Dream About Shooting? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Shooting? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Are you dreaming about shooting? In that case, the chances are that you want to know what it means. Indeed it is not lovely to dream of shooting someone or, even worse, getting shot. But, although it is just a dream, waking up with a vivid memory of it can still be impressive.

If you are curious to find out what it means to dream about shooting, you are lucky. In this article, you can find a complete explanation.

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Dream About Shooting? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dreaming about shooting can have multiple meanings depending on if you are the one shooting or other shooting others or the target of a shot. In general, it is a sign of lack of trust due to betrayal or injustice. But there is more to know about it.

Based on the circumstances of the dream, you can expect it to mean the following:

1. You are upset and angry

The first and most “logic” explanation is the desire to harm someone because you are upset with that person. Often it is a hidden upset: the person dreaming about it doesn’t realize that there is a problem with the subject in question.

In this case, the dream can help you figure out if there was an instance that bothered you while interacting with that person, even if at that moment you did not think it was a problem.

But, it can also reflect a real-life situation: if you dream of shooting a person you hate, it is time to think about how to resolve the problem in real life to sleep better at night.

2. Good news is coming your way

If you dream about shooting someone, even if not that pleasant at that moment, it is a sign of good news about come. Sometimes, such dreams can be very realistic, and you wake up with the sensation you have to hide from the police, but fortunately, they are just dreams.

In fact, killing another person with a firearm means you are changing and that you are transitioning to another phase of your life. For example, it could mean a new job, an increase in salary, a new house, or bad people moving away from you.

There are also variations to this meaning depending on what is used to shoot another person. For example, if you dream of shooting someone with a sniper gun, it signifies an optimistic attitude toward life.

Using a sniper gun implies a lot of preparation and the overcome of difficulties to reach a target with precision. It can only mean you will get through obstacles and achieve a difficult target. In the opposite position, if you get shot by a sniper gun, you become pessimistic about life and in resolving complex problems.

3. Sudden Change

You can dream about shooting many people, and that dream is all about destruction and mass killing. It can be very uncomfortable to wake up to such images, and it also means a possibly awkward situation that is about to happen in real life, like a sudden change.

It can also mean you are frustrated or have suppressed feelings regarding specific people. In this case, if you can recognize which category of people make you upset and try to avoid them, and choose better friends.

4. Someone is in trouble and need your help

If you dream about shooting family members or relatives, it may signify that a person close to you is in trouble and need help. It is even possible that a person near you will reach out for assistance.

However, the dream may also signify that you will get yourself into trouble if you try to help them. So consider how you will help your closest relatives, to really help them without getting trapped in a bad situation.

5. You are trying to reach a goal

If you dream about shooting a target or an object, it means focusing and concentrating on reaching a goal in real life. It is possible that you are busy working to reach a target or accomplish an essential thing, and it is taking up all your attention.

The dream can signify that you need to take some time off. However, inside the dream, the fact that you reach a target or not can change the meaning. If you shoot and reach the target, you are moving in the right direction. Instead, if you miss it, it means you are missing a lot of opportunities, and your dedication needs to increase.

Overall, shooting a target also means that you will reach your goals even if obstacles are coming up; the only thing you have to do is continue toward your desired objective. After that, you will be able to overcome any problem.

6. General unhappiness

If you dreamed of hearing a shot or seeing someone shooting, it means that there is general unhappiness and disappointment in your life. You tried to hide hostility and disappointment toward someone, and now it is about to come out.

The disappointment or a fight is about to happen between married couples, relatives, or close friends. You are still in time to avoid a fight if you realize that this is about to happen and find an alternative solution to a direct confrontation.

7. You need to get organized

Did it ever happen to you that you dream about trying to shoot someone who is about to kill you, only to realize, with great horror,  that your gun doesn’t work, or you have a toy gun? Of course, during the dream, you can be terrified not to be able to shoot, but in general, such a dream is quite common.

It means that you are reaching your goal and that you need to stay organized in your life for the days to come. For example, you could write down all that needs to be done and establish a sequence.

8. You have liars around you

A dream that can help you realize you have bad people around you is that of when you shoot, but you cannot hear the sound. Symbolically means that you know there is a sound, but nobody will believe it exists, which translates into people around you lying to you or pretending to be different than they really are.

It is a sign or premonition of bad times to come because of the people around you. You may often be upset, but you may also get to a better position if you get through the situation.

9. You are the victim of someone’s jealousy

In the particular case in which you are attempting to shoot someone or something, and you can’t reload your gun, it may signify that you are the victim of someone’s jealousy, or you will be in the future.

For example, you can be the target of jealous people around you and can get into trouble because someone tries to spread lies or make your life difficult. Even if you are working very hard, you are not getting anywhere; the dream may warn you to set targets to achieve your goals.

Such a dream may warn you that you need to stay true to yourself, and it is connected to what you are doing to reach your goals in life. If you are not doing enough to move toward them, you may have this dream from time to time.

What Does it mean if you are being shot in your dream?

There are also shooting dreams in which you are the target. While they are more a nightmare than a dream, they still have a meaning for you to use. For example, it can signify you are a victim of a situation, and you need assistance to resolve it.

It can also mean that someone around you is trying to control you and make all your decisions. The dream can help you identify who the person is so that you can take your life back. If it is a friend shooting you, it can signify a problem or tension with that relationship that needs to be resolved.

In general, being shot indicates too much pain that needs to be released. It also means that you need to move forward in your life. The dream suggests that you forgive yourself and reach your peace of mind about what happened.

If you get shot and die, even if horrible, it signifies a positive and a good thing that is about to happen. You will be able to complete all the incomplete work and projects in time, and everything will go smoothly and as planned.

Even conflicts are going to resolve, and existing relationships with people around you will improve.


Dreaming about shooting others, or even being shot, is not funny. Waking up to such a dream can be strange. But not all these kinds of dreams are wrong. Some of them have a positive meaning.

The most important thing is to figure out what your dream means and possibly take advantage of it in daily life. Leave a comment, or feel free to ask any questions!

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