Dream About Aquarium (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Aquarium (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dreaming about aquariums is an interesting concept because it seems like a completely random thing to dream about. Dreams featuring aquariums can come in all sorts of varieties, including ones where you are trapped inside an aquarium to ones where an aquarium has smashed open.

Today, we’re going to be looking at all the possible aquarium dream variants and examining what they symbolize. You may find after reading this that your aquarium dreams aren’t random manifestations, but rather poignant signs or messages for your waking life.

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Dream About Aquarium (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1. You feel trapped

Dreaming about an aquarium of any size could be an indication that you are subconsciously feeling trapped in some parts of your life. As much as it’s nice to see aquatic life in an aquarium, these creatures are ultimately trapped with no way out, and therefore the sight of one in your dreams could suggest that you are feeling the same.

Perhaps you are in a relationship where your partner is very controlling. It may well be that you aren’t allowed to go and see your friends without them causing an argument, or you might feel like you are no longer “allowed” to enjoy hobbies that don’t involve them. This is an incredibly unhealthy relationship and you shouldn’t stand for it.

Alternatively, maybe you have been working in the same job for a prolonged period of time and you’re not sure how you can get out. When you’re used to the same thing for so long, feelings of comfort can quickly change to feelings of entrapment and this is what this dream is telling you.

Regardless of what’s making you feel trapped, this dream is a message to break free from it. By doing so, you will enjoy a new lease on life and feel happier within yourself.

2. You feel like every day is the same

For fish that live in aquariums, every day will feel the same. They explore the same surroundings and have the same boundaries, meaning they can’t go on any kind of adventure. Having recurring dreams about an aquarium could mean that you feel like your life is very similar to this.

Perhaps you go to the same office and work with the same colleagues each and every day and then go home, sit in the same room and watch the same tv shows before going to bed. While some people enjoy routine, others can grow to hate it with boredom setting in.

The fact you are dreaming about aquariums could indicate that you are also getting bored of your day-to-day life. If this is the case, then you should seek out new adventures and possibilities because, unlike the fish in the aquarium, you don’t have any physical barriers in your life.

This could be as simple as signing up for a new sports class once a week to mix things up or something as major as moving to a new country.

3. You have reached a breaking point

If your aquarium dreams feature a shattered or broken aquarium, then it could be a signal from your subconscious mind that you have reached a breaking point. This could be regarding your life in general or just in relation to a certain aspect of it such as a job or personal relationship.

Perhaps a multitude of things have happened recently which have caused negativity in your life. These negative emotions have piled on top of one other and you’re now at the point where you can’t hold it all in anymore. The sight of an aquarium smashing is a warning sign that you will also explode if you don’t get on top of whatever is causing negativity in your life.

Look at all facets of your life and seek out areas where you can find harmony, instead. Although outside factors may have played a big part in making you feel like this, reflect on your own behavior and consider the possibility that you have been self-sabotaging. Once you are on top of your own emotions, the likelihood of you emotionally exploding in real life will be less.

4. You need to clean up your life

If you are dreaming about a dirty aquarium that needs cleaning out then it could mean that you need to clean up your life. Dirty water in an aquarium is going to make it difficult for the creatures within it to navigate their way around successfully, and this dirty water is a metaphor for potential obstacles in your waking life that you need to remove.

Perhaps there are individuals in your life that are making it difficult for you to realize your potential. These people might not be bad individuals but they are a negative influence and you should consider cutting them off if you are to reach your full potential.

On the flip side, these obstacles could be unrelated to individuals and have more to do with your behavior. Maybe you have started to take illegal substances or drink alcohol more heavily. These actions are only going to poison your mind and make success and prosperity harder goal to achieve. Clean your act up and you will be able to move forward, just like cleaning the dirty water in your dreams will help the fish.

5. You need to start doing things differently

If the aquarium in your dream is full of fish of all shapes and sizes then it’s a sign that perhaps you need to start thinking outside of the box more to reach your goals. Tropical fish in a tank full of normal-looking fish stand out, so get your creative juice flowing and commit to taking more risks.

Perhaps you are naturally an introverted person when it comes to working. This can be helpful in certain facets of your working life, but there are going to be times when you need to step up and put your ideas forward if you are to reach the heights you aspire for. This doesn’t even necessarily have to be in front of a large group of people – instead, just pull your manager to one side and share your new and exciting ideas with them this way.

Unrelated to work, the sight of exotic fish which stand out from the rest of the aquarium in your dreams could simply be a message for you to embrace your unique personality more. Don’t be scared of who you are and show the world.

6. You are being hunted

If you are dreaming about a big aquarium that houses large sea creatures such as sharks then this is, unfortunately, a bad sign. One interpretation of these kinds of dreams is that it is a message from your subconscious that someone is working behind the scenes to bring about your downfall.

This could be in relation to your current love life. Perhaps there is someone who you consider to be a friend manipulating a certain situation to make your partner doubt your true intentions. Even worse, perhaps someone close to you is seeing your partner behind your back.

Alternatively, maybe there is someone who has it in for you at work. You may have a good idea as to who this person is or it could be someone who you thought was your acquaintance. This person may be trying to get other colleagues to turn against you so be careful.

Keep a close eye on those around you in the coming days, weeks, and months and try and gain an insight into what they are thinking. This doesn’t mean that you have to become paranoid, just that you shouldn’t turn a blind eye to any warning signs.

7. Your actions are going to push people away

If you are dreaming about an empty fish tank then this dream is often looked at as a warning sign for what’s to come. The empty fish tank is a metaphor for your social circle should you continue behaving the way that you are. You may currently have a full social circle but they will all start to distance themselves from you in the near future if you don’t change your ways.

You may not have noticed it yourself, but perhaps in recent times, you have been taking those around you for granted and treating them poorly. This could be because you are under immense pressure in your working life, but ultimately there is no excuse.

The sight of the empty fish tank will hopefully jolt you into changing the way you have been treating your friends and family. If dead fish are lying in the fish tank instead of it being simply empty, then this is even worse news for you – this signals that there could be no way back in regard to fixing certain interpersonal relationships.


To conclude, dreaming about aquariums isn’t as random or as bizarre as you probably think! We hope that after reading the possible symbolic meanings outlined above that you can steer your life in a certain way to ensure that the dreams stop.

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