10 Effective Ways To Dream About Someone

10 Effective Ways To Dream About Someone

We dream about pleasant and horrible things. Most people believe we have no power over the kind of dreams we have, while others believe our dreams are the result of our emotions, thoughts, and actions.

If you are a firm believer in dreams and have someone special to your heart, dreaming about them will be paramount. Being around someone you love for a limited isn’t enough. Your significant other might be far away from you, and you occasionally see them. You will always want to see them in the dream when they are far away.

Yours might not be a lover; you might have someone you are crushing on, and you don’t want to keep them out of your sight for a second. Then you begin to harbor reflections about how you can dream about that specific person in your waking life.

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How to dream about someone specific

There are many reasons why you might want to dream about someone. According to several dream analysts or dream experts like Sigmund Freud, it is possible to dream about someone deliberately.

What’s more important is knowing how to do it. Here are clues on what you should do if you want to dream about someone:

1. Have a picture of them near you

Recurring dreams are often out of human control. The moment they begin, they are influenced by whatever has been going on in your mind during your waking hours. If you position yourself to see and think of your loved ones at all times, the chances of seeing them in the dream increase.

Keeping a sketch or a picture of the person you want to dream about near your bed is an excellent way to imprint them in your subconscious mind.

A physical photograph of such a person is essential. In cases where you can’t get a physical photograph, a digital picture of them on your phone will do.

2. Visualize them in your mind regularly

If you want to dream about someone so dear to you, then regularly visualize them in your mind. Be very detailed about them. Think about their touch, smile, and the way they smell.

Use all five senses to bring them to reality in your mind at least once a day. Visualize yourself interacting with them in your mind during bedtime.

This will imprint their image in both your subconscious mind and your consciousness. Thus, helping you to launch safely into the dream world.

3. Practice lucid dreaming

Having the ability to control your dream and see the person you want to see is possible. With enough practice and training, you can exercise what is known as lucid dreaming or rem sleep. One of the most important reasons why dreams are the way they are is that we are not even aware that we are dreaming.

What happens is that we let ourselves be dragged along the turbulent currents of our dreamscape. As turbulent as dream scope may be, it is also essential that it is something we can manipulate.

All we have to do is to be aware that we are dreaming. This act of lucid or daydreaming help your dreaming or subconscious mind to recall their face. This type of dream is about being fully aware of all of your dreams. Practice lucid dreaming to make it easier for you to dream about a special person or a celebrity.

4. Visit places they like to frequent

Another way to have vivid dreams about someone so dear to you is to visit places they like to frequent. This is one smart trick you can engage. The person you wish to dream about might be a friend, co-worker, or family member that you hold dear to your heart.

Think about places they love to hang out and their immediate surroundings. Visit these places as well and become familiar with them so you can easily conjure them in your mind. Imagine visiting these places with them, holding hands, and walking side-by-side.

After that, connect the person you have in mind with the memory of these places. The more places you link a particular task or memory related to that person, the easier it is to be reminded of them when you come across these places in your dream.

5. Jot down what you wish to dream about

Whatever we don’t write down often escapes our memory. If you want to dream about someone, get a book and a pen and write down everything you want to see in the dream. Not just the person’s face but also things you want to discuss with them, their touch and smell.

Writing everything down doesn’t guarantee that everything will happen as you planned. But it will help establish a clear image for your mind to help work with, shaping your dream and guiding your subconsciousness.

Write everything you want. For instance, you may write that you want to see that person in a particular location, have a conversation with them, hold hands, hug, and kiss them. Be very detailed in your writing. Read it over a couple of times and be expectant about the dream.

6. Talk to them before you sleep

If the person you want to dream about is within your reach, try to talk with them physically or on the phone before going to bed. In cases where you can’t reach them physically or on the phone, imagine they are with you and have a conversation with them before going to bed. Talk to them about how your day went and how you wish they were right there with you.

Try to mention their name as often as possible while having this conversation. This will help shape your mind around them and their presence or absence in your day. End every conversation you have about them with “I look forward to dreaming about you.” or “let’s meet in my dreams.”

You might think this is “crazy or unimaginable,” and it probably is. But the truth is that it is a very effective method if you want to dream about someone.

7. Ask about that person

Ask about the person if you don’t want to go through too much stress. Once you see other people in the dream, inquire about the individual you are looking for. They may tell you the individual’s location or show you where the person is. You can also ask those you met in the dream to help you get the individual you are looking for.

8. Conjure the person you wish to dream about

Once you have tried all the above methods, you can also conjure the person you want to dream about to manipulate your dream and bring such a person into the dream with you. If you want to dream about your crush, visualize them just around the corner or behind you.

Once you’ve got a clear picture of them, look around to find them. You can also conjure a door and be expectant that they are behind the door. And when you open the door, welcome them with open arms.

9. Picture a future with them

God has given every individual the ability to carve out their ability, and that power starts with the mind. Envision the life you truly want with such persons and wait for your subconsciousness to turn them into reality.

The truth is that by imagining your future with a strong belief, they will show up in your dream. Even if your current situation is not as exciting, you can shape the future you wish to have. That’s the dynamics of having such dreams – they help you find fulfillment in your own life.

In the short run, your dream will become a reality. In the real sense, things we believe to be reality are a product of our construction. We can reshape that scenario to create fulfilling lives that match what matters to us in life.

10. Keep trying

After going through the abovementioned steps, you may not immediately have the dream you want. It might now happen at your first or second shot. It will take some time to achieve control over your dreams. Keep practicing, get a book and write down all your other dreams. This helps soothe your soul and gives room for your desired dream.

Also, meditate a while before you sleep. This will help calm your nerves. Do some breathing exercises and if you pray, go ahead. Ensure your mind is calm and ready to welcome them in the dream.


If you want to dream about someone, try each method above to know which one works best for you. Don’t stress too much about seeing them in your dream. The more you stress, the less likely they will appear in your dream. Just practice, relax and watch it work out.

In addition, getting adequate sleep every night will help you control your dreams. Don’t stress yourself too much during the day; try to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. This will help your mind stay refreshed and relaxed to have more uninterrupted dream time.

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