Dream About White Cat (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About White Cat

Most people agree that a dream of a cat has lots of symbolic meaning. What few agree on, however, is what exactly the meaning of this type of dream really is. Depending on the culture you’re from, the type of cat you were dreaming about, the tone and details of the dream, as well as your life’s circumstances, seeing a white cat in the dream can mean lots of different things.

This makes deciphering the meaning of a white cat dream more difficult as well as more interesting and fun. So, let’s see what wisdom about your unconscious mind we can glean from a white cat dream.

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White cat in a dream and what it means (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Everyone knows that a black cat in a dream as well as in real life is seen as a bad luck superstition and warning. If that’s the case, it’s only logical that white cat pets should be symbols of good fortune, right?

Not quite. The perception and symbolism of either color of cats are widely seen as debatable and up to everyone’s personal interpretation. The Ancient Egyptians, for example, saw their cat goddess as symbolizing the home, domesticity, fertility, childbirth, and women’s secrets but they also saw the goddess Sekhmet as a lioness and a goddess of war.

At the same time, classic philosophers such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung saw cats as symbols of the incomprehensibility of the human subconscious mind and the mystery that is the human self.

And all that’s without going into the cat’s color. So, as you can see, cats’ symbolism can be almost anything. And since our dreams are governed by our individual perceptions and beliefs, if you want to understand what a white cat in a dream means for you, you should analyze the dream through the prism of your personal views and experiences.

Below we’ve listed 10 common interpretations and different meanings you can use as examples or reference points for what your white cat dream might have meant.

1. You have found – or need to find – hope in your life

Many people see the white cat as a messenger of the gods, similar to a lot of birds. In the case of white cats, lots of us view them as messengers of hope. If you are of a similar mind, seeing a white cat visiting you or your home in your dreams can mean that you have recently found hope in some aspect of your life.

Alternatively, it can be your subconscious mind telling you that you need to be more hopeful about something. What exactly that “something” is can usually be determined by some of the details in the dream or it may just be something that’s been weighing especially heavily on you recently.

2. You have a newfound desire

Cats of many colors are often associated with desire and sexuality but white cats are even more associated with wanting things or lusting after people. Seeing a white cat in your dream can indicate that you need to muster the courage to go after what you want.

Alternatively, some people dream of an unexpected and pretty puzzling white cat lover. This isn’t necessarily sexual – although it could be – but is usually a symbol of your desire for the more refined things in life.

3. You are – or should start – enjoying life

For many people, the white cat is a symbol of rebirth, a new beginning, the magic of spirituality, as well as simple good luck. If you see it in a similar way, dreaming of a white cat can very much be an omen that you should start enjoying your life a bit more or that you’ve started doing that as of late.

This vision often comes if the dreamer is trying to get a new outlook on life, usually after going through some type of personal development. Trying to find a new beginning and learning to enjoy your life more can often take some creativity but dreaming of a white cat is a nice emotional boost that you are on the right track.

4. You are struggling to achieve a particular dream

Sometimes, we can have a dream about chasing a white cat. Such dreams are usually both beautiful and frustrating as the white cat often symbolizes our dreams and most treasured goals. So, a dream of us chasing a white cat without being able to catch it or even get close to it can signify that we have been having some difficult times as of late.

5. You are trying too hard and need to find a different approach

Similar to the above scenario, often are not only unable to catch a white cat we’ve been chasing but the cat is seated in an especially unattainable place in our cat dream. Such a dream is also often extra embarrassing in how much we are attempting to get to the feline and how doomed our efforts us.

The meaning here often is that what we’ve been doing to get to our goals recently is not working and we should try doing things a different way. That’s our intuition telling us to stop banging our heads against the wall and be more creative.

6. You have protective or motherly instincts

White cat dreams often include white kittens instead of grown-up felines. A white kitten is seen by many to symbolize the innocence of people’s souls but it’s also associated with babies and with other helpless animals and things that need protection.

This means that dreaming of caring for a white kitten likely refers to your recent experience, desire, or instinct to be protective of someone or something in your life.

7. You’ve realized that you’ll need to work long and hard to nurture the success you seek

White cat dreams often portray these felines in an unattainable position but without being all that frustrating. Instead, the tone of some of these dreams is much calmer and more accepting. That’d indicate that we are indeed seeing the white cat as a symbol of our dreams but we’ve come to terms with how much hard work and time these goals and dreams are going to take.

8. You are learning to let go

A dream of letting a white cat go is usually very easy to decipher. As, for many of us and our subconscious minds, the white cat symbolizes positive traits such as purity, guidance, beauty, and divinity. Yet, we often dream of such a beautiful feline leaving our home or our sight.

If you have such a dream and its tone is relatively positive, relaxed, or at least neutral, that might mean that you’re becoming at peace with something in your life and you’re no longer stressing or obsessing over a perceived loss. In those cases, such a dream ought to bring calmness and relaxation rather than distress.

9. You’ve been betrayed by something or someone you loved and trusted

Seeing a cat attack you in your dream – especially if It’s of the color white – can indicate that you’re afraid you’ll be attacked by someone close to you. The dream can also be the result of your emotions after an attack that’s already happened.

That’s precisely because we see white cats as close and treasured friends and allies – as beings that we ought not feel threatened by. Whether your fears of a betrayal are justified or not is not certain, of course – just that you have such fears.

10. You are envious of other people’s happiness

Lastly, there’s also the type of dream of a white cat that has us watch the feline cozy up to different people instead of to us. A dream like that can mean that we are envious of a particular person and their good luck or happiness.

This doesn’t mean we’ll necessarily have misfortune in the near future but that we feel others are getting what we want. Dreams of this variety are also common if we’ve been overcome with anxiety, shame, or low self-esteem – when we don’t feel like we deserve the happiness others seem to have.

In conclusion – what does a white cat in a dream mean?

The meaning of a white cat has puzzled people since the times of Ancient Egypt to this day. Even pet cats have a strong independent spirit while still bringing lots of joy and fun moments in our daily life. The spiritual meaning of a cat of a particular color can be up to debate as many say that the color doesn’t even matter – it’s the cat that brings the meaning.

Nevertheless, our dreams are manifestations of our subconscious thoughts, emotions, and experiences in our waking life. So, if we lend some meaning to white cats, chances are that seeing a white cat in a dream will have that meaning for us too. That’s why deciphering such dreams is always very personal and depends on the individual’s perception, feelings, and experiences.

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