Dream Of Lions Chasing You (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

We usually think of lions as scary animals. Although they usually connect with humans, we still have this frightening feeling when we see one, even if it is just on a safari or zoo!

But, when these animals appear in our dreams, and they chase us during our good night’s sleep, they represent messages that may be related to our waking life.

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9 Messages When Lions Chase You in Your Dreams (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Because a lion’s attack is deadly, this animal undeniably represents courage, power, and strength. Additionally, because of these traits, they become respected animals, not just by us, but by the whole animal kingdom. 

When you dream about them, and in your dream, they chase you, usually, the message for you is to follow their traits. But, this is not the same for others. There are other messages these animals are trying to convey and some of these will be discussed below.

1. You have this urge to boost your pride

When you dream about hungry lions chasing you, and in your dreams, you are feeding them, this represents your eagerness to boost your pride in your waking life. 

Your subconscious mind speaks of your desires in life through your dreams. In such dreams, a hungry lion symbolizes your current life situation. You might be hungry for power and you just want to escape belittlement by increasing your pride in life. If you dream about this, you are a forgiving person and you hate arguments.

As much as possible, you aim for amendments and peace. Unfortunately, your good traits are being taken for granted by others, such as your partner and co-workers. 

Still, no matter how much you want to feed yourself with pride, you are having a hard time doing it because that is not how you were raised. You were used to being humble and you always set aside your own life, dignity, and ego just to keep your relationship with other people. 

2. You are being self-destructive

The meaning of a lion dream may also be about how you treat yourself in your waking life. If you dream about a lion chasing you and you decide to fight with this lion, this represents yourself being self-destructive. 

As we all know, fighting a lion means fighting its whole family. One of the lion’s roles is to protect its territory. So, when you dream of it, you are not only destroying yourself but the people around you as well, for example, your parents who care for you. Generally, this destruction is not just about physical abuse of yourself. It can also be about your self-confidence and optimism.

Aside from this, self-destruction can also be caused by addictions. If you dream of a golden lion chasing you, in your waking life, you might be addicted to gambling, substance abuse, etc.  These habits affect not just your relationship with other people but your career and personal growth as well.

3. You are living with an arrogant person

If you dream about a lion chasing you, and this lion is too arrogant and keeps on flexing its teeth and growling, this could mean that an arrogant person is living with you. This person might be your partner, senior at work, boss, or friend. We cannot deny it, but sometimes, this person can also be our parent.

To be fair, this dream can also represent your negative emotions such as aggression. Thus, this can mean that you are an arrogant person. You have much anger and hate inside you, and like a lion, you want to roar and release these feelings. 

Remember, your dreams speak of your thoughts in real life. No matter how you hide these emotions, they will always be revealed when you sleep at night.

4. Your childhood traumas are hunting you

If you dream of lion cubs chasing you, these cubs represent your childhood life. In the past, you might have had traumas and experiences of abuse. You might have not yet moved on from these bad events in your life and this is the main reason why you are dreaming about such an event. 

If you encounter these dreams, you are encouraged to not move on but to move forward. If you have been wronged, allow yourself to get the peace and forgiveness you deserve from yourself. 

Furthermore, dreaming of lion cubs chasing you can also represent the things you have done wrong. If you know that you have offended someone, you are encouraged to take responsibility for the things you did. Since the damage has been done in the past, what you can only do now is to ask for forgiveness and allow yourself to become a better person. 

5. Someone is dominating you

Male lions are one of the big creatures in the animal kingdom aside from tigers that live in Africa and India. Although they are considered the King of the Jungle, these animals are dominated by a lioness. So, if you dream of a female lion, and in your dream, this animal is chasing you, this could mean that someone in your waking life is dominating you.

Aside from dominance, another representation of this dream is that you are a weak person. You can be easily manipulated, you are gullible, and you do not recognize your strength and capabilities. Your inability to use your unique talents and skills makes others, especially your opponents, control you. What you are encouraged to do is to recognize your abilities as well as your worth.

6. Beware of inconsiderate people in your life

If you dream of a lion attacking you and you got bitten by this lion, take this as a warning sign to beware of inconsiderate people in your life and avoid threatening situations in your life.

Aside from this, dreaming of such an event is also an encouragement for you to avoid people that you think are superior to you as these people are only using you for their own benefit.

Like a lion, you should learn how to be fearless as you move away from people who are taking you for granted. 

7. You are running away from your struggles

We all experience struggles and obstacles in life, and we can only resolve these issues by dealing with them.

However, if you dream of a lion chasing you, and you are running away from it, this can represent your desire to escape your current life situation. Generally, you do not have the urge to deal with these problems because of your fear. Sometimes, these problems are not just personal but are also about how other people treat you.

For example, even if your boss is always scolding you or even if your partner is cheating on you, you tend to be deaf and blind to what you hear and see. Rather than finding a new job or leaving your toxic relationship, you tend to run away from the possible solutions you can consider to end your struggles.

Remember, one of the spiritual meanings of lions when you dream about them is that you are strong and courageous. This means that no matter what problems you face in real life, always believe that you can overcome them.

Moreover, these struggles may also be about your personal health. You might be running away from your duties of taking care of yourself or your family’s health. Instead of finding the root of your health problems, you run away from them because you are either scared of spending money, you don’t have much money to spend, or you do not want to know the causes of your health issues.

8. You have destructive secrets and you’re afraid of revealing them

In addition to the self-destruction above, you also have secrets in life that can destroy you, and when you dream of lions chasing you even if they are caged lions, these chases speak of your secrets. Generally, these secrets are too dark which is why a terrifying dream is presented to you.

Aside from yourself having secrets, this dream might also represent your knowledge of others’ destructive secrets, that, in just one word, you can destroy them as well by ruining their reputation.  

9. Someone wishes you to fail

A dream about a lion chasing you also represents the people who want you to lose. In your waking life, someone might be praying for you to fail in your life’s battles. The lions represent their black powers and negative wishes for you to become helpless. 

Some Biblical meanings of lion state that baby lions who roar after their prey, get their meat from God. This means that whatever you pray for to God, you can get it. 

So, no matter how other people wish for your defeat and harm you, through solid prayers, you will achieve success. 

Final Thoughts

Indeed, a dream interpretation of a lion chasing and attacking you in your dream can send both positive and negative messages.

Positive dreams because these dreams are warning signs for you to be aware of the people around you. Additionally, negative because these dreams refer to your attitudes and traits that can lead you to self-destruction.

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