Dream About Eyes? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Have you woken from a dream so real it took you a moment to remember where you were? Has it left you wondering what it was all about? We’re here to help you unravel the messages from your subconscious mind!

Dreams can take many different forms and involve many different symbols. We’re going to look here at dreams about eyes. Why have you been dreaming about something so strange? And what does it all mean?

If you want to find the answers, you’ve come to the right place. So let’s get started!

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Dream About Eyes (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dreams about eyes usually involve them in a context. After all, we usually see eyes in a face! But in the dream world, anything is possible. That means the interpretation will depend on the details.

That said, there are some recurring themes in the meanings of dreams about eyes. It’s said that “eyes are the windows to the soul”, and this can also be at the centre of dreams.

The eyes can provide a clue to something that’s hidden at first sight. That could be an element of your personality or someone else’s, depending on whose eyes are in your dream. It could also relate to your own intuition.

Eyes in this way relate to the truth. No matter what the rest of the face is telling you, the eyes reveal the real story.

Eyes are also a key part of the way we express emotion. Eye rolling, winking, crying – all of these represent our feelings in a very direct and obvious way. So dreams of eyes often provide valuable insights into our thoughts and emotions about a situation.

For those with unimpaired vision, our eyes are also key to our observation of the world around us. That can also be an important part of the symbolism of our dreams. If the dream relates to our own eyesight, it’s telling us something about how we’re observing our surroundings.

Dreams about sore eyes or blurred vision, for example, may suggest we feel we’re unable to see clearly what’s going on. If we can see a long way, it might mean that we’ve got a great understanding of the position.

Our dreaming minds are also great masters of wordplay – and lots of common everyday expressions refer to eyes or vision. We talk about being “clear sighted”, “the evil eye” and “giving someone the eye”, to name but a few.

Our brains often represent these to us as literal images. Did you dream you were staring down a dark underground tube? It’s quite possible your brain is warning you against having tunnel vision!

As with all dreams, the meaning can become clearer when you look at the emotions alongside the images. And take the time to work through the different things that appear in your dream. Asking yourself what they mean to you can help you unravel the deeper message from your subconscious.

Now let’s take a look at some of the different scenarios that can appear in dreams about eyes.

1. Your Own Eyes

Any dream involving yourself indirectly involves your eyes – but that’s not what we mean here! The important elements of your dream are those that stood out to you in some way. That’s what your subconscious mind is trying to bring to your attention.

If your eyes featured in your dream in some specific and notable way, they will be part of the message. We’ll look at a range of scenarios in more detail in a moment.

But if your dream featured looking into your own eyes, it may suggest trying to reach a deeper self-awareness. Perhaps you stared at yourself in the mirror and noticed something about the expression in your eyes. That could be pointing out a feeling that your conscious mind hasn’t yet acknowledged.

2. Looking into Someone Else’s Eyes

If your dream involved looking into someone else’s eyes, it suggests you’re looking at their deeper self. The eyes here may be revealing parts of their personality that are usually hidden.

Perhaps your dream is reflecting an observation you haven’t consciously recognised. Your subconscious mind may have noted an expression or behavior that doesn’t fit with someone’s public persona. And it’s now prompting you to look deeper to see what lies behind it.

3. Problems with Your Eyesight

Dreams involving problems with your eyesight can take many forms. Your vision might be blurred or dark. Or your eyes could be irritated, sore or running.

Whatever the specific issue, it’s likely to relate to your feelings about your own metaphorical vision. In other words, it reflects your confidence in your own ability to see what’s going on around you.

That might be being affected by circumstances or other people. Perhaps you worry that you don’t have perfect information, so you’re seeing only part of the picture. Or it could reflect feelings of uncertainty or confusion.

4. Your Eyes Being Turned into your Skull

A dream in which your eyes have been turned inwards could be a visual representation of introspection. You are literally looking into yourself, perhaps looking for your own deeper thoughts and feelings.

This could also be an example of your subconscious mind enjoying some wordplay. Have you ever heard the expression, “Take a long, hard look at yourself”? Your dream could be prompting you to do exactly that!

5. Hurting Someone Else’s Eyes

If you were hurting someone else’s eyes in your dream, it may reflect fears of being found out. You may be worried that someone is winkling out secrets you’d prefer to keep private.

It’s for that reason that your dream self is taking action! By injuring their eyes, you’re preventing them from seeing too clearly.

This is a dream where it’s important to look at the way you felt. If you were disgusted with your behavior, it could be a warning that it’s time to take a different approach.

6. Washing Your Eyes

Dreams where you were washing your eyes could indicate a need to clear your vision. Perhaps you feel that you’re unable to get to the truth of a matter. The symbolic action of washing is allowing you to look at circumstances afresh.

