Dream About Lesbian (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Lesbian

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It’s high time you douse that awkward sensation burning within you because you think the lesbian sex dream you had days ago violated you. Yes! Getting intimate with a strange hottie in the dream can set you on edge, especially if you’re straight and have never conceived such thoughts.

Take a chill pill at this point because this dream may have nothing to do with your sexuality. It just might be a pointer to other areas of your life and relationships. So lay your presumption aside as we share insight on this dream of lesbian sex.

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What’s a lesbian sex dream?

Lesbian sex dreams happen to women with straight sexual orientation. It happens when a woman dreams and sees herself having an erotic encounter with another woman.

A fact concerning lesbian sex dreams shared by dream specialists is that the tendency to become a lesbian is slim when you have such dreams. Such dreams have no ideational effect on your sexual orientation.

Gay dreams might ignite some terrible reactions primarily because of societal stigma and stereotypical beliefs. Funny enough, the feeling is mutual for a gay person who dreams about sex with a straight person. The point is it’s only in sporadic cases that this type of dream has sparked the idea of lesbianism.

What it means when you have a lesbian dream

An erotic dream with another woman has several meanings depending on the circumstances surrounding such dreams. When it happens, it’s essential to pay attention to specific details. Knowing if you were directly involved or not, or if the person you saw was familiar, goes a long way to determine the dream’s meaning.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the meanings attached to this dream:

1. Openness

The standard perspective projected for such frightening dreams is that you’re trying so hard to embrace new ideologies. You’re likely to have a lesbian dream if you want to be open and inclusive in your thoughts and reasoning.

Lesbianism would strike you as an odd idea. In your dream, it’s more or less a symbol for new initiatives or culture. Thus, the dream happens to test your resolve. Your reaction sharply distinguishes between how open you think you are compared to how you are in the waking world.

Thus, it’s a clarion call to shun every iota of self-doubt by re-examining your life goals. Also, evaluate your level of progress in achieving these goals.

2. Connection to womanhood

A lesbian dream is a positive dream symbol for a staunch feminist. Lesbianism depicts women’s spirited and strong-willed attempt to nurture and care for themselves. So, if you like canvassing women’s rights and standing up for them when wronged, you might have this dream.

3. New opportunity

A relevant part of the lesbian dream centers on exploration and exposure. This implies that you’re about to get launched into the spotlight. This dream indicates that the door of a great opportunity might open in the near future. All you need to turn the tide in your favor is your creativity and ingenuity.

The opportunity could be a new job offer or a profitable business proposal to help create your own business. However, it’s essential to think critically before deciding on whether to go for an opportunity or not.

4. Pregnancy

This might sound funny, but it’s the valid truth. When you keep having lesbian dreams, it could be a sign that you are pregnant. You must pay quality attention to your body at this point. If you feel strange sensations in your body, you should go for a test.

Pregnancy comes with many responsibilities; it’s best to be psychologically and physically prepared for it. Lesbian dreams also come with new realities about your body, especially as you begin to enjoy the pleasure derived from the experience.

5. Self-denial

Lesbian fantasies could result from the rejection of parts of your femininity. This could happen when you are doubting your sexuality or struggling to accommodate the idea that you have lesbian tendencies.

Struggling to accept your predisposition to new relationships and people, especially women, may spark a lesbian dream. However, this dream is a pointer that you should open yourself to new interactions by increasing the momentum of friendship in you.

The positive vibrations and vibes from this can help you understand yourself more. As you delve into new relationships, you’ll come to appreciate togetherness against solitude.

Dream About Lesbian (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1. Seeing someone you know in a lesbian dream

Making out with your dream’s best friend, boss, or sister is possible if you admire this person so much. You’re likely to develop feelings and emotional attachment to what you admire. So, the possibility of having a lesbian dream, in this case, is high.

Having an erotic dream with someone you also know signals that you should reconsider opening up to that person. This can happen when you’re on the verge of forging a new relationship with them.

2. Seeing someone you don’t know in a lesbian dream

Having such dreams about an erotic faceless stranger hold a negative sign, although it could be positive too. It’s negative because it depicts a sense of instability and insecurity. It signals that you are not emotionally balanced and have a void to fill in your being.

This dream should instigate a thorough self-introspection. You must spare no effort in developing a keen sense of self-acceptance.

3. Seeing a lesbian dressed in masculine clothes in your dream

This dream is speaking directly to your consciousness. If you see a lesbian dressed in manly clothes but has makeup all over her face, it’s a sign that you must accept yourself for who you are. You could have this dream if you fault yourself for deficient aspects of your life.

Don’t turn away from that personality of yours that is defective. Instead, you must be intentional about turning your weaknesses into strengths.

4. Dreaming about being a spectator of lesbian sex

Where this is the case, you’re likely to be tested in the near future. Situations and circumstances beyond your power will soon test your morality, integrity, and virtue. You must be ready to demonstrate an unwavering attitude towards protecting your dignity when it eventually happens.

For instance, you could be tempted to be part of a fraudulent deal. Stand your ground by assertively declaring your stance to the tempters.

5. Interacting with a lesbian in the dream

If you dream about an intense and productive interaction with a lesbian, you’re about to experience significant growth in business. It’s a sign that you have to take professional advantage of any opportunity that comes your way.

A significant career boost could result from this dream. You only need to remain positive and attract good fortunes to yourself by staying real.

6. Dreaming about being a lesbian protesting for lesbian rights

This might have nothing to do with sexuality. It’s mostly a sign that you should demonstrate an immense passion for your beliefs. It’s a sign that you must be ready to defend your stance about certain things and project your opinions to others.

It could also indicate that the cause you are fighting for is real. You mustn’t back down at the sight of opposition as victory is imminent.

7. Dreaming about lesbians kissing

This scenario is a warning sign about an imminent challenge coming your way. You’ll likely be compelled by this challenge to make a difficult decision you may regret in the long run. This dream tells you to be extra careful when making decisions that affect your life.

Carefully weigh your options and the consequences of every action to avoid incurring a disaster. If you have to enter into a business agreement or sign a deal, take your time to examine the odds so that you’ll not run at a loss in the short run.

8. Other implications of a lesbian sex dream

If you have multiple lesbian sex partners, such a dream depicts marginalization. Sexual intercourse is an intimate business; it’s a symbol of connectedness. Beyond sexuality, this dream might tell you to be more embracing, especially to those around you.

Thus, this dream indicates a significant challenge in your inability to connect to others. It’s trying to point you in the right direction so you can coexist properly in your immediate environment.

Lesbians in dreams also imply secretiveness. Despite the change in perception about members of the LGBTQ community, it’s not surprising that several others have decided to make their affairs a secret. So, when you dream, it could be that you need to stop being secretive.

Open up about that situation so others can help you overcome your challenges. If you’ve offended anyone, it’s better to seek closure by confessing and reconciling with them.


Being a lesbian in your dream does not make you a lesbian in the real world. At the same time, it’s a call to awaken your inner self for the significant challenges ahead. Being a lesbian attracts a lot of challenges, so the dream symbolizes that you must brace up, accept your weakness and leverage your strengths to achieve your goals.

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