Dream About Dead Grandmother?(Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Dead Grandmother

Grandparents hold great value for all of us who have had the luck to spend time with them, and we usually associate positive feelings with them, evocative of our good childhood days. To many people, grandma is a symbol of care, warmth, and hospitality.

Considering that dreams represent our connection between the conscious and subconscious mind, having this dream is your subconscious sending you a message or a hint! What kind of message?

Dream of the deceased grandmother usually signifies wisdom and experience and is generally perceived as a good sign. You might be missing your grandma, and this is why she appears in your dreams.

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General Meanings of the Dream of a Grandmother

This dream has numerous interpretations, and you should always consider its context. Keep in mind that we all dream differently and that they reflect our specific situation and the relationship we had with our grandma.

1. Concerns for the Grandmother

Grandmothers are seen as guardians, supporters, and providers, and we often develop a special and unique connection with them.

Given their crucial role in our lives, the dream of a dead grandmother has great importance. Generally, dreaming of deceased relatives is seen as a favorable sign, and most dream experts agree that this dream is a manifestation of your concerns for the granny.

If your grandma battled with an illness and ultimately succumbed to it, this dream is a remnant of those worries that pervaded your subconscious mind. Watching your sick grandmother fight with health issues is a traumatic experience that we suppress but reappears in the form of a dream.

On that note, this dream can be understood as a warning to take care of yourself, particularly your health. Many see the dream as a foretelling of the upcoming health issues and if you feel that something might be wrong with you, act on it!

2. Stress and Tension

Dreaming of your dead grandmother signifies stress and tension. If you feel overwhelmed with your job obligations or feel stuck in a relationship, and you dream of your grandma, it might be that you need some relief and positivity in your life.

Most of us see our deceased grandparents as our guardian angels, and in need of assistance or reassurance, our mind wonders to a familiar face that gave us comfort and security- our grandma!

3. Personal Relationships

Another common interpretation of this dream is that it signals issues in our personal relationships. So, for example, if you are at a crossroads in marriage, this dream signifies the end of it!

You might be socializing with some people who have a bad influence on you, and you are unaware of it. If you resonate with this, think about friends and close relatives and reflect on your relationship with them and how it affects you.

4. Negative Emotions

Although most interpretations of this dream are positive, it can also serve as a bad omen. Some dream experts claim that a dead grandmother appears in our dream to warn us of some impending dangers and negativity in our close circle.

We subconsciously perceive and register emotions but often refuse to deal with them. For example, seeing your grandma in a dream might be a sign that we have already mentally parted ways with a person but refuse to address in real life.

Dream About Dead Grandmother?(Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Considering that the interpretation of the dreams rests on their particular and minute details, we should discuss some common scenarios of this dream and interpret its meaning!

1. Dream of a Grandma in a Coffin

Seeing your grandma in a coffin is usually an unfavorable sign! It signifies some sort of trouble coming your way, which is connected to your relationships. For example, you might have a quarrel with your good friends, husbands, or a family member!

Either way, you should be aware that this might happen, so avoid any situation that might lead to trouble and cause you to say something that you might regret later!

2. Dream of a Grandma Giving a Hug

If you had a dream of your deceased grandma hugging you, this is a clear indication that you need care and affection in your relationships. If you are in a situation where you don’t have close friends or someone to rely on, this is your sign to open up and go out there!

Yes, it can also mean that you miss your grandma, but according to some dream interpreters, you dream of your deceased grandma because she is a symbol of caring and closeness. And your mind is subconsciously telling you that you desire attentiveness and love.

3. Dream of the House of the Deceased Grandmother

If you saw your grandmother’s house in your dream, it is vital to identify the details of the dream, or better, the house. In the case that your grandmother’s house is clean, bright, and evokes positive feelings, you should rejoice!

Why? It indicates that you will gain something important in the near future!

On the other hand, if your grandmother’s house is dilapidated, dirty, and abandoned, that is a prediction of troubles connected to a conflict.

If you feel that you might be put in a similar situation, try to avoid it and the negative consequences!

4. Dream of Grandma Giving a Kiss

Dreaming of your grandma kissing you is a potential sign that your health might take a turn for the worst! It might start with something seemingly irrelevant, but you will soon begin experiencing unease and pain!

Generally, seeing dead relatives kissing someone in a dream is classified as a prophecy of health problems. However, if you see a deceased person kiss someone on the forehead, this is an indication of death!

5. Dream of Feeding Dead Grandmother

Although in real life, it is usually the grandma that feeds us, rather than the other way around, this dream happens to many people! As with any dream, pay attention to details and, in this case, think about the dish you gave your grandma!

Depending on the food you serve, the dream meaning differs! For example, if you gave your grandma some jam, this indicates adultery.

This dream also has variations. Another example would be a young man dreaming of his grandma feeding him- this means that the young man’s health might be deteriorating.

6. Dream of Dead Grandmother Giving Money

Having this dream usually signifies financial troubles. Those troubles might be currently happening to you, or it is a prediction of upcoming monetary issues.

For example, you might be in a dark place after losing your job or house, and now you are forced to borrow money from other people. This dream is also a prediction that you might become dependent on others due to your troubles.

7. Dream of Grandmother Crying

Seeing your grandma with tears on her face is not a good sign! It usually denotes some sort of altercation, verbal or physical, which might lead to some severe troubles within your family.

This dream can be understood as a prediction that the dreamer might find himself in an unfortunate situation.

8. Dream of Your Happy Grandmother

This dream usually carries positive feelings; we feel fulfilled and content upon waking up. Why? Well, seeing your grandma in a good mood signifies that we are doing well in life! Growing up, we always aspired to fulfill our parent’s and our grandparent’s wishes and desires.

So, dreaming of a grandma smiling is your subconscious mind telling you that you are on the right course in your life and that your grandma would probably be happy to see your progress.

What Does Miller’s Dream Book Posit about Dream of Dead Grandmother?

Gustavus Hindman Miller was a manufacturer, author, and financier who penned a groundbreaking piece entitled “10,000 Dreams Interpreted: A Dictionary of Dream”, which offers his insights into dreams and their interpretations.

According to Miller’s Dream book, the dream of the dead grandmother is a highly unfavorable prediction that might lead to failure and disappointment. Contrary to the opinion of others experts, Miller viewed the dream of hugging a grandmother as a positive omen connected to happiness, health, and longevity.

For iller, the dream about the grandmother’s house can be viewed from different angles, and its interpretation rests on the dreamer. For example, it can be a sign that someone in the family might succumb to a serious illness. It is also a reminder that we should take care of our relatives!

On the other hand, if an unmarried girl dreams of her grandma and her house, this is definitely a sign that romantic opportunities will come her way, including marriage.


Dreaming of your grandma signifies a plethora of positive symbolism and feeling! Grandmother denotes the meaning of happiness, affection, and warmth.

On the other hand, given the dream’s context, this dream can have different meanings, such as impending financial or health issues. Have you ever had this dream? Feel free to share the dream and the feelings with us!

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