life, or you may feel unattractive.

In many cases, we dream about losing hair as we get older simply because we start to lose hair as we age. You may need to take a moment to reflect on these feelings and work on your faith in yourself.

5. Pay Attention to Issues in Your Relationships

Pay Attention to Issues in Your Relationships

While dreams of curly hair are positive signs, dreams of straight hair usually pop up when you run through problems in your relationship. You may already sense distance or disapproval, or the dream may show up to warn you of these issues.

While every relationship hits a rough patch, keep a close on the situation. If you’ve been doubting it for a while or it seems like every path is bumpy, something needs to change.

If you dream of a haircut during this time, it may be a sign to take a break or a step back from this situation. You don’t need to cut them off for good, but you may need to set the stage for healthy regrowth.

6. There Are Frustrations in Your Life

Tangled hair of any length is a pain, but it’s especially frustrating when you have long locks. You may need more time and dedication to deal with these issues, but it’s not something you can overlook.

This is a common dream to have, and it’s another sign that you should slow down and respond carefully to the things right in front of you. If you simply tug at your hair, you may make things worse and find yourself at a hairdresser to shave your head bald.

7. Misunderstandings Hinder Your Relationships

If you dream about someone else losing their long hair or someone close to you having gray hair, it often means there are misunderstandings between the two of you. These may not be hurting you, but you aren’t the only person to consider in a true friendship.

This is a sign to take the first step in reaching out and establishing a line of communication. Let them know you’re willing to listen as well as speak honestly, and this should help the two of you clear any issues.

8. You’re Thinking Back to a Different Time

Monotonous behaviors such as braiding the long hair are reminiscence and nostalgia, but the nature of the memories is not guaranteed.

In some cases, you may be tightly braiding your long hair with white knuckles and panic in your heart. Problematic memories and suppressed emotions can trigger this type of dream, and you must learn to release these feelings to move forward.

In other cases, the dream simply takes you back to simpler times. Make sure you aren’t losing yourself to the illusions of the past. A small visit in your dreams is fine, but we live our lives in the present.

9. You’re Working Through Negative Emotions in Your Life

Dreams of cutting your long hair can symbolize or encourage you towards triumph over negativity in your life. The transition to short hair is a stark change that involves the removal of years of dead weight, and this dream of long hair is a reason to rejoice.

Just like long hair, feelings of embarrassment or heartbreak are easy to hold on to and difficult to cut away. We may understand that these things aren’t serving us, but the thought of living without them is difficult to conjure.

This is a sign that you are finally ready to move forward with your life.

10. You Are Bored And/Or Apathetic

You Are Bored AndOr Apathetic

A dream of tying your hair back in a ponytail or making a major change, like dying your hair black, represents your desire for change. You may have strong physical, emotional, or psychological challenges holding your back, and it’s up to you to overcome this and move forward.

For some dreamers, this is simply a sign that you’ve become complacent. You should evaluate your lot in life and make sure you know where your journey leads.

11. Someone Is Preying on Your Weaknesses

Dreams of someone else ruining your beautiful long hair represent their waking attempts to draw out your vulnerabilities and weakness. You may be in danger of losing control, or this may already be the case, but you always have a chance to respond.

Treat this person with caution, but don’t hesitate to stand up for yourself. If this is a new relationship, this dream is a red flag that they do not have good intentions and may be planning to harm you.

12. You Are in a Period of Spiritual Growth and Development

Dreams of tending to your long hair symbolize your own efforts towards growth or development. The circumstances of these dreams often include:

  • Washing your hair
  • Treating your hair with oils
  • Combing your hair
  • Adorning your hair with flowers or jewels

Your hair may grow during this dream to recognize your potential or even how far you’ve come since you started your journey. This is a sign to continue down this path and maintain focus.


Dreams of long hair are often positive, but there are minor notes where negativity may creep in. Even if the exact details of your dreams are not in this article, sufficient self-reflection can help you determine what your mind is trying to tell you.

Remember that dreams are not one size fits all, and your long hair dream relies on your own thoughts and feelings as well as the details of your life. The more details you have, the better your chance of an accurate interpretation.

Please comment if the meaning of your dream continues to elude you, and we will do our best to guide you to a path of clarity.

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