Dream About Murder? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Murder

Did you dream about killing someone or someone getting killed?

Dreams about murder are downright horrifying and can leave you shaken many days after the incident. After all, most people do not want to be associated with a gruesome death.

So, why would you dream about murder? What is the meaning and significance of such a dream?

Horrific as they may be, dreams about murder are symbolic, and when you think about it, they can unravel a lot about yourself and your life.

Rarely are dreams what they appear to be. They are simply a reflection of our thoughts, feelings, experiences, and emotional state.

If you dream about murder, you shouldn’t worry unnecessarily about the prospects of death—this dream is likely symbolic of something entirely different.

So, without further ado, let’s look at some common meanings of dreams about murder.

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Dream About Murder (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1. You are struggling with the past

Dreams in which you are being murdered or murdering someone could mean that you feel angry about something that happened in the past.

You haven’t come to terms with whatever happened, and the negative emotions you feel are overwhelming you in your waking life.

If someone wronged you, you feel a heightened sense of aggression toward them, and secretly, it feels like you could ‘kill’ them, even though this is not something you would do.

This dream is a sign that it is time to make peace with your past before it is too late. Carrying too much anger within you over a situation that is long gone can be detrimental to your wellbeing.

2. You want to remove someone from your life

When you dream about murdering someone, it means there is a person in your life you want to cut ties with.

The person in your dreams might not necessarily be the one you want out of your life. In fact, you might not even see their face.

Perhaps you are experiencing a stressful relationship with someone in your life, such as your boss, sibling, parent, friend, or client. But, you no longer want to be part of the toxic dynamic.

Whatever the reason for the strife in your life, dreams about murdering someone are a sign that your issues have come to a head, and it is time to resolve them. As you see, the best way to resolve the situation is by removing them from your life.

3. You want to end something that is a source of stress

Aside from wanting to remove someone toxic from your life, dreams about murder can be symbolic of your desire to end a stressful job.

This dream reflects your thoughts and feelings about your professional life. You feel stressed and miserable about your job but cannot see a way out of it right now.

You spend a lot of time at your job, and for you to come to the point of dreaming about murder means that you should seriously think about finding a new job.

Don’t let the misery of being in a job you dislike overwhelm you and take the life out of you. You are in control of your life.

4. An important relationship is coming to an end

If you dream of killing or being killed by your spouse or lover, it could be a reflection of the state of your relationship.

This dream can happen if you and your loved one are not on good terms and your relationship is seriously going downhill.

Murder, in this case, represents the anger, bitterness, backstabbing, and final end that characterize your relationship.

Whatever you opt to do with your relationship is up to you. Perhaps it is too late, and you can only wait for the ending of this dream might be a wake-up call urging you to do something to salvage your relationship before it dies.

5. You feel overwhelmed with life

If you dream that someone is stabbing you repeatedly, leading to your death, it is symbolic of how you feel about life.

Maybe you are feeling bored, stressed, isolated, or hopeless. Getting stabbed to death in a dream is a metaphor for a life dealing you a deadly blow. You no longer feel good about living because of everything going on; life is not on your side.

While life can get tough sometimes, you have the power to create your own reality. If you feel depressed, consider seeking professional help. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

6. You are tired of being overlooked

Dreams about you murdering someone can be a reflection of your feelings about your situation, especially at work.

You feel that no one is listening to you or taking your suggestions seriously. Your boss is treating you like you don’t have anything to bring to the table, which is detrimental to your career progress.

You may not necessarily hate your job, but you don’t feel like those who are supposed to support you at work are doing it.

You’ve had enough, and now all you want is to stand up for yourself and finally have your voice heard because your opinions, ideas, and suggestions matter too.

7. You are struggling with suppressed anger

In real life, anger is a common theme in most murder incidences.

Unsurprisingly, when you dream of murder, it could be that you are dealing with unresolved anger but are actively looking for a way to let it all out.

The fact that you are looking for an outlet is a good first step as long as it is healthy and safe. Anger is a powerful emotion that can quickly consume you if you do not take action to manage it.

This dream signifies that your negative emotions have reached a boiling point. You should do something about this before you say something you might regret later.

8. You want to end a part of yourself

Dreams about murder can have positive symbolism. When you have such as dream, it could be a reflection of your inner thought, desires, and intentions for improvement.

