Dream About Snakes In Water? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Snakes In Water

Have you or someone you know had a recent dream where you saw snakes in the water? You most definitely want to know the reason and meaning of this dream.

Dreams about snakes in water usually signal the need for you to learn to control your emotions or get rid of your fears. It could also be a sign of self-discovery, an indication that you need to trust your intuition or symbolize evidence of passion.

The interpretations of dreams about snakes in water are sometimes more indirect than you would expect. The type of snake in your dream, the kind of water and the action of the snake inside the water will determine the correct interpretation. Read on to learn more about your snake dream. 

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General Interpretations of Dreams About Snake in Water

General Interpretations of Dreams About Snake in Water

A lot of the time, dreams about snakes in the water reflect the situation and circumstances in your waking life. This gives a more general and relatable interpretation of the meaning of your dream. 

Here are four of the most common interpretations

1. Control of Your Emotions

Water is a powerful representation of our emotions. Many times when your dream involves any body of water,  it is an indication that you need to pay attention to your emotional well-being in waking life so you don’t cause harm to yourself or those around you.

Furthermore, when you have a dream about snakes in water, it means that your emotions are not balanced. The presence of the snake in the water signals poison in your emotional stream, which might cause you to nurture negative emotions.

Failure to control your emotions will have negative repercussions, and dreams like these help to draw attention to the fact that you are poisoning your mind with a stream of negative emotions. It would help if you found a way to control it so you do not lose yourself.

2. Getting Rid of Your Fears

One of the major symbolic representations of snakes is fear. This dream’s meaning is significant because many people are afraid of snakes due to the venomous nature of these unpredictable serpents.

Dreams about a snake in the water tell you it is time to let go of the fears that plague your mind. It is a call that for you to enjoy the peace of a sound mind in your waking life, you must face your fears and eradicate the worry you feel that makes you have such dreams.

We know it might not be easy to let your fears go, but when you start having dreams like this, it serves as motivation for you to begin a much-needed step in healing yourself and getting rid of your phobias.

Start by observing and figuring out the cause of this fear so you can try to eliminate this problem. Letting go of your worries is a healing process that you cannot rush, so it is okay if this does not happen as fast as you want; all that is important is that you begin the process.

3. Self-Discovery

Dreams about snakes do not always carry negative interpretations. In many cultures, snakes symbolize changes, transitions and transformation. This interpretation is derived from the periodic shedding of old scales by snakes for new ones, which is a good omen.

Whenever you dream about snakes in water, there is a huge chance that your subconscious is trying to tell you to assess yourself and your behavior in recent times. This helps you decide if there are habits you should drop or anything you need to change about yourself.

These dreams help and aid you as you rediscover your new self. You may even say it is a symbol of renewal and rebirth because if you pay attention to the message of your dream, you transform into a different person.

Snakes in water symbolize your personal growth. One thing in life remains constant and that is change. You will experience growth and personal changes from time to time, and your subconscious mind helps to achieve this by creating awareness through your dreams.

4. Trusting Your Intuition

Dreams are a direct reflection of your subconscious mind. This means that the dreams you have could be a result of your gut feeling and the activities in your daily life. Every dreamer has a little voice inside their head that tells them or what to do.

Sometimes this could be a feeling about the events in your personal life, other times, it is a feeling about another person entirely. In many cases, before you experience betrayal from a close friend, your subconscious speaks to you about the possibility of betrayal.

These dreams help to convince you to trust your mind more and while your conscious mind may not be able to create this awareness, your subconscious enables you to do this through your dreams about snakes in the water.

5. Signs of Passion

Many psychoanalysts like Sigmund Freud have regarded snakes as a phallic symbol. While some see snakes as a symbol of the unconscious mind and others refer to it as the symbol of healing, Freud refers to them as symbols of passion and fertility.

By this interpretation, snakes are sometimes used to represent sexual desires, especially as it concerns a woman to a man. If the dreamer is a female, this dream is an indication of her sexual desires.

Interpretations of Common Scenarios about Dream of Snakes in Water

Interpretations of Common Scenarios about Dream of Snakes in Water

There are common scenarios in your dream of snakes inside the water that will help you determine the meaning of your dream. The meaning attached to your dream about snakes in water will however depend on

  • The color of the snake in the water
  • The type of the snake 
  • The action of the snake while in water.

Snake Dream Interpretation based on the type of Snake

To a large extent, your dreams about snakes in water are dependent on the kind of snake in your dream. Specific dream scenarios will help you narrow down the meaning of that snake-in-water dream you’ve been having. 

Dreams About a Baby Snake in Water

Smaller snakes in water are signs that instead of focusing on materialistic features, you need to pay attention to your spirituality because this will help your personal growth and progress.

Dreams about baby snakes in water are also tied to good omen since little snakes inside the water also represent stability, tranquility, purity and innocence.

Dreams About a Red Snake in Water

If you see a red snake inside the water in your dreams, a lot of the time, it is a bad sign because the red snake signifies envy, jealousy, lies and anxiety. It means there is a toxic person(s), usually someone close to you that wants to harm you.

A dream like this will help you become more careful and when you find out who this person is, you should handle the situation with care so you do not end up with negative emotions and become a toxic person yourself.

Snake Dream Interpretation Based on Type of Water

The specific body of water in your dream about snakes in water can also help you understand your dream better. This scenario helps you figure out the nature of the environment of your snake dream.

Dream About a Snake in a River

This scenario depicts an unwelcome change in your environment. There are different interpretations of this dream style, but the most common one is that there is a change coming; this may be in your career or your relationship that you do not want.

For a Carl Jung follower, this dream is a clear sign of a troubling and uncomfortable part of your life that you do not wish to come to light which is why you are uncomfortable with such changes and this can lead to anxiety.

Snakes in Murky Water

The interpretation of this dream is an apparent lack of transparency in your relationship with people. Like muddy water, lies and bad energy surround your relationship with others.

This negativity can cause several problems, which is why dreams like these help you create awareness to remove yourself from these situations and have a transparent and honest relationship with your loved ones.

Snake Dream Interpretation Based on the Snake’s Action

Snake Dream Interpretation Based on the Snake’s Action

When you have a snake in a water dream, deciphering the dream’s meaning by noting the actions of the snake is also possible. The snake’s stance will help you determine if the dream is passing a positive message or a bad one.

Dreams About Snake Attacking You in Water

If in your dream, you see a snake attacking you in water, it means you need to take control of your emotions. If you do not adhere to this warning, you will contaminate your surroundings with negative energy.

This type of dream often manifests this way if you bottle up your emotions so much that you explode and, in some cases, cause harm to yourself or your loved one. It would help if you tried to talk to those you trust in situations like this to avoid problems later.

Dreams About Snake Swimming towards You

In this scenario, this dream is a warning sign that you have enemies surrounding you, trying to cause you harm and while they have not succeeded, they keep trying and are getting closer to you.

Ensure you become careful not to trust anyone around you easily because you can not be sure who loves you truly and who wishes to cause you harm. There can be hidden threats even in spaces that are familiar to you.

Final Thoughts

When determining the interpretation of your dream about snakes in water, it is essential that you first observe the scenario surrounding the dream because this will help you to filter through the plenty of possible interpretations.

The meaning of these dreams will only sometimes be as direct as you would expect and, in this case, snakes in your dream will not always mean bad luck. Here are some important factors to consider in your dream.

  • The type of snake in your dream
  • The type of water in the dream
  • What action did the snake perform in this dream?

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