Other details in your dream may help you to understand the meaning in more depth.

Looking at where you were in your dream can be helpful. Washing your eyes in a stream may indicate a need to get back to nature. Washing in your office bathroom may mean you need clearer vision in relation to a work situation.

7. Having Something in Your Eye

Dreams of having something in your eye are closely related to other dreams relating to poor vision. This too may be connected to fears that you’re unable to see a situation clearly.

In this case, though, there may be a sense that this is under your control. You could address the problem by removing the thing that’s impairing your vision.

For those with a Christian background, there may be a link to the teachings of Jesus. He said, “Remove the log from your own eye before pointing out the speck in your neighbor’s.” So this dream could be a warning against your own prejudices or tendency to focus on other people’s faults.

8. Rolling Your Eyes

If you rolled your eyes in your dream, it may mirror the feeling your waking, eye-rolling self would have. Just as this gesture indicates irritation or exasperation in real life, so it is in your dream.

You probably didn’t just dream about rolling your eyes! Try to remember what provoked your reaction. It’s probably something that’s causing you annoyance in daily life.

9. Wearing Glasses

If you wear glasses normally, this detail of your dream is probably unimportant. But if you don’t, it could be sending you a message.

As we’ve seen, dreams about vision usually relate to your ability to clearly perceive your situation. So a dream where you’re wearing glasses could indicate you’re taking action to get a clearer perspective.

Were you able to see well in your dream? If so, it suggests your efforts are likely to pay off.

9. Being Surrounded by Eyes

Did your dream involve being surrounded by eyes? Perhaps you were in a dark place, with glowing eyes all around you?

Whatever the details, if the eyes were the salient feature, it suggests you feel under scrutiny. This needn’t be a bad thing. Perhaps you were enjoying being the centre of attention.

But disembodied eyes can suggest a more sinister experience. Perhaps you feel unable to act the way you want to because of other people’s perceptions. It may be time to reconsider just how much their opinions matter to you.

10. Red Eyes

A dream of red eyes can have a variety of meanings.

If you dreamed of your own eyes being red and bloodshot, it could again relate to poor vision. In other words, you feel that something is impeding your ability to see a situation for what it is.

Bloodshot eyes are associated with tiredness. So it might be that this dream represents the results of pressure or fatigue. It could be a prompt to find a way to rest and gain a fresh perspective.

But glowing red eyes belonging to someone else could have a quite different meaning. They could be symbolising ill intent from those around you. Red is often associated with both danger and anger.

12. Eyes of a Particular Color

If the eyes in your dream were noteworthy because of their color, this adds another dimension to the dream interpretation.

Different colors have different associations. Blue is typically associated with tranquility. And the phrase “blue-eyed boy” is used to designate someone who’s a favorite.

Green can link the dream to feelings of envy. Or more positively, the color can be connected to healing and nature.

And gray can be linked to ambiguity.

13. Having a Third Eye

A third eye is traditionally associated with psychic powers and intuition. So if you had a third eye in your dream, it could link to spiritual insights. Perhaps your dream is suggesting that you should be listening to your own instincts.

Look for other details to gain a clearer sense of where you should be applying your intuition. Where you were or who you saw in your dream could give you clues.

14. Having Only One Eye

If having three eyes relates to intuition and “second sight”, what does a dream of having only one eye signify?

Losing an eye affects our perception of depth. So a dream of this kind could suggest you lack perspective on an issue. It may be time to take another look at what’s going on around you.

It could also reflect a lack of power or security, and feelings of vulnerability. Perhaps you feel that you’ve lost something that’s important to you.

15. Animal Eyes

Wild animals in dreams can usually be interpreted in one of two ways. Either they relate to someone or something you see as a potential threat. Or they are symbolizing the wild and untamed part of your own personality.

The same holds true for dreams of animal eyes. It could be that you see yourself as being watched by predators. Or it could be that the scrutiny you perceive comes from an unacknowledged part of your psyche.

Look at the context and details of the dream to help you determine the correct interpretation.

Eyes Down to Interpret Your Dream

That brings us to the end of our look at a range of different dream scenarios involving eyes.

This is a case where the details really matter. Similar dreams can hold very different messages. And emotions, locations, and other dream symbols can be important in understanding the hidden meaning.

A dream of your own eyes is almost always a comment on your ability to assess your own situation. If your vision is impaired, you may need more information or a fresh perspective.

And dreams of eyes belonging to others usually relates to a feeling of being under scrutiny.

We hope you now have the information you need to accurately interpret your own dream. Good night and sleep tight!

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