Dream of Making Love With A Stranger (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream of Making Love With A Stranger (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dreaming about sex with your crush, boss, ex, best friend, or co-worker, no matter how strange or unexpected they are sometimes, never surprises you like a dream about sex with a stranger. After such dreams, you always wonder who that person is, why that exact person, what they represent, etc.

In many cases, dreaming about sex with a stranger has less to do with the actual act of sex and more with the messages our subconscious mind is trying to send us.

For this reason, the dream interpretation of making love with a stranger is a topic you should not underestimate or dismiss as insignificant. More so, since dreams have a lot to do with our inner states and spirits than you might think.

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What are dreams all about?

Many people think dreams are just some kind of replay of events that happened to us during our waking life.

However, this study from 2003, in which 299 dream reports were compared with the experiences that the participants of the study had when they were awake, showed that less than 2 percent of the dreams really represent an exact repeat of daily, conscious activities.

But the study showed that about 65% of dreams have certain aspects of waking experiences. More importantly, almost 55% of them reflect emotions and overarching themes from the participants’ lives.

Based on the findings of this study, one can see how vital our emotional states are for our dreams and that you don’t need to be a dream expert or visit a dream analyst to help you understand your dreams. Instead, just pay attention to your emotions and ask questions related to them.

Dream of Making Love With A Stranger (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1. Are you satisfied with your (inner) self?

After you wake up from a dream in which you were making love with a stranger, you should try to remember as many details as possible that have to do with the appearance of that person and the way they behaved during sex, and not so much the act of sex itself.

Observing the physical characteristics and personality traits this person possesses is important because this kind of dream can be interpreted as an attempt by your brain to send you a message to change some things about yourself.

Very often, people are aware of their problems and shortcomings, but they either completely ignore or put off these feelings and thoughts for a later period. Some people will even feel guilt or shame but won’t do anything about this.

It is also possible that lately, you are not satisfied with what you have achieved in your own life. You might feel that others are more successful and that everything is going well for them.

In such cases, it is not a coincidence that you dream of sex with a random person because that person actually represents you, that is, your future version if you decide to act on the thoughts and make some changes.

2. Is your life monotonous?

A sex dream with a stranger might indicate that you have fallen into a boring rut and that every day is the same. Maybe you are spending too much time in the company of the same people, in the same places and a similar atmosphere.

Perhaps you’re not even leaving the house lately. Nothing significant will happen if you continue to spend every free moment in front of the TV.

The stranger in your dream represents the inner desire to refresh your everyday life. That refreshment might be going out and trying to meet new people or changing something about your current lifestyle.

Maybe you need to do something entirely outside your comfort zone, like going on an adventure or a trip. Whatever you do, you will feel better immediately!

3. Are you craving a short but tense romance?

Dreams that have to do with sex very often represent problems of a different nature than the sexual one, but sometimes they can also be directly related to sex.

If you dream of making love with a stranger, you probably desire a short-term but passionate relationship with lots of sparks, which will most likely be based only on strong physical attraction.

If something like this happens in real life, sexual desire and chemistry between you and that person will be off the charts. However, you should know that although you will feel momentary satisfaction, you will have to accept that this is a relationship that has no future.

If you try to turn it into something else, that is, into a real love story, you might get hurt.

4. Do you have a high libido?

Dream scenarios of sex involving a stranger and you can be interpreted as a sign that your libido is high and that you have some dissatisfaction in your sex life.

In this case, don’t focus too much on the person in the dream but your libido.

Increasing the amount of sexual activity is the easiest way to solve this problem. Still, if you are in a relationship, you will have to talk to your partner first because open communication is the best way to progress.

Tell them what you feel and want, but watch your tone and choose your words carefully so your partner doesn’t get offended or feel bad.

5. Are you questioning your sexuality?

Television, social media, and the outside world give us loads of opportunities to see and encounter many strangers of our sex on a daily basis.

Therefore, it is not surprising that from time to time, our dreaming mind will present us with dreams that include homosexuality, even if we do not find such persons sexually attractive.

If you are straight and dream of sexual intercourse with a person of the same sex, that may mean that you are going through a period of questioning your sexuality. If such dreams arise, it is up to you to think about them and ask yourself if they hold any validity.

But often, these dreams mean that you secretly admire and appreciate a friend, colleague, or family member of the same sex. So, if you can figure out how that person is, think about telling them what it is exactly about them that you admire.

Dream interpretation of making love with a stranger when you’re in a relationship

All the previous interpretations might apply here, so you should not ignore them, but since you are in a relationship, some additional questions might be subconsciously bothering you.

Before we explore those questions, know that sexual dreams of this sort shouldn’t be a worrying factor when you are in a relationship, as you’ve probably dreamt about even crazier things and didn’t think something’s wrong with you.

1. Is your partner giving you enough?

Dreaming about making love with a stranger might indicate that you are getting too little love, tenderness, compassion, or attention in your love life.

Meanwhile, you are trying to show your emotions as much as possible, but your loved one either isn’t noticing this or is simply ignoring it. In both cases, it is definitely necessary to talk about it honestly and understand your position. The sooner you do it, the better for both of you.

2. Do you have unfulfilled fantasies?

Whether it is a better job, quality relationships, more free time, or more traveling opportunities, we all have fantasies in life.

Sometimes dreams like this represent our desire for novelties in our romantic relationships. However, it does not necessarily mean that you want another person in your bed, as the stranger in these scenarios can symbolize new things you want to try with your partner.

Sooner or later, every relationship has a period when even one of the most passionate and intense activities, sex, becomes a little dull or predictable. So, spicing things up might help.

Alternatively, maybe you really want to try something with a third person, with or without the presence of your partner.

3. Is your partner the right person for you?

If, on the other hand, you dream that your partner caught you while making love with a stranger, you should reconsider your feelings in your current relationship.

A dream like this involving infidelity could be a warning that you aren’t feeling strong emotions toward your partner but something much more basic and faint. Although you won’t admit it, it seems you are unhappy, so think about whether this is what you want precisely for your future self.


Like all other dreams, dreaming about making love with a stranger involves our emotions for the most part.

It might symbolize dissatisfaction in our life, which can be related to the lack of novelties, challenges, progress, or maybe adventures. But, on the other hand, these dreams sometimes have to do with our libido or sexuality.

And when we are in a relationship, these dreams often represent unsolved problems with our partner.

In the end, the exact interpretation of the dream will, of course, depend on you because the answer lies within you. Still, if you have any questions regarding this topic, please leave a comment.

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