You might dream about someone murdering you or another person’s murder when you want to change a habit or improve yourself.

The murder signifies the death of your old self to give way to a new you. In your waking life, you have been thinking keenly about embarking on a transformation journey.

Whether the goal is to get in better physical shape, strengthen your mental wellbeing, or learn a new language, a part of your past self must ‘die’ for you to experience renewal and progress.

9. You are engaged in an illicit activity

When you dream about a murder where you are the murdered one, it could be because you are engaged in illicit activity in real life. This could be anything from having an affair to evading tax.

Murder in a dream often signifies some dangerous activity that, if uncovered, could land you in serious problems.

This dream is likely a reflection of your anxious thoughts. In your waking hours, you are worried about the consequences of your actions. You know you should probably stop engaging in a particular illicit activity, but you are too caught up in the thrill of it all to get yourself to stop.

10. You feel it is time to take back your individuality

Dreams about murder can reflect how you feel about the people in your life. You could have given so much of yourself for the sake of others that you have lost your identity in the process.

Mothers are known to sacrifice a lot, and it is so easy for them to lose themselves in the process of caring for everyone else. So, mums are likelier to dream about being involved in a murder. But, this dream can come to anyone who has given up too much and not gained much in return.

Such a dream signifies the death of your identity and individuality and your struggle to regain lost aspects of yourself.

You have sacrificed yourself too much and gained little in return, and now you want to revive these ‘dead’ parts of yourself.

11. You are trying to get ahead in life by all means

Did you dream about a murder where the weapon used was a predominant part of the dream? This dream could signify your efforts to progress and change your current situation in life.

The murder weapon represents all the effort you put in to get ahead, whether in your professional or personal life. You are using the tools at your disposal to fight for what you believe to be yours.

This dream can also symbolize some wrongdoing you are engaged in to get ahead. It could be that you are sabotaging a colleague to get a promotion, or you are engaging in dirty tricks to win customers in your business.

12. You crave power if you kill someone with a gun

Dreams about a murder involving a gun symbolize your strong desire for power and control. In real life, owning a gun already gives you an upper hand when push comes to shove.

With such a weapon, you can get others to do what you want them to; you are in charge and can control others as you see fit.

Dreaming that you killed someone using a gun reflects your predominant thoughts. You could be preoccupied with thoughts of gaining power, conquering, and being in control in certain aspects of your life.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with wanting power and being in control as long as you do not use force or illicit activities to attain your goals.

13. You are trying to protect yourself from a difficult situation

Ironically, when you dream about murder, it could mean that in real life, you are doing all you can to protect yourself from something or someone undesirable.

Such a dream would typically involve you killing someone else whose face you cannot see. Even if you can see the person you are killing, it doesn’t mean that they are the ones you are protecting yourself from.

Aside from protecting yourself from someone, the dream could also signify that you are facing a challenging situation that you would rather avoid. You want to resolve and move past the issue, but it isn’t as easy as you thought it would be.

14. People are planning for your downfall

Dreaming about a serial murder is uncommon, but this dream has powerful symbolism and implications for your life.

Seeing a serial killer in your dreams or being murdered by one could convey the message that someone is trying to sabotage or backstab you.

This could be a warning sign to be careful with the people you interact with, especially those closest to you.

You want to be discreet with your plans and ideas; don’t share them with just anyone, as they might use this information to plan your downfall.

15. You are about to have great success

Dreams about murder can have an ironic twist. Horrific as such a dream might be, it could also symbolize great success coming your way.

In particular, dreams in which your enemy dies symbolize that nothing will get in between you and the success you long for.

In real life, it could be that you are facing some obstacles preventing you from achieving your goals.

Killing your enemy in the dream means you will slay and overcome these obstacles and eventually make your dreams come true.

Summary: Dreams About Murder

Dreams about murder are not common, but having such a dream can leave you shaken to the core, wondering what it all means.

Most of the time, dreams about murder symbolize endings, which give way to new beginnings. Whether it’s a relationship, job, or a habit you are bringing to an end, you might dream about murdering someone, someone murdering you, or another person getting murdered.

Horrific as these dreams may be, try to understand their symbolism and decipher the lessons they bring you.

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