Dream about Pigs (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream about Pigs (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Whether you think they are cute or disgusting, pigs appearing in dreams usually bring important spiritual messages, so you should try to interpret what happened.

However, such dreams are not always easy to interpret – so in this post, we discuss pigs in dreams meaning to help you make sense of what you saw.

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Pigs in Dreams Meaning – Pig symbolism

Before we can talk about how to interpret dreams about pigs, we need to think about the symbolism of these animals. This is because the way the dreamer feels about what they see in their dream can significantly affect how we interpret it.

To many people, pigs represent filth and squalor. They are notorious for wallowing in muck, and if you want to say somebody’s house or room is untidy, you might liken it to a “pigsty”.

These omnivorous animals are also proverbially gluttonous, and if we want to suggest somebody overindulges, we might say they “pig out” or “eat like a pig”. And when we want to suggest that someone has a tubby frame, we might call them a “fat pig”.

However, pigs also have some positive associations.

They breed readily and rear litters of up to ten piglets, so they are associated with fertility – as well as sexual desire.

Due to their prolific breeding – and to a certain degree, their corpulent shape – we also associate them with things like wealth and abundance.

Finally, pigs are smart animals – much smarter than they look – so for this reason, they can also symbolize intelligence.

Dream about Pigs (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Having looked at the symbolism of pigs, now we can think about how to interpret seeing them in dreams.

  1. Wealth and prosperity

In many cultures around the world, pigs are associated with wealth and prosperity – and it’s no coincidence that we save our coins in a piggy bank.

For this reason, if you dream of pigs, it may foretell that wealth is on its way to you.

This could mean that you are about to receive an unexpected windfall – perhaps in the form of an inheritance from a distant relative or maybe as a big lottery win.

Alternatively, the dream could be telling you that you are on the right path to riches. It could be that you have just started a new business venture, in which case the dream is telling you to work hard on your project because it will turn out to be highly lucrative.

Another possibility is that you have chosen the right studies and the best career path to become rich one day through your perseverance and hard work.

  1. Happiness

As well as wealth and prosperity, pigs can also represent happiness and fulfilment in a broader sense, and so your dream could be related to this.

The dream could be telling you that you are in a good place, that you have a loving family around you, that you are financially secure, that everything is going well and that you are content with your lot in life.

A dream like this is a welcome message, but it should also remind us to be thankful for what we have and to cherish those around us because we never know when it might all be suddenly taken away again.

  1. Use your intelligence

Pigs are highly intelligent animals, as are wild boars, which are notorious masters of escape when kept in captivity.

For this reason, dreaming of pigs or boars could be a message that we need to use our intelligence rather than our emotions to deal with a problem we are currently dealing with.

For example, if we are involved in a conflict at work, our emotional response might be to escalate the disagreement due to pride or anger.

However, if you can stay calm and think about the situation rationally, you might be able to find another more mutually beneficial solution – and one that still allows you to “win” and so walk away with your pride intact.

  1. Stubbornness

Something else pigs are known for is their stubbornness, which is why we often call people “pig-headed” when they display recalcitrant behavior.

As a result, when you dream of a pig, perhaps a big old male that appears to be particularly obstinate, you might consider whether this reflects your behavior recently.

Are you facing a situation in your life at the moment where you are unable to understand somebody else’s point of view and are refusing to budge in your opinion?

Then perhaps this dream is telling you to try harder to see things from a different perspective because often, seeking compromise is a much better approach than simply insisting that things are always done your way.

  1. A need for cleansing

Pigs might enjoy rolling about in muck, but they have good reasons for doing it since it helps regulate their body temperature and can also help keep them free of parasites.

This means if you dream of a pig rolling in mud, it may tell you that you too need to undergo some kind of cleansing.

Perhaps you have recently had a fight with one of your friends, and now you are carrying a lot of negative thoughts in your head. Then this dream could be telling you to cleanse yourself of the negativity because keeping anger inside is not healthy.

Another possibility is that you are trying to grow and develop in a spiritual sense, but you have some negative behaviors that are holding you back.

For example, you could still be too attached to material things to fully evolve spiritually, in which case the dream could be telling you to cleanse yourself of your desire for material goods to allow yourself to progress toward spiritual enlightenment.

  1. Rein in your overindulgence

Pigs are known to eat whatever comes their way, and seeing pigs in your dreams could be an indication that you need to rein in your overindulgence.

This could be related to your eating and drinking habits, and the dream could be telling you that you need to eat more healthily and drink less alcohol or soda.

A different take on this dream could be that you are leading a decadent lifestyle in a more general sense, spending too much money on designer clothes and expensive bars and restaurants.

This could mean you need to focus more on the things that are truly important – such as your family and your spiritual development – instead of concentrating so much on pleasure and frivolities.

  1. Fertility

Dreams about pigs can often be related to fertility, and there are a few possible interpretations.

One meaning might be that you feel the time is right to start a family, and you are ready to try for a baby.

This could be something you are only aware of on a subconscious level, and the dream is trying to make you more consciously aware of it.

Another interpretation could be that you are already trying to have a baby and that you shouldn’t give up because good news is on the way soon.

Finally, the dream could be about your sexual desires, telling you that you are not feeling satisfied with your sex life at present.

Which of these interpretations is the correct one will depend on you, and you can work it out through deep thought and self-exploration.

  1. You are unhappy about a certain part of your character

A pig appearing in a dream could tell you that are unhappy with something about yourself, and you want to change it.

Perhaps you are aware that you are too quick to anger or maybe you have a tendency to procrastinate instead of getting things done.

The dream could be about a whole range of character traits such as these, and maybe the dream is telling you to work harder at changing yourself into a better person.

  1. You need to get more in touch with nature

Pigs spend most of their time in direct contact with the ground, and as such, they can represent close contact with nature.

This means if you dream of pigs, especially pigs outside in fields or the woods, the dream could be telling you that you spend too much time in the city and you need to reconnect with nature.

  1. A dead pig – transformation and rebirth

Dreaming of a dead pig might seem like a bad sign, but in the dream world, death is often metaphorical and is also closely connected to rebirth.

This is why dreaming about a dead pig could relate to the end of something – for example, a bad habit or a negative behavior – and the dream is telling you that you are ready to leave this negativity in the past.

If you dream of killing a pig, it can represent your conscious struggle with negativity and your will to give up bad habits or negative behavior.

A dream that can bring an important spiritual message

What we dream about often carries important messages from our subconscious minds, so we should always make an effort to interpret them.

To understand a dream about pigs, apply what you saw to your current life situation and the challenges you have been facing recently – then, by following your intuition, the correct interpretation will be revealed to you.

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