Dream About Swimming? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Swimming

Do you love swimming? If your answer is yes, it is pretty normal for you to dream of swimming in scorching summer. However, besides your want to relax in the pool in summer, swimming dreams can also signify plenty of other meanings.

Swimming dreams are often spiritually associated with emotions. The type of water in which you swam in the dream should also be considered when determining whether the dream was positive or negative.

We cannot wait any longer. Let’s dive deep into these 15 meanings of swimming dreams such that you can get a precise idea of what your dream is trying to tell you.

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Dream About Swimming (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1.  Dreaming about swimming alone:

The spiritual meaning of a swimming dream is that you’re seeking freedom. You want to escape all the hustles and bustles and want to have some time for yourself to attain mental and emotional clarity.

Another interpretation of this dream is that your subconscious is telling you to forgive yourself, to let go of the past, the mistakes, and to move forward onto the wonderful path you have the ability to pave.

2.  Dreaming about swimming in clear blue water:

Swimming in crystal clear water in the dream denotes great times ahead. You’ll be in charge of your life and move in the right direction. You’re likely to attain a physically, mentally, and emotionally blissful state.

3.  Dreaming about swimming in dirty water:

On the contrary, dreams about swimming in dirty water portend disastrous situations ahead. You might have to suffer emotionally draining traumas such as divorce, breakups, or embarrassments. This dream is also a sign of physical illness.

If you’ve just planned a venture, the road isn’t easy. You’ll have to tackle plenty of obstacles to reach success.

4.  Dreaming about swimming in an ocean:

Let me start by asking you – was the ocean calm or turbulent in your dream? Swimming in a calm ocean means that success will soon knock on your door. This dream represents good luck and fortune. You’ll be able to triumph victory over your enemies.

On the other hand, if the ocean was stormy and violent, it means that whatever you’re vying for isn’t easy to achieve. The road is full of difficulties, and you have to brace yourself.

5.  Dreaming about swimming in a river:

Primarily, dreams about swimming in a river represent change. This change will most likely be in the emotional aspect of your life.

You’re probably in love, and you’re overwhelmed with all the changing feelings and butterflies, and you don’t know how to handle them. You’re being forgetful and failing in fulfilling your responsibilities due to this whirlpool of emotions.

On the other hand, if the river was calm, or if you felt serene while swimming there, you’re soon going to achieve inner peace and tranquillity.

6.  Dreaming about swimming in a lake:

Swimming in a lake in your dream is a good sign. It means that you’re surrounded by an amazing group of friends and colleagues. You’re likely to achieve whatever you’ve been working hard for and solve the problems that have been bothering you for since long.

7.  Dreaming about swimming naked:

If you dreamt of swimming without any clothes on, it is, surprisingly, a good omen. This dream indicates that you have high confidence; you know your worth and what you’re capable of.

This trait of yours will help you gain accolades and popularity. You’re also likely to strengthen your social and professional relationships.

8.  Dreaming about swimming in flood:

Dreams about swimming in flood can be interpreted in two ways. Firstly, the flood can represent the reignition of the overwhelming emotions of your past. You’re having a hard time healing completely.

Secondly, flood can also represent the effort and energy you’ve put into an idea or a project that is unlikely to succeed. There’s a high chance that your venture will produce no fruits.

Nevertheless, this dream is conveying a message for you to learn from your failures and see it as an opportunity to start everything afresh, leaving no room for errors.

9.  Dreaming about swimming towards someone:

This dream can be interpreted in two ways. Firstly, it can signify that you are desperately trying to achieve your goals in your waking life.

On the other hand, dreams about swimming towards someone represent the sexual attraction you may have towards that person.

10. Dreaming about swimming in cold water:

While swimming in cold water in real life might not be pleasing, in dreams, it means that amazing things and opportunities are your way.

If you’ve been dealing with health issues lately, this dream is a sign that your body is healing and soon you’ll be healthy. And, if you are a fit and fine individual, this dream tells you to be excited and prepare yourself to experience wonderful life events.

11. Dreaming about swimming with dolphins:

Dolphins are often associated with merry times. So, dreams, where you swim with dolphins in the dream, can be a harbinger of happy times.

This dream also indicates you’re a wise and knowledgeable person who is aware of how to handle demanding situations well. Dolphins are also symbolized for spiritual guidance. If you often see this dream, it is a sign that you’re well guided and onto the right path.

12. Dreaming about swimming with sharks:

If you’re swimming with sharks in your dream, you need to look around and ask yourself if or not you’re surrounded by good and trustworthy people. Dreams about giving sharks a company mean that you’re not hanging out with good influence in your waking life.

These people are likely to drain your energy and introduce negativity and toxicity to your life. So, the sooner you identify and cut off such people, the better and blissful your waking life will be.

13. Dreaming about swimming with your partner:

The emotions you were feeling while swimming with your partner in the dream are crucial when interpreting this dream.

Were you and your partner happy, swimming effortlessly? If yes, your romantic relationship is effortlessly beautiful. You’re in a healthy relationship where you understand and meet the needs and wants of each other.

On the contrary, if you were unhappy, struggling to swim, and if overall the dream scenario was emitting a negative vibe, your relationship in waking life is on the rocks.

You’re having doubts about your partner. You don’t feel secure and stable in the relationship. Talking your feelings out with your partners and expressing your concerns and disappointments can be a good way to move forward.

14. Dreaming about swimming in a crowded pool:

Ups and downs are parts of life. If you’ve lately started focusing on only the negatives, your crowded pool dream is trying to tell you to be more cheerful and optimistic.

Learn to love your life, and only then will life love you back. It’s high time you gain a positive perspective in life. Be involved in energizing activities and be hopeful; have a lust for life.

And, if you dreamt of actually swimming in the crowded pool, it means that you’re looking to expand your acquaintance; you’re in search of new contacts and friends.

15. Dreaming about swimming backstroke:

Dreams about swimming backstroke imply that you’ll be willing to see things from a different perspective. You were probably blinded by misconceptions and illusions lately. This dream is a signal that you’re ready to fight against these illusions and focus on the real values and goals in your waking life.

16. Dreaming about being unable to swim:

If you are frequently dreaming of not being able to swim, it would be best for you to brace yourselves for a period of hardships in your waking life. The unfortunate situation is on its way, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

So, instead of panicking and letting negativity exert more mental pressure, choose to be brave and prepare yourself best to tackle the issues as soon as they present themselves.

Likewise, if you’re struggling hard to swim, it means that you’re exhausted by all the duties and responsibilities in your waking life. It would be best if you take a break from all your obligations for a while.

17. Dreaming about watching others swim:

In the case where you’re relaxed and watching others swim in your dream, it means that you’re overwhelmed by the work responsibilities in your waking life.

You want to take a break and have some time for yourself to recharge your mental and physical battery, but it seems almost impossible to do so as you have many deadlines to meet.


As with any other dream, depending upon your dream plot, dreams about swimming can either signify good fortune or portend an unfortunate situation in your life.

Swimming dreams mostly tell the dreamer to cater to their emotional needs and inner child. If anything is bothering you too much, just let go, and save your emotional and mental peace.

We hope this list of spiritual meanings of swimming dreams helped you figure out your swimming dream interpretation.

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