Dream Of Levitating (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dreams of flying or levitating are some of the most common dreams to experience alongside other “hits” such as going out with no pants or going back to school. Unlike these two and other cases, however, dreaming of levitating is usually a very positive and pleasant dream for the dreamer to have.

Still, what does it mean if you dream of overcoming the force of gravity? Are there numerous possible meanings here as is the case with most other dreams? Indeed there are – below we’ll look over the 11 most common interpretations of dreaming of levitating.

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Dream Of Levitating (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

If you want to successfully decipher the meaning of your levitation dream you’ll need to pay close attention to some of the key details in it. A different meaning can also be found depending on the overall tone of the dream as well as how it correlates to some of the circumstances and emotions you’re facing in your waking life.

1. You are yearning for freedom

First is likely the most common interpretation – that you’ve been feeling a bit overly restrained in your real life recently and your subconscious – and probably conscious too – mind is yearning for freedom.

This is a big part of why dreaming of levitating is so common – lots of people go through challenging situations on a regular basis and so dreaming of levitating becomes a frequent occurrence. An especially common variant of this dream is levitating over rough waters, clearly symbolizing the mind’s desire to raise over the tough situations in your life.

2. You feel you’re on the road to enlightenment

Another common and more positive interpretation is that you’ve been feeling better in your life recently, especially when it comes to your inner state and spiritual development. Saying that you’re “on the road to Enlightenment” can sound like setting too high expectations for yourself but if that’s what your subconscious is feeling, then you can expect to often have dreams of flying and levitating.

This type of dream often happens when we leave our spiritual comfort zone and try to fulfill our great potential in some way. This dream doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll succeed, of course – just that we’re taking the journey and feeling good about it.

3. You wish you could be happy

Dreams about levitating are also fairly common for severe or chronically depressed people. In those cases, dreaming of levitating represents the deep desire to be free not of some external circumstances but of the shackles in your mind.

Such a dream can be recognized both by understanding your waking life mental state and by how peaceful the dream itself feels – the dreamer is usually levitating over calm waters and is either experiencing or hoping for complete satisfaction.

4. You’ve suddenly found happiness

The opposite of the above case can also often be expressed through the exact same dream. When we’ve just escaped from an especially unpleasant situation or emotion and we’ve suddenly discovered a truly happy state of mind for ourselves, our subconscious minds can express that optimism through dreams of flying.

Of course, complete happiness is a rather unnatural state of humans – especially not for prolonged periods of time. So, we shouldn’t necessarily take this dream as a good omen that we’ll continue to be happy forever – just that we’re feeling happy right now.

5. You want a new beginning

A variant of the “yearning for freedom” dream interpretation is the one of looking for new beginnings. This is very common for people stuck in dead-end jobs they can’t quit or people who’re in loveless relationships they can’t leave.

In this kind of dream, the dreamer is not just levitating aimlessly but is usually levitating either away from something or toward something.

It’s also important that we don’t take this dream as a sign that we absolutely must leave our job, relationship, or whatever else we’re feeling is keeping us “restrained” – maybe that’s the right course of action, but maybe it isn’t. So, what’s usually advisable is to take this dream as a sign that we need to reconsider and reevaluate some things in our lives and find the best solution for ourselves.

6. You’ve recently managed to cast a heavy burden away

A floating dream is also very common if we’ve recently managed to shed away something that’s been weighing us down for a long time. In those cases, dreaming of levitating happens because of how happy and astonished we are with our newfound capabilities and freedom.

This dream is a bit different from those we have when we feel happy or free as the emphasis here tends to be on the thing we’re leaving behind or below us and we’re flying away from. Such dreams typically start with the very act of dropping something we’ve been carrying on our backs.

7. You’re dreaming of future successes

Dreaming of levitating is also the type of dream that signifies our ambitions and dreams of finding a more satisfying path. Most commonly, these tend to happen in regard to financial and professional goals – changing our dead-end job with something better, paying off our impossible debt, getting rid of some unnecessary expenses, and so on.

Unsurprisingly, when we have such ambitions and goals, the dream world in our subconscious manifests them with dreams of flying higher and higher above the mundane reality of our current life.

8. You’re admiring someone if you see them levitating in your dream

A different type of dream about levitation is one where we see someone else levitate above or around us. This is a rarer variant but the aspects of a dream about someone else levitating aren’t difficult to discern. More often than not, this dream has to do with us admiring someone because we see them as much better, happier, freer, or more capable than us and we wish we could be like them.

As with all other dreams and interpretations, this doesn’t need to reflect reality – the person we’re dreaming about may very well be as miserable as we are. What’s important is that we see them as happier, better, and freer – that’s enough for our subconscious mind to start doing its job.

9. You are envious of others if they are levitating in your dream

A more unfortunate variant of the above interpretation happens when we don’t just admire someone but are genuinely envious or jealous of them. The difference can be easy to tell if we look at the tone of the dream – if it feels more negative and depressive, it’s likely the latter case and not just admiration.

As unfortunate and ugly as the emotions of envy and jealousy can be, recognizing them is crucial if we want to grow beyond them and fix our issues. In that sense, having such a dream and interpreting it correctly can be a great gain for our spiritual development.

10. Your life’s goal is to be supportive of others if you dream of helping them levitate

The symbolism of dreams of levitation can also be very different if we’ve dreamt of helping someone else levitate. In this case, however, we’re not just observers of the other person’s success – we’re active participants in it.

Most commonly, such dreams include a parent helping their child fly or a spouse helping their partner. Those are the most common support roles people take, so, it’s no surprise that our dreams often reflect them.

If the dream feels positive, it means that you’ve either recently assumed this supportive role or you’ve been in it for a while – in either case, something has happened recently to remind you of this dynamic in your relationship with your partner or child, hence why you’re dreaming of it.

Such a dream can also feel negative, however – that’s usually the case for partners who know they are in this role but do it begrudgingly. In that case, you may want to talk things over with the person you’re supporting.

11. You feel that you’re falling to an inevitable end if you dream of levitating downward

Last but not least, dreaming of levitating can also happen in the opposite direction – you can simply dream that you are slowly falling lower and lower.

Naturally, such dreams not only feel full of negativity but also reflect genuine negative emotions. The common interpretation here is that we feel like we’re sinking in our waking life and we’re under no illusions about where things are going.

This could be because we are depressed, we’re unhappily married, we hate our job, we’re under huge debt, or anything similar – either way, this dream should be a key wake-up call for you to change some things in your life.

In conclusion – what’s the meaning of dreaming of levitating?

Dreaming of levitating can often feel so real it’s almost akin to having hallucinations – when we wake up we can swear we really were defying gravity.

As fun as they are, such dreams are also steeped with meaning. They are usually either positive signs that good things are starting to happen in your life or they serve as a reminder that you need to fix some things in your life if you want positive outcomes in your near future.

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