Dream About Planets (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Planets

Planets are beautiful, vast, and mysterious – and still to this day, we are uncovering more and more about them and their meaning.

Throughout history, they’ve featured in virtually every culture, and we’ve always looked to them for answers to life’s big questions.

So if a planet appears in your dreams, no doubt you’ll be curious to see what it all means. Planets are symbols of great power and significance, and their arrival in your subconscious is no mere accident.

So what exactly does a dream about planets mean? Today, we will explore the meaning behind each planet and what powers it can bestow on you. We’ll also look into how you can apply this to your everyday life.

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Different planets and their meanings (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Each one of our planets is unique. Be it their shape, size, and color, to what gases and materials are found on it.

Their names are closely tied to mythology and were often used to symbolize advanced concepts on creation, emotion, life and death, and many more.

Although the Ancient Roman Gods were notorious for their ego and self-indulgence, planets often had a guardian role with people. They were, and continue to be, worshipped extensively over specific attributes.

Let’s take a look at what each planet can mean when appearing in your dreams:

1. Dreaming about Mercury

Mercury is associated with the Roman messenger God. He heralds good fortune, prosperity, logic, and good ideas. If you witness Mercury in your dreams, you are nimble, a quick-thinker, and creative when faced with obstacles.

As the God of communication, dreaming about Mercury can also indict you need to be more outspoken. This can include sharing ideas but also building relationships with people.

Planet Mercury in retrograde (moving backward) indicates an upcoming challenge in your life, and you need to be resourceful to solve it.

2. Dreaming about Venus

Dreaming about Venus clearly shows that you have romance on your mind. The plant is a strong symbol of passion, love, and femininity. Its appearance can signify you want to take a relationship to the next step and are ready for commitment.

Being single can also point you towards investing more time in meeting that special someone. Venus in retrograde suggests a past love is about to return to your life – whether you want to rekindle this relationship is up to you.

3. Dreaming about Earth

We often refer to Earth as ‘Mother Earth,’ and dreaming of this planet is a strong symbol of how grounded, nurturing, and stable you are in life.

You are a life-giver with solid foundations. Earth has long been a sign of fertility, and its appearance in a dream can signify starting a family.

4. Dreaming about Mars

Named after the Roman God of war, dreaming about the planet Mars symbolizes you are a passionate, energetic, and perhaps hot-headed person. You prefer action in life, and something may happen in your future that requires your vibrant take to complete. As a symbol of masculinity, Mars may put you in conflict with someone – be careful.

Mars in retrograde asks you to confront your past self and take action on something you may have gotten wrong.

5. Dream about Jupiter

Dreaming about the planet Jupiter symbolizes good fortune, opportunity, and power. Jupiter was the God of all gods and asks that you be authoritative, optimistic, and forward-thinking – you are powerful and competent.

As Jupiter blesses you, pass this good fortune on to those you live with; be generous with your possessions and time. Jupiter in retrograde asks you to reflect on past accomplishments and be grateful for your success.

6. Dreaming about Saturn

Saturn was the Roman God of time, wealth, and abundance. By dreaming of Saturn, you are channeling success into your everyday life. You are a hard worker who may have new opportunities in the coming weeks – think wisely before committing to anything.

If Saturn is retrograde, you may need to refocus your life to present new challenges. Perhaps you need a new purpose. You might need a job, romance, or home change to fulfill your needs.

7. Dreaming about Uranus

As the sky God, Uranus symbolizes clear-thinking and a free spirit. Seeing this planet in your dreams could ask you to take more risks and trust your intuition. You may feel trapped or chained by something – Uranus wants you to break free from your tethers and soar.

In retrograde, Uranus asks you to be more confident and take action on any plans you’ve put on the long finger. Find a new creative outlet and work on your problem-solving to navigate life’s obstacles.

8. Dreaming about Neptune

Often thought of as the planet of dreams, Neptune symbolizes inspiration, creativity, and illusions. When Neptune appears in a dream, it often represents your need to think outside the box. Be reactive and creative in problem-solving. Learn from a life lesson and move on.

Neptune in retrograde gives you more clarity in life. Follow your gut instincts, pay attention to your mental health, and value your self-worth.

9. Dreaming about dwarf planets

Although smaller in size, dwarf planets can still be images of great significance in dreams. The most famous dwarf planet, Pluto, is a symbol of life, death, and rebirth, and its appearance heralds considerable changes in your life. Pluto was also once considered one of our main planets. Its appearance can symbolize your feelings of being under-estimated.

There are, of course, other dwarf planets, some of whom orbit larger planets and have tied symbolism to them. The dwarf planet Ceres, for example, is located between Mars and Jupiter. It is named after the Roman goddess of agriculture, Ceres, and symbolizes passion, fertility, and abundance.

10. Dreaming about an unknown planet

What if you don’t recognize the planet? Often, if we fail to know the planet in our dreams, this can point to a lack of clarity or direction in life. It can also signify that you are lonely and may need to find meaningful connections with new people.

But alien planets can also be positive symbols, too. They represent new opportunities and people coming into your life, and you should be open to these experiences. Don’t worry; an empty planet won’t stay that way for long!

11. Dreaming of planets aligning

This is quite a straightforward metaphor. When planets align in your dreams, this quite often indicates you are in harmony. Things will all balance themselves out, and life will soon feel good.

This is incredibly potent if you’re in the middle of a transition. The planets are all supporting you in this change. It can also soothe your mind if you’re worried about someone in your life. Harmony between planets is a sign of good relationships with people around you.

12. Dreaming of planets colliding

On the other hand, if more than one planet collides with another, this can often symbolize conflict, disagreement, and struggle.

This can be between you and one person or a group. It can also point to inner struggle. Perhaps you’re finding it hard to make a big life decision? Or you’re feeling drained of creativity or energy.

Hope is not lost. Planets colliding is often a temporary phenomenon in dreams. Soon enough, planets will get in sync, and you will sort your problem out thoroughly.

13. The Sun

While not necessarily a planet, the Sun is a cosmic entity often appearing in tandem with planets and other celestial phenomena. The Sun is a symbol of life itself. It gives energy to everyone and everything, as well as warmth, comfort, and security.

The Sun appearing in your dream is an omen of good fortune and good health. When it appears with planets, this can symbolize a shining light cast on a problemed area of your life that needs addressing.

14. The Moon

Like the Sun, the Moon is also a symbol that frequently appears alongside planets in our dreams. The Moon represents enlightenment, innocence, and nobility. But within the Moon are a series of ‘phases,’ which can also have their own significance.

For example, the crescent moon symbolizes life, death, and fertility. A lunar eclipse represents a complete change in life.


Throughout human history, we have always looked to outer space and asked about the profound meaning of life.

Unsurprisingly, they’ve featured in every mythology worldwide, as early humans looked to them as beings of great authority.

So when a planet arrives in our dreams, we often receive insightful answers. We can channel their power into our everyday lives by recognizing their importance.

Planets are incredible allies, and their impact on your life can be sizeable. Challenge big and small planets into your life can be a fantastic way of drawing strength in times of need, finding purpose in life, developing new skills, or even helping to find the love of your life.